Looking for Buy/Trade C/UCs

I want to get C/UCs of certain types.  I will use paypal or you can check out my trades on Bloomilk. www.bloomilk.com/Collection/ViewTrades.a... I mostly have some rares.  Also have promos.  I aslo have custom maps for trade.  (can make anything on the net)  I also laminate.


Geonosians any kind

Tuskens any kind (looking for more Tusken Raiders, but will want others)

Jawas any kind

Ewoks any kind

Vong any kind

Mandos any kind

Always looking for Ugnaught Demolitionist

Also interested in AT-RTs, AT-ATs, Destroyer Droids (both kinds), Tusken on Bantha

Feel free to send me a PM

boba52-sig.gif; Get Map Pack 3 Here; Get Map Pack 4 Here
pm sent
Pm sent, greettings.

pm sent

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