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Hi everyone

So i'm preparing this big battle for my party. I've been building up this semi boss guy for a session or two and want him to be an elite. In the back story he is a legendary shadowy assassin figure. So i though why not put the rogue template (from the dmg) on something, preferably a lurker and make it an elite. So i decided the doppelganger assassin would work perfectly for their level.

However, both the doppelganger assassin, and the rogue template give +2d6 when attacking with combat advantage.

I look at that and i'm thinking that if they stacked +4d6 on a sneak attack is potentially too powerful.

So I come here for your guidance.

Is it 2d6 or 4d6? Do they stack or overlap?
I think 4d6 for level 3's is a lot for one hit... but what's the rest of the fight?

Since he's an elite I'm assuming that you're going to add some other monsters. If there are a couple of fairly 'sticky' monsters that can mark or create good flanking oppurtunities then you have a MUCH higher damge potential than you otherwise would.

One of the other things you could do is take a look at the "Alt to dmg' feats that rogues can pick up. You could swap it to a "2d6 and -2 to attack", or slow, so on and so forth. I'd avoid dazed though.

If you only think he's goin to get 1 or 2 sneak attacks (sort of likely) then 4d6 m not be to ridiculous. Remember, he's supposed to be 2 monsters, and a beast. Just be prepared to fudge numbers if you hit a heavily wounded party member.

I think the problem is essenially that you're applying a template to make something a rogue that's already a rogue, and there are no "actual rules" I see as to how this works (in fact it appears it wants them to stack). If he's an elite though that may not be such a big deal, and will likely be easier to deal with than 2 assassins.
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