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Congratulations to Paul Rietzl, the 2010 Pro Tour Amsterdam champion!

An amazing 9-0 sweep of one of the strongest Top 8s in history.  Thanks all for tuning in and see you next time! 

Also, I'm too distracted by the fact that it's prerecorded to really absorb the HoF announcement.  But certainly that's all the people who should have been locks.

Not really, Jonsson's merits were certainly better than Kibler's. Kilber got elected over him because of his personality and the love of spotlight.

Not saying Kibler shouldn't have gotten in, he totally deserved it.. but Jonsson not getting in is a disgrace really.

Wish people just stopped voting for undeserving friends (like PV's vote for Willy Edel), the whole process would be far more credible.
I fell asleep just before the podcast.  Im mad at myself.  Sucks that Brad lost too.  I was really hoping he would win.

I liked that moment where Rich wants to plug the new cards a little and BDM's politely like "uh, no, maybe we should watch the match that's about to finish instead."

That's a habit Rich really needs to break. Mentioning the new cards as a lead-in to the break is one thing. Going on and on about it is quite another. He gets very distracted.

I had to crash after the first round. Even with my night owl schedule I just couldn't do it anymore. Glad to see that they moved us from the WW vs Pile of Rares match to see the other rounds and what was going on at other tables. It was probably better for me than for others because I just wanted to see as many different decks played as possible before I went to sleep.

Plus I actually got to see both Teachings decks, basically for the last time ever on a competitive stage. Not excited about the Nu-Extended if this is the stuff that is floating to the top. The most interesting decks are going to be killed by the upcoming rotation. SOM had better be chock full of good ideas or that's going to be a snoozer of a format. Which is actually worse than what I had predicted when this was announced.

Congratulations to all the players and to Paul Rietzl for taking down all comers.
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