7,436 point mass unique battle from all the sets

Sorry for the length of the post, but trust me when I say this is summing it up.

Key stats.  3 players.  7,436 points.  All uniques from all sets minus same names.  190 pieces total.  Obvious detriments removed like no penalty from Nute, San Hill, no reserves, etc

There was also plenty of screw ups with so many things going on.  For instance I probably missed some damage to stealth enemies form Nyna, Brian kept using Opp from Thrawn for awhile after Thrawn was dead lol, and Brian I know forgot to use Mothmas death blows early on before we realized he had Mothma. lol  This was all strictly for our entertainment and not about winning or being a rules lawyer.

Who wants to play for 14 hours and 10 minutes?

Well, here is what I did on Saturday...and into Sunday. :P  Since MOTF became known as the last set, some of the guys at my LGS had this idea that they wanted to have a mass battle using all the uniques from all the sets ever made.  The biggest army I had ever played was probably a 250 point tile wars match maybe I did once, otherwise nothing larger than 200.  Brian and Tony decided to make it reality and sent me the rules and I really didn't pay much attn and more had an attitude of man real life is crazy right now, so I really need entertainment decompression.  So, the point was I really only had the expectation to show up and have fun.  So all credit for this goes to Tony and Brian for sure.  To my surprise here is what went down-

I walk into the store and there are 2 tables.  One full of minis (uniques only).  The other has 2 maps taped together.  I find out the table full of minis is where we are going to get everything distributed randomly.  Then after those are split up (162) total then we will move to the table that has 28 pieces on it that will be drafted.  So, if you are keeping track at home we used 190 pieces total.  What they did was only use 1 piece per character, so there was one Luke, one Vader, one Leia...  There also were no pieces if the character had a different name, so no Anakin's for example since we used Darth Vader LOTF.  This wasn't perfect by any means as it's tough to be a expert on everything, and me being a smart ass, had fun every time I noticed they missed something, like seeing Jacen and Caedus on the map or Squint and Malak,  Hett and Krayt for example.  The random disbursement worked like this.  They basically had the 154 uniques broken into 6 groups by point cost levels and the cards were shuffled up and dealt out one at a time to each of the 3 of us playing.  Then we rolled off to start the drafting of the 28 super pieces.  These were a mix of powerful pieces like Mithrawn, Mas, GM Luke, Vader, Revan.  Since all the pieces are divided by quantity version point cost of faction, I was really looking forward to some dream team matchups this would create.

Before we drafted they explained to me how the minis were going to be placed on the map, cause that would definitely change how you drafted.  Going into this I was thinking about what I would want if cost and faction didn't matter.  I was thinking that I would love getting Mas and Thrawn and may have a shot while they were after Luke and Vader and such.  That did change for me after they explained placement.  Basically, after the draft was over we would organize the cards by point cost lowest to highest.  Take turns rolling a D20, and the 2 maps were evenly broken up into 8 x 8 squares for a grid of 20 sections.  So, my lowest point cost was Bib Fortuna at 8 points and I rolled a 4, so he goes anywhere I want in the 8x8 square grid of section 4.  So, basically you could draft Mas and Thrawn, but they would be placed early and randomly on the board and could easily be wiped out before the end of the first round when the higher pieces were placed.  Yikes.  I don’t remember exactly how the draft went, but I basically decided to go Mando and ended up with both Mandalores and really liked the idea of everyone having charging fire and momentum.  I followed this up by getting Vader LOTF, Gen Windu, and Jedi Exile, so 3 extra attacks.

So, we start at 10AM cause that is when the store opens and I distinctly remember them making jokes about how they close at 1AM and they hoped there would be a clear winner by then.  Seriously, I was thinking we would be done around 6 or 7PM.  Setup including drafting, organizing, and placement took about 1 ½ hours.  I remember starting the battle around 11:30am and Brian commenting on whether we wanted to eat something first or wait until after the first round to get something as we can’t bring food into the store.  Tony and I both had late breakfast, so we agree to wait until after the first round.  Round 1 ends at 4:09PM.  LOL and we break for 45 minutes or so to eat.

During the first round all hell breaks loose as we begin to realize what each player has and where they have them.  We soon learn that Tony has Whorm (whom he never played with before and didn’t really know how powerful he was so he was in the random draft and not the super piece one) Mas, and Mothma.  The map is very open and Tony was lucky enough to land Mas in an area of the map that has a turbolift and get like 7 other of his pieces in that grid, so Mas is nice and safe.  By Whorm he has Dooko Soreno, Revan and some others as well and Mara is keeping watch over Mothma.  To top this off he has almost all the Sith lords with Darth Bane, Exar Kun and Freedon Nad running around and GOWK, so his followers are getting Twin, +4 +4 and death blows.  No good.  Brian’s big guys are Krayt, New Malak, GM Luke, and almost all the great support for Luke in Leia Skywalker, Nomi for mettle.  Pretty brutal as well.  So much stuff happened it’s really hard to remember it all lol.  

I remember counting each round and knowing I started with 63 activations, Brian had 63 and Tony had 64.  By the end of Round 1 I lost 18 pieces.  Tony also had Revan with Han GH, so he was winning init each round, so Brian who had Thrawn focused on taking out Han.  Some highlights for me was taking out Cad Bane in the first round with Master Fisto in one activation before he got to play.  Brian had Thrawn in the Bar surrounded by 5 guys and I started with GM Yoda in the Bar and with 2 enemies within 6.  Luckily Aurra JH was able to kill one and Yoda Twin LS threw Thrawn and all his buddies and put a hurt on them.  Having Jango and Vader Bring Boba BH to 10 or 20 Hp left. And Exar going down towards the end of round 1.  This turned out to be very bad because when I did that we had been playing so many hours you don’t really realize that hey now my guys will never get force points and that round 3 50 damage repulse you have been setting up for 2 hours for Kota to finish off Whorm doesn’t work now lol.

I remember Whorm had 50 HP left and Tony had him boxed in a platform 2 squares wide and 4 deep with Nahdar Vebb, Dooku and Revan.  I had Fisto, Kota and Voolvif ( I think I had all the repulsors) and JarJar.  I use repulse 30 from Wolfie, to try and kill Vebb, so I could move Fisto in to finish off Whorm.  Instead Vebb used his death blow on JarJar and failed his Bombad and Vebb did 20 to Whorm and then died form the repulse.  Boba Bh died shortly after this, but was able to activate first and move and shoot a 100 HP Mando Ultimate half way across the map and Disentegrated him on the twin shot.  I also lost the other Mandalore thanks to some Sith lord team up.  Brian focused on moving Luke over to take out Mas as Mothma was still giving us both headaches.  GOWK had some seriously bad rolling as he took 50 damage from a passing Luke on the AOO he attacked Luke with.  Then next turn I attack him with Cade Skywalker who was getting 8 attacks with both Windu and the Exile close by.  I think GOWK made like 2 Soresu and poof he was gone.
This was the first time I really did anything with Cade to draw attn to how powerful he was.  With the map setup being so open, and with most of the big shooters toast he was the big one left.  I spent a couple of rounds getting Vader over to join them so Cade could have 10 attacks.  Once we got to round 4 or 5 I started to be able to not just count my remaining pieces but that of Brian’s and Tony’s as well and noticed that each round I would gain a couple of acts on them.  All my big guys were full except for Cade, so I spent the remaining time trying to kill QuiGon so Cade could get one heal going before the final rounds.  By round 6 or 7 it became pretty obvious that now Tony was hurting and the power had shifted to Cade and myself.  Cade’s last big battle was going to be with Luke, but with now both Freedon and Exar being dead Luke had only 3 force to use for LS defense and he went down pretty easily to Cade.  By then it was pretty much mop up and we finally finished up at 12:10AM!  Wow, what a day of minis.  Was a lot of fun, but probably won’t be trying anything like that again for a long, long time. :P

I’ll post some of my pics later, but for now enjoy some that Brian took here-

boba52-sig.gif; Get Map Pack 3 Here; Get Map Pack 4 Here
That sure looked like a lot of fun.  Not a bad way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing the write up and the pics.
It's truly fun stuff like this that is a large part of my inspiration to play the game.  I think i'll do something similar to your battle for my upcoming birthday.
Thanks you very much for sharing! 

It's pretty nice that things like Reiikan's CE don't ruin the day since there are so many pieces with melee and in rather cramped quarters.  Also, that so many pieces that would normally never be used (like Dr. Evazan, Zam Wesell, Carth, and Tion Medon) get a chance to shine as much as the better pieces (even if Tion Medon, Xizor, and Hondo Ohnaka's CEs are completely useless)

What were the 6 groups that you used for squad assignment, and what versions of uniques with multiple versions did you use?  Also, what became of pieces like Major Veers,  and Bail Organa, who exist only to buff non-uniques?  Did Dodonna give you trouble?  Did you calculate the point totals of each team to make sure they were remotely equal? 

(Also, I possess about 108 uniques and there are currently 5 of us.  Would you recommend using pieces of the same name in that case?  Although I am a bit nervous about including GMLS and Holoveers won't survive his own first activation.  There's also time factors)
AMS-51 "Dendrite" Connection lost...searching...
Here's some of my pics-

That' my team of 63 figs on the bottom ready for placement!

Brian's team is left and Tony's it top.  Note the stack of cards. lol

Everyone is placed!

See the yellow paper.  That whole sheet is all my commander effects.  We each had one of those lol

A couple of rounds in.  Brian and I are trying to get Mas and Mothma in the airlock on the left.  All those guys in front are Tony's making it difficult.

This is one of the funny things that happened during placement.  See that little room with Lucien and Dash filled with 9 people.  Well that was grid 14.  Brian rolled 14 once and put his Dash in there.  I rolled 14 8 times, so everyone else is mine.

I think this is shortly after setup round 1.  Tony lucked and and got most of his big guns into grid 1 to protect Whorm.

You can't see him, but little GM Yoda is right behind Vader.  I used Aurra to Charging Fire Deliah and Vader ran twelve to give Jango 3 shots at Boba BH leaving only Boshek as an enemy within 6 of Yoda so he could turn 1 twin throw on Thrawn and the 5 guys next to him. All 6 pieces were Brian's.

2nd to last picture: is that Durge near Wat?
AMS-51 "Dendrite" Connection lost...searching...
2nd to last picture: is that Durge near Wat?

Yep that is CW Durge.  I don't think he even did anything.  Over to the left in between Mothma and T3 is Mara Jedi and I remember her wiping out Durge, but don't remember him dealing any damage to anyone.  Wussy!

Great pictures! I like mass battles. Sometimes though somebody is abusing some commander effect. Still Awesome!
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