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Griffons (Monster Manual 139-140) hatch from eggs and eventually mature into spiffy flying mounts.  They can be trained to bear a rider in 6 weeks.

These questions remain:

-How long do eggs need to mature into baby griffons?

-How long does a baby griffon need to mature into an adult?

-How long does a mama griffon carry her eggs before laying them?



The average gestation period is around 110 days.


Weaning occurs after six to seven months. Male lions reach maturity at about 3 years of age and, at 4–5 years of age, are capable of challenging and displacing the adult male(s) associated with another pride. They begin to age and weaken between 10 and 15 years of age at the latest.


This research took 2 minutes with a wiki-google search. Use some initiative and common sense.  I'll leave it to you to try it yourself, and spend your 2 minutes wiki-googling the gestation period of an eagle's eggs.

There aren't any D&D rules for it?

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