3-3 Clear the Path - Paper Figures and Lore Sheet *Spoiler*

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This thread is for posting files from DM's to share Lore and Figure Flat sheets to be used in official D&D Encounters in-store sessions.

Session 3-3 Paper Figures and Lore Sheet

Fellow DM's,

For those that would like them, I have made Figure Flat and a Lore sheet for Encounter 3-3: Clear the Path. Included are an extra Gith Spearhead and/or an extra Gith Hobbler and/or 2 more Gith Piercers for those DM’s who have a 6 PC Group.



I've made up, or rather modified, these paper minis for encounter 3-3:
These "giths" are actually elves from a paper mini set called "Foret Maudite", by Fugitur Tempus: onemonk.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=d...
To make these, score and fold along the red line, and glue the insides together, making a double layer of card-stock.  Then cut out the minis with an craft knife.  Make little 3/4" square foam-core bases, cut a slot down the middle and insert the mini into the slot.

"As the good archmage often admonishes me, I ought not let my mind wander. It's too small to go off by itself"

Danilo Thann

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