Creature Competition: Last Match!

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The next creature competition should be to make an actual creature but in the same 32-bracket style

First it's origin
  • Natural

  • Fey

  • Aberrant

  • Shadow

  • Immortal

  • Devil

  • Demon

  • Elemental

Then its type
  • Humanoid

  • Giant

  • Beast

  • Magical Animal

  • Plant

  • Ooze

  • Dragon

  • ??

Then Size
  • Medium

  • Small

  • Tiny

  • Large

  • Huge

  • Gargantuan

  • Swarm

  • ??

Then a selection of weird qualities, and some poor developer has to put it all together in some sort of Gargantuan Fey Devil with the insubstantial quality!

Oh gods, not the Raven Bimbo. Again.

Not that it wasn't obvious a mile away, but ugh. Disgusting.

Suggestions for next time: Don't include stuff that's already over-done to the point of vomit, prz.

It's spelled Corellon Larethian, not Correlon, Correllon, Correlllon, Corellion, Correlian or any other way of getting it wrong. I'm a total grognard and I still play 4E.
Out of curiosity - did anyone else's bracket get wiped clean? Not that it really matters...
Gargantuan Fey Devil with the insubstantial quality!

You're a sick, twisted person with a macabre imagination...I salute you!!!
I definitely stopped checking up on the competition after the second round when Ashardalon, Acererak, and Warduke were all eliminated. Cry
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