Imperial Officer and Droids.

I am aware that droids aren't subject to commander effects. I just want to be sure if this includes being given an immediate extra attack by the Imp Officer.

I really want to be able to give a droid said attack, but is it allowed??

Also, I have read in the FAQs and searched in the forum but have not found it addressed.
Droids are not subject to commander effects (as you know).  The Imperial Officer grants an attack via a commander effect.  Because droids are not subject to commander effects, the Imperial Officer cannot use his commander effect on a droid.

The ARE commander effects that specify "droids are subject to this effect," but unless it says that, assume droids are out.
That actually sucks, but thaks for the  clarification. I was hoping to turn an HK-50 assassin droid into a cannon.
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