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My current convoluted build is Monk2 / Ranger3 / Horizon Walker 10 / Jaunter 4 / Figher 1. Jaunter is a 4-level class that gives you travel powers and nothing else.

My character specializes in travel and lots of attacks (flurry + two weapon fighting). His main advantage in combat is his ability to get a full round of attacks against a distant foe, using his quickened travel powers (quickened spell like ability) and his anklet of translocation.

Super-optimized? Not at all. Fun? Yes.

I'm not sure how to bring this character into epic levels. If I can get the requirements adjusted a little (he's not lawful), I might go for Agent Retreiver to get even better tracking, Force Sphere (which lets you teleport with unwilling targets) and Ethereal Jaunt. If I do that, I'll also need a spellcasting class, or I'll be wasting the +1 spell levels. It seems stupid to me to advance in Ranger spellcasting, and end up with only one spell per day per level at level 30.

So question 1: What's a good wisdom-based spellcasting class for an epic melee fighter? I'm interested in self-buffs and protections, mainly. Haste would be good. Lots of swift and immediate spells would be nice too. The only thing I've come up with so far is druid, or maybe cleric. Allowed sources are PHB,PHB2,DMG,MM, all the Complete and Races books, the Magic Item Compendium and the Spell Compendium, and, I assume, the Epic Handbook.

Question 2: Are there better choices than Agent Retreiver? Would it make sense just to advance in non-epic classes?

Oh, something with Gather Information as a class skill would be useful. I currently have no classes that help with the 24 ranks requirement for Agent Retreiver.
What about Shadow Pouncing? With all those teleportation powers, Teflammer Shadowlord (qualify through the Shadowalker template) will be good. It's from Unapproachable East, a FR-specific book though.

I know it's nowhere near the allowed books list, but hey. It's perfect for you.
For an epic level build looking to dip caster so as not to waste spell progression the best option might be a fast progression PrC like UrPriest, but that would likely be a terrible thematic choice. Everybody loves cleric and travel devotion, though your build likely doesn't need it.
This will likely be the first, and last, time I actually recommend this class to anyone... But What about Divine Crusader with Time domain?  Alas, it is CHA based, but it gives fast progression, and you only need one level dip in it before going into a class with better abilities and full caster progression (BAB doesn't matter anymore after Epic, at least if you are using the poorly concepted standard Epic rules).

Alternatively, re-tooling UrPriest to be less about hating the gods and more about taking power from the various planes/places you visit would be pretty cool.  This one is my personal favorite path.  You'd get your divine resistance stuff by being so "in sync" with the universe or something.  Oh, and I could be missing something here, but I don't even think you'd lose travel domain in the process, since UrPriest just makes you lose your divine casting abilities, not domains to my knowledge; the only reference to domains that I read was in the part on what is GAINED with spellcasting, and doesn't suggest that the class loses any pre-existing or later gained domain granted power access.  So, take Contemplative or Seeker of the Misty Isle, and get the Travel domain/devotion.

Barring all that, Paladin of Freedom + Battlecaster makes for all paladin spells as quickened spells, and seems more thematically correct, but progresses very slowly.  Prestige paladin tacked onto another caster would give the same thing though, with faster and higher spell growth.
Thanks for the suggestions!

Ur-priest looks ideal, but I don't think it will work. The character is not evil (CN), and doesn't hate deities. He just questions their existence, and has a problem with all organized religion. So close. The requirements could be difficult too, for someone who doesn't have any other casting class.

Charisma-based casting won't work because his charisma is 6. I might be able to manage int-based casting if I avoid all spells with saving throws (which I was planning on doing anyway) and get an int-boosting item.
So, I'm going to go ahead and be the one who breaks out the cliche and says "Go cleric." Seriously... Wisdom based casting, has everything you want out of a caster, will give you DMM:Persist goodies since you won't be using turn attempts for anything else... it's everything you want mechanically and thematically. Just use cleric.
Cleric does seem like a good choice.

Agent Retriever is not especially good, so take it if its abilities fit where you want to go, but otherwise look at non-epic PrCs. Ordained Champion (CC) for instance might be a good pick, though you'd have to adapt the prerequisites. 

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I guess you're right about Agent Retreiver. I just really wanted that force sphere thing, because Ottiluke's Resiliant Sphere is one of my favorite spells. Also, teleporting unwilling targets could be very useful.

Druid would make more sense for the character's personality, but maybe I'll find a way to make cleric work.

Any other non-epic PrCs I should be looking at, with or without +spell level?
how about Ardent + Elocator ... fits with your theme, and with Ardent powers known based on Manifesting Level... it could be considered a Fast Progression Psionic Class

Ardent is in Complete Psionics .... Elocator is in the SRD or Expanded Psionics Handbook ... you probably already have the Pre-reqs for it  ... also Ardent is a Wisdom based Manifesting Class.... and you can combine with Monk(req: Monastic Training + Tashalatora) to progress monk Abilities as well


Druid would make more sense for the character's personality, but maybe I'll find a way to make cleric work.

Any other non-epic PrCs I should be looking at, with or without +spell level?

If all you're interested in are buffs, I believe Spirit Shaman is another viable Wisdom based caster for your purposes.  They have an interesting semi-spontaneous casting mechanic and their main problem is the split casting stat-- Wisdom/Charisma.  You're not going to be casting spells on enemies though, so it shouldn't really matter.  (If I'm remembering correctly.)  They get access to some decent buffs, though not as many as clerics, and they have a number of abilities to enhance their armor and weapons for fighting incorporeal opponents that could be useful.

Ardent is definitely a good idea as well, though you'll be a touch short on power points.  At epic levels you should be able to afford items to make up the difference though. 

It wasn't in your list of allowed materials, but if the SRD is open to you, you can also do racial paragon classes.  I like human paragon and half-elf paragon in epic a lot-- base attack bonus/saves don't matter, spellcasting boosts matter less (though not so much in your case), and you get a bonus feat (potentially epic) + stat bonus in three levels.  It makes half-elf one of my favorite races, since you can double up on the class.
Everybody is recommending Cleric, because Druid, while great, is less "dippable". 1 level of Cleric will give you domain powers or feats in addition to spellcasting, while Druid only provides the latter.
Just go with a cleric of nature... Animal Devotion (CC) is not bad for instance, with its free Str bonus, and Travel Devotion - alread mentioned - is a perfect fit.

Elocater is indeed right up your alley... so much so that it doesn't really give you great new stuff. Have a look at it anyway, just in case.

Warmind (XPH or SRD) might actually be a good fit (it has a fast psionic progression as well as some free action buffs), but it's supposed to be for non-chaotic only.

@Carnivore: look at his available books, Tashalatora is a no-no. ;)

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True. The domain powers of cleric could be nice. A minor advantage of druid is that if I ever feel like taking more levels, I could get some basic wild shape.

I looked at Elocater -- I pretty much already have the abilities it would give me -- but Psychic Warrior (also wis-based) could be nice. And if the DM lets me retroactively take one more level of monk, I could go on to Psionic Fist and get better damage, speed and AC.

Warmind looks pretty nice (if I stop being chaotic). Sweeping Strike alone is amazing because I get 8 attacks per round. That can bring me up to 16 attacks in some situations.

So psionics might be the way to go. The disadvantage is that many PrCs have spellcasting requirements that psionic powers don't work for. Then again, I doubt this game is going to go so far into epic levels that it will matter.
I didn't address it specifically, but basic Wildshape is really bad in epic. You need to morph into high HD creatures to keep up, hence you need to have a high druid level. (Note that Druids start using Shapechange rather than Wildshape anyway when they get it.)

You could still do Druid 1 + PrC since the druid spell list is good, but it'll still take a while to get enough spellcasting levels.

Psychic Warrior is good but is limited by a low amount of PPs.

If you like Psionic Fist, you should like Cleric + Enlightened Fist. 

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Wildshape wouldn't be all that useful in combat, but being able to burrow, fly or swim and sneak around unnoticed are pretty useful and fun. Almost definately not worth the five levels though.

So the conclusion is, cleric is better because of the extra domain spell slots and domain powers. And do you think cleric is better than psionics for this character? It looks like psionics gives some very good buffs with potentially long durations.

Does Ardent give more pp than Psychic Warrior? I'll have to borrow the Psionics Handbook from someone and take a look at that.

And don't you mean Sacred Fist? Enlightened Fist needs arcane spellcasting. Sacred Fist doesn't advance speed and AC, but it does advance caster level, so that's probably worth it.
Sacred Fists lose all class features and spells if they wield a weapon, so I'd only do that as a dedicatedly unarmed character.
Yes, I switched the Fists around.
@urpriest: they do? I didn't remember. Not a good choice then.

Ardents get as many PPs as Psions and Wilders - many more than PsyWars.

Cleric and Ardent are both great choices, with Cleric slightly ahead thanks to frontloading and the superior support they get (Devotion feats, etc...). Warmind is good as well thanks to its nifty class features, but it loses ground to the full casters/manifesters after level 5 or so. PsyWar is good if you want more feats.

Honestly, go with the one you like best. 

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@urpriest: they do? I didn't remember. Not a good choice then.

Yeah, a lot of people miss it, since the code of conduct stuff is listed after their other abilities.
You've been very helpful, Omen. Thanks!

I assume Ardent shares a power list with Psion. Looking through the list, there are only one or two good buff and defensive spells per level (Inertial Armor(1), Bio Feedback(2), touchsight(3)). Psy Warrior has tons of good ones (expansion in particular is great for a monk-type character). But Psion gets so many more powerpoints and powers... Or I could go right for Psionic Fist, and accept that I'll only ever have 5th level powers...

I guess I should think about it some more. I might be able to take a look at Ardent tonight. I've never really considered psionic classes before now.
Ardent don't quite share the Psion/Wilder list. They can only pick powers from Mantles (like psionic Domains) they have access to, so they're trickier to build than Psions. From memory, the Conflict, Natural World and Time mantles are all good.

Note that there's a Mind's Eye article recommending (in the shape of a costless Alternate Class Feature) that DMs let their players customize the Mantles to some extent: that makes the whole thing easier.

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Psionics are a LOT of fun, and I truly love the system, but from what you've told us, cleric really does match up perfectly with what you want. Oh, and in answer to your earlier question: Yes, clerics are superior for buffing/etc.
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