Optimizing Names for Masterwork Tools

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A masterwork tool (50G/1lb) that grants +2 circumstance to the relevant skill.  The form could be anything, not necessarily a slotted item, though I'd prefer a slotted item to avoid the extra cost for unslotted items.  Writing "MW X Tool" is boring which is why I seek input on how to make things more interesting.

Appraise: Miser's Visor (eyes)
Balance: Acrobat's Boots (boots)
Bluff: ?
Concentration: Headband of Concentration (head) OR Stress Gloves (hands)
Craft: Artisan's Tools
Decipher Script: Script Kit
Diplomacy: Amulet of Station (neck) OR Ring of Station (ring)
Disguise: Disguise Kit
Escape Artist: ?
Gather Info: Little Black Book
Heal: Healer's Gloves (hands)
Hide: Ninja Suit (body)
Jump: Acrobat's Boots (boots)
Knowledge: Thinking Cap (head)
Listen: Hearing Helm (head)
Move Silently: Ninja Suit (body) OR Stealth Boots (boots)
Perform: Entertainer's Outfit (body)
Ride: Riding Boots (boots) OR Riding Gloves (gloves)
Sense Motive: ?
Sleight of Hand: Snitch's Gloves (gloves)
Spellcraft: Runic Cloak (cloak) OR Runic Scarf (neck)
Spot: Acute Visor (eyes)
Survival: Survivalist Kit
Swim: Swim Suit (body OR pants)
Tumble: Acrobat's Boots (boots) OR Nimble Suit (body)
UMD: Amulet of Attunement (neck) OR Ring of Attunement (ring) OR Shirt of Attunement (shirt)

Why stop at masterwork? in the War of the Lance, they have up to legendary quality for things (a +10, non-magical to the skill!) they surely deserev a name! Tongue out

Let's see...

Bluff would certainly be a Mask, because it makes more difficult to read facial emotions

Escape artist would be some kind of slickness Oil or slick material you can puss out and apply

Sense motive is somehow tricky... I would tend to special glasses, but that's not a good solution

Sense Motive should come in the form of an Herbal tonic that enhances your sense of smell weakly, enabling you to subconsciously pick up on the emotional scent people are putting off, that work?

By the way, aren't there masterwork tools and Instruments already? It would be a little bit too powerful to get masterwork quality twice for the same skill...

These are already masterwork items.  No double counting the bonus.

The non-body slot price thing is just for magic items, doesn't apply to mwk. You can wear a masterwork shirt without it interfereing with a magic one, and you can wear a mwk ankle bracelt (or whatever-point it, slotless) that boosts diplomacy (somehow) without a price change. always 50gp unless otherwise specified.

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For specific things like Knowledge (Geography) you could elaborate a bit more and call it an Atlas.
We all know that not all of them had information about every location in the dark ages.

Also, the skill Intimidate is not represented. Might I suggest something fearsome like a Necklace with a small skull attached to it or another symbol that might strike fear into your enemies or allies' hearts.

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