[Maps] Jon Robert's map thread

Well, with the new season of 4Ed I thought I'd best wander over to the Gleemax forums. Some will recognise this stuff from elsewhere, but if it is of use to anyone then please feel free to use the maps that I post. I'll stick more up as they are done.

A pirate cove for use with Mysteries of the Moonsea


A shipwreck - originally designed for a challenge where the final image needed to be under 75kb for a usable VTT battlemap:


An inn with a ship in it - inspired by an inn named the Rusted Shunt from the first Scuttlecove adventure in Dungeon magazine:


A series of caves:


The different stairways off the main cave map lead to other caves and the rest of the caves can be found in the gallery.

All these maps at full size with their accompanying extras can be found here.

All of the maps are free for personal use. If you post them, or altered versions of them, somewhere else please attribute them correctly. Otherwsie, swipe away!
Another one to add to the mix - a farmhouse and outbuildings:


Full resolution version can be found at the link above.
I'm starting a 4ed campaign so I thought I'd create a new regional map. Here it is:

For the full-size version, as well as a version without labels and a version without labels or roads, go here:
I love the maps. I don't know if you do requests, but I would love to see a map of the town of Winterhaven from H1, but from the perspective of the article that places it in Eberron. A regional map with Winterhaven marked on it would be the ideal.

Anyhow, thanks again for sharing!
I'm afraid I do commissions rather than requests - my players keep me quite busy enough making my own maps to be able to put time aside for other requests.

Thanks for the compliments, I enjoyed drawing these maps - and if they come in useful to others, that's great.
A new one:

The full size version and a couple of slight variations can be found here:
It's really a pity you don't do requests, your work is fantastic! Keep it up!

-Staver :D
Well I do requests when there is a (small) amount of money attached

Here's another winter themed map:

The full-size iamge can be found here:
And here is the deserted mine that the entrance leads to:


The full size version along with a placeable pit can be found here:

A few more maps. Here's a map commissioned privately for a home brew setting:

The full resolution map is in my deviantart gallery (see sig).

Those are absolutely awesome.
Thanks for the kind words - they were fun to put together, and to play on.
Here's a few more. These were created for Wolfgang Baur's Open Design Project - Wrath of the River King. It's designed to be able to be played as a follow on to Keep on the Shadowfell. You can find out more here:
and here:
It's worth signing up if you want an early copy. It was a fun adventure to draw maps for and looks like a lot of fun to play. Note that these are rights reserved in an exception to the CC licensing in my sig. Feel free to use them for your home use, but please do not modify or repost them. Thanks.

Here's two maps commissioned for the adventure. I did 14 in total and will post the rest when it has been out for a while.

The full size images can be downloaded from the deviantArt gallery in my sig. The grids are sized in whole number of pixels, usualy 75 or 50 pixels per grid spacing, for ease of use in VTT programs such as maptool. Enjoy!
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