This is but a joke!

I've gone through the mourning process, as any true fan would, but I fail to see a link betwen the game that D&D was, and the joke that WotC has had it morph into. This was never a D20 game,but a game of thought, intuition, and fun. Wizards has killed that. This is coming from a 30 year player. Before you go prattling on,in your indistinct D20 dialect, about how the game has evolved, look to where it should have gone-Hackmaster.

This is the heart of D&D. Not some B.S. junkie Seattle kids fevered imaginings. Rebel, take up Garys' sword and move past corporate whoring of the game as it should be. Those of you to young to remember, trust me, it was a real game before D20.

All hail Gary-Bring the real game back!!!!
So you think Hackmaster is a good thing?

I like my games to have some depth thank you very much.

The game is actually going back to alot of older ideas and roots rather than continuing on 3rd edition ideals. I think your rant is one edition late.

Hackmaster is and always will be a joke of a game. There is a reason it tanked and D&d is still around. The Guild I'm apart of. We're in WOW, STO, Rift and soon Star Wars feel free to register and hang out. my deviantart Wheelman of the House of Trolls, "I love it when you watch" Carrier of Section 2, 3 and 6 cargo. Resident Driver Stud God of Transportation and Lust.
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