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I know I've mentioned this before, some months ago, but I thought it would be worth mentioning again... I've been recording the D&D Encounters program with my local group and have been producing it into a podcast, the Shattered Sea Actual Play Podcast to be exact. You can find it on iTunes by searching for "shattered sea" if you're interested. I hope this doesn't count as spam, given the relevance.

If anyone has any queastions or comments about the podcast I would be glad to answer them.



i've been listening to this off and on for about a month now. good stuff. you've got a fun group of players.

I've listened to every episode.  Good stuff!

Well there you go, didn't know that I even had listeners. Thanks for the respect, I do it for you guys, who I now know exist.

Have you guys been playing the encounters program at your own game store or have you been using this podcast to keep up with the adventures because you can't make it in person?

At anyrate, thanks for listening, I've had fun recording.
I like your regular Shattered Sea game podcast, too.

I didn't manage to get into D&D Encounters for the first season, so listening to your sessions is the closest I'm gonna get to experiencing it.  I will be running season 2, though.

Are you planning to run season 2, and are you going to record it?

i've been playing encounters for the past few sessions. it's interesting to see how differently things can play out from table to table over the course of a session. 

i'll be dming a table for season 2. any plans to continue the podcast for dark sun? 
Glad I could get you in on the action Mr. Firesnake sir, and thanks for the compliment sir, my home game group are a wacky bunch aren't they?

One of the things that I've enjoyed the most about Encounters rather than LFR is that everyone plays the same game on the same week so you can actually talk to people and listen in to see what happened to them. The whole experience is so much more relatable. I would be interested to hear how your games have been going Seth.

I am planning on recording season two, only I'll be playig rather than running the game, which should be a fun change of pace. If you listen to the home game then you'll recognize the voice of the DM from there. It will be sweet, you wont have to hear my voice so much on the recording.
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