Ultimate Missions

Guys, we are thinking about buying some of the Ultimate Missions books. Do any of you think it is worth while?!
I would just get the maps on their own - the missions themselves feature outdated pieces from the original few sets and are oftentimes unbalanced. Furthermore, the lack of selection of minis at the times makes many scenarios feel awkward - e.g. clone wars obi-wan versus darth maul, generic gungan as jar jar...We have such a broader range of available characters now I would just go with making up you own.
The maps are great! As for the scenarios, I enjoy running them and have modified them as new sets come out. I actually find myself hoping for a future set of scenario books...maybe one book for each movie, one for each CW season, and a book for the EU. 
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I think that they're kinda expensive for what you get, but if you desire them, then I say go for it.
I wouldn't say they're necessary, but they do have nice pictures.
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i have enjoyed using mine.  So i'd say get them with the maps, try to get them cheap and have fun!
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The best of the 3 is the Rebel Storm book.   Mainly because both sides of its double-sided map are great maps to play on, both Tatooine and, especially, Cloud City.  Each of the 2 later Ultimate Missions books only manages a single map that's actually worth playing on though.

The Clone Strike UM book comes with a pretty nice map of a Coruscant city block on one side, but on the other is a pretty, but horribly unbalanced map of the Geonosis arena - definitely not a good thing when half your map is taken up by a large, open, circular shooting gallery.

And the Revenge of the Sith UM book comes with a great, balanced, and playable section of a starship full of rooms, corridors, and doors on one side, but with the terribly open and terribly unbalanced shooters' dream that is the official Mustafar map on its opposite side.

The Coruscant and starship maps are really very nice, but the Geonosis and Mustafar maps are basically very pretty and well detailed wastes of paper.  I originally bought all 3 UM books because, at the time, I was desperate for more SW maps; I never even bothered with their mostly unbalanced scenarios.   Currently, with all of the other great maps available (mostly unofficial), the only UM book I can recommend these days would be Rebel Storm.  Both maps are playable, and I just love how the Cloud City map looks.  Neither are huge friendly though, if that matters to you.
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