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I'm trying to qualify for a prestige class without wasting a level, but I don't own a lot of books myself...

Allowed sources: PHB, PHB2, all complete and races books, expanded psionics

Current character: Monk3/Ranger2/Fighter1/Horizon Walker9/Jaunter4. Planning on moving toward Fist of Z-- (whatever that name is).
Ability Scores: High str, con, dex, wis. Medium int, low cha.
Relevant feats: Dodge, mobility, spring attack,weapon finesse, track, endurance, combat reflexes, TWF chain.

What I'm looking for:
The main thing I need is concentration as a class skill. I would like to have +1 BaB and a will save bonus. A bonus feat would be nice too. I'd prefer if the class had no spellcasting (for flavor purposes). I don't care whether it's a base class or a prestige class.

The closest I've found are Duskblade and Psychic Warrior. Any other ideas?

I forgot to mention -- my character is CN, so I can't qualify for Kensai.
Umm... any ToB class? Don't think that's on your list of approved books... /weep

Let's see... I think exemplar, dragon samurai, tattooed monk, or daggerspell shaper meet your criteria barring the BAB... the hard part would be qualifying. Hexblade 1 may have everything you want except skill points, but hexblade 3, 4, or 5 is a great dip. There're probably more, those are just off the top of my head and a quick glance at CA.
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