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Playing witha new group, and I'm trying to get a feeling for what they like and what they dont. My last riddle was solved in 0.25 seconds, so I think I need something a little tougher.

Anyone have a link or a good idea for a teambuilding puzzle? Hold this while he reads that, and i shoot, etc etc. The setting for the next session is a elf pyramid if that helps refine things for you. Don't give me crap about desert elfs, I have a reason.
You'd think there would be a website full of these.
This one managed to stump my PCs for a good ten minutes:

We stand beside the holy men
The monarchs fear our wrath
No one can move the way we can
Along our crooked path.

What are we?

Knights. (Or horses, but I hate calling them that.)
Still looking for input on this, the session is on friday.

I'm really pulling up bupkis on this. I was hoping for a MYST style physical challenge kinda deal.
I had a puzzle that required quite a bit of teamwork in my last adventure. Basically, there was this room which was full of thorny vines stretched taut across at different angles. Whenever they are cut or damaged, within 6 seconds/one round, they regenerate to their original position. If a square of the brambles takes any damage, the brambles in it collapse for a round. At the other end of this room was the passage the party needed to get to.

I had them run a mock battle (i.e. with initiative) to use their abilities to cut a path across without getting sliced up by the thorns. They ended up carving their way through with any and all area attacks they possessed (such as the Rogue's multiclassed Scorching Burst), and their party Time Mage (see my sig) used Slow to cause the thorns to take double the time to regenerate. They took a bit to plan it, and executed it flawlessly, only because they had to work together to do it.

P.S. the room was only about 35' by 35' when I ran it, because my group only possesses about two damaging area attacks. A Wizard-heavy party would be better suited to a much longer passage.
Hmmm I like the idea, but smashing is all this group does well! I'm really hoping to evoke some comradeship and RP out of this deal. Your brambles is an interesting idea though.
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