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Yeah sure. I gave them the mystic caster levels partly because I felt someone with that kind of knowledge of the warp might be able to manipulate it but mostly because I felt it was a weak advanced class.

Clearly not in your opinion though! Whatever helps your games balance. If it works out better tell me; you are correct in asserting that Navigators in books don't typically display additional psychic powers. (Although it is part of the fluff that Heir Apparents are psychic.)
ooh, sheets... toss them somewhere on the net when you are able, i want to see :D

If you read a little bit before in the thread you'll find that armour is one of the things I'll be streamlining.

I also intend to add more NPC stats.

mm, i read that you've simplified the DRT/DRP rules back there. But i hope that someone who has played it would be so kind to put in some feedback on whether the DR is too powerful compared to the damage that weapons do. Because im just going on a witchunt with feedback just from one guy...

personally i think that one way of fixing it would be to make the DR less constant, either by making a d20 roll with a different DC for each type of armor.
Armor profiency and other things that would affect the users skills in using the armor would give bonuses to the DC, or if the enemy has some sort of skills which makes him able to hit better, would probably give the user penalties on the roll.

[most likely this will cause combat to become much longer:
1st player1 rolls to hit, then player 1 has to roll damage. then player 2 can at the same time more or less just roll the dice to see if his armor does soak the damage. if it does, he has to find out what kind or DRT/DRP ratio it has, and the start calculating, and then subtract from his HP
*pro's with this kind of system:
-armor isnt giving constant DR, which is a bit unrealistic, since a player could get lucky and hit a weak spot or flesh somewhere
*con's with this kind of system:
-makes things even more advanced
-could (or most likely will) confuse players

sorry for posting propositions for rules in each of my posts, it must be one of those mental glitches people get now and then.
I just noticed that running the PDF through Adobe's PDF Optimizer in Acrobat cuts almost 2MB off the file size. Might save you guys some bandwidth.

Is there any chance of getting a .rtf or .doc version to try reducing it from ~900 pages?
Come to think of it...that is odd with regard to the Imperium using a Double Eagle (that was a humerous typo in an SRD I downloaded....)-does the Emperor have a partner in power?

Just thinking...you may want to consult Rogue Trader if in doubt over quite a few things...
Admittedly, they changed things a tonne, but there was a lot of stuff of worth there, and wargear...etc.

P.S. Skrittiblank: Permission for the D20 Warhammer project to use your Daemon and Squig work for our D20 mod on the fantasy boards?
I read the following: CriticalHit about Interstellar Fleets

So, traveling outside the systems range of interplanetary debris takes several weeks and a single jump takes additional two weeks. this makes for a good number of one and a half month maybe ? And in real-time a range of time from two months to over a year has passed.

I am thinking what this means for the game. The crew ages slower than planetary populations. They age similar to other spaceship crews who keep jumping around...So they can and will meet other spaceship crews they met earlier but it is completely possible that after some 20 jumps older people they met on a planet are dead. 10-20 jumps more and their families and supporting organizations may have changed completely. This is the price for traveling through space.

Sorry for ranting, i´m thinking how this may affect gameplay and if there are more difficulties i haven´t thought of. Any ideas, comments ?
If you're applying these rules you have to consider the impact on a military campaign.

If you are called to a system being subjected to a Tyranid invasion and arrive a year later is the invasion still underway? Have the Tyranids won? Have they held out without you.

This applies to any situation in which time is an issue. A year is a hell of a long time to faff around travelling. :D

This seems to disagree with most of the fiction which puts hops in the month range.
i think there is no minimum to how long you have to stay inside the warp. it all depends on the risks you take really. that seems to be the 100% guaranteed way of getting safely from one spot to another. also, not every ship has the same disadvantages as trade-ships. military vessels would most likely be able to jump in a bit closer to planets, because they got heavier shielding, more skilled navigators, more urgent tasks at hand etc etc.

its not uncommon for ships coming out of the warp to directly engage with hostiles in orbit around a colonized planet, so i presume that you can practically

but the traveltime seems to be pretty correct though... ie. you have no clue what time it is when you have been in the warp for a few weeks. all depending on which way of the warp current you fly, the longer it would take both in the warp and outside it imo.(if you go with the currents of the warp, you move more quickly, but thats not always an option... the currents i think starts from the middle of the galaxy and flows out the same directions as the spiral starfogs. basically, one way from point A to point B can take twice as long as from point B to point A, or vice versa depending on the currents. remember that warp currents is as stable as plutonium, so its not always the case.)
I'll give the character sheets a go. Email the images to me, and I'll see what I can do.

As for cutting the page length down, there are a few ways to go. One is for me to adjust the layout style. Another is to print two pages to one sheet. Yet another (and one I recommend) is to print only the chapters you actually need on a regular basis.

I currently have the file in .tex format and .pdf. You're all more than welcome to have a go at re-editing the .tex files in order to try to compress it if you like. Just PM me an email address.
Sure you can use the stuff, Ryltar! I like to think of the gaming community as an anarcho-syndicalist commune - taking ideas from each other is our bread and butter. You can use anything on the website or elsewhere of mine without asking for permission. That's what its there for!
Thanks in abundance!!!
Just re-iterating a request for Squat source-files.
Also, I was thinking of there being Kroot and Genestealer templates for the site.
At the end of the Genestealer Cult section there are various templates. What sort of template would you like to see for the Kroot?

Kroots don't really alter other people they just change themselves. Kroot are ideal to use the Mutations on - but I'm not sure if they would work as a template.
Well, I mean for random Kroot that end up existing...for example, someone on the Shaper Council Yahoo! list came up with the idea of a Krootogre!!!
It's feasible with Kroot+dead ogryn...?!!

Did some checking on the 40k fluff...turns out that there ARE 1/2 eldar...shock horror!!!

Haven't seen any actual Squigs on the site (although they were more of a Fantasy thing...).

Also, You may want to have stats for a few more Imperial Vehicles...(the dearly departed Griffon springs to mind...).

There's a few editing mistakes about...but mostly cosmetic (Predator stats mentioned for the Baneblade...etc.), and nothing important.

Glad to see that the rules are Downloadable!!!

Still one of the best sites on the net!!!
Did some checking on the 40k fluff...turns out that there ARE 1/2 eldar...shock horror!!!

Now this is really interesting. Care to point me to the fluff. That's a 'must include' if they exist. Halfbreeds have a very RPGish quality to them. Especially since the heroes I encourage people to play in an RPG represent anomalies and not stereotypes.
It was on the 40k fluff Yahoo! group somewhere...am trying to find link...(rrr bloody history...).
Just wondering if there was a set conversion from Epic to D20 40k (If there are THAT many Warlord and Reaver Titan cardstock things about...).
Also, if you could get rules for Imperial Knights...they sound like a very workable concept!!!
One thing I noticed that was missing was a "derringer" weapon class. That is, pistol weapons cut down to make them more concealable.

What do you think about this as an option?


Any pistol weapon (except shuriken pistols) may be purchased as derringers. These are the only projectile weapons that can be fitted with a "spring load" feature. These weapons are also significantly harder to detect on a "pat-down".

Range Increment: Halved for all weapons.
Ammunition Capacity: Two shots, with the exception of bolt weapons, which have only one shot (bolts are big!). Weapons ordinarily equipped with high and low power settings may only use low power.
Reloading Normal Weapons: Manual--no magazines are used (like a revolver).
Reloading Energy Weapons: Their powerpacks are integral to the weapon. A connector is supplied so that they may be recharged by connecting to other energy power packs (and draining them) or another power supply. Recharge rate is one charge per minute.
Reloading Atomic Weapons: Their powerpacks are integral to the weapon. A connector is supplied so that they may be recharged by connecting to other atomic power packs (and draining them). Recharge rate is one charge per ten minutes.
Repairing Weapons: If the weapon has no integral power pack, then repair is at +2DC, given its miniaturisation. If the weapon has an undamaged integral power pack, then the repair is at +5 DC. If the weapon also has a damaged integral power pack, then rolls are required for both repairing the weapon and the power pack. These are at +10DC, and require a working replacement power pack to be salvage for parts, which will be broken in making the repair.
Cost DC: As original pistol.
Manhattan made some funky pdf from my charsheet-graphics. You can either PM him or me if you want them.
Manhattan: You are aware of the deadliness of letting PCs (or NPCs!) walk around with Derringer Plasma Pistols right?

Yeah I though so:


Oh and send me the character sheets! I'll host! Linkify. We'll figure it out.

Still haven't decided what to do with the mamma-jamma file...
Unless the effect is scaled down i see a problem with the idea of plasma-derringers: this weapon has no real barrel und the plasma-chamber is mostly depicted as a huge, bulbous blob of a gun. I would say it´s not feasible to make heavy weapons concealable...concealable-ish...but a bolter could be some sort of short tube with a flared base for putting it against the hip, looking like a small mortar, but better concealable similar to a pistol in size.
Regarding Eldar-Human halfbreeds, look here. and search for "Chief Librarian Astropath IlIiyan Nastase".

As it seems very old fluff points out that eldar and humans are able to breed. The idea of having such a halfbreed serve with space marines is pure comedy as always (it contradicts my view of the warhammer universe) but it could be useful if employed seldomly. It has the potential for tragic characters.

Why can such halfbreeds exist ? Well, here the explanation "the old ones used the same template" will suffice i think...humans and eldar are not so different on the genetic level.
WOW! That proves it. I might actually snag that bit of fluff and use it in the d20-40k half-eldar section.

Time to come up with a new race methinks!
Manhattan: You are aware of the deadliness of letting PCs (or NPCs!) walk around with Derringer Plasma Pistols right?

Yeah I though so:

Actually, they're not much worse than normal plasma pistols, plus you can't reload them quickly and they're a total ***** to fix once they overheat. A power decrement might be a good idea in general, though.
BTW, I got bored and tried making a .torrent file. It contains the new charsheet and the full rules. Skrittiblak and I have the file right now, so contact either of us to start downloading!

(Assuming it works, that is. )
If people look back awhile, I suggested 1/2 eldar...and the idea went down faster than a Thunderbolt on fire.

Just wondering if Skrittiblank (or anyone else, for that matter), had a conversion system for Epic to D20 (Thunderbolts...etc.).

Also just wondering about a few of the old Robots, and maybe Imperial Knights and other titans (Reavers, Warlords...).
I apologize to you that your half-eldar idea was shot down when in fact you were absolutely right! I guess alot of us assume mistakenly that if we haven't seen it, it doesn't exist. I don't have an adequate conversion system for Epic. I wish I did. Neither do I for Battlefleet Gothic (possibly more important) but I believe some other members of the boards are working on BFG conversions.


Here we go. This is the first time I use SaveFile but it offers 50megs and looks more reliable the Ripway (free as always - cuz you know I don't actually wanna pay for any of this stuff...)


It contains; the character sheet; the Torrent; and a ZIP file containing the PDF (so somewhat compressed).

Tell me if it works or if I somehow need to activate sharing or something. (Again first time I use this host.)

Yeah, that worked. Thanks muchly.
You even downloaded the ZIP? Yes! All hail the power of HTTP. Cool. I'm less worried about not enough people having the torrent file to upload to make it actually faster than HTTP.
Something the wh40k-gm´s might find useful: a mindmap of the races you players could encounter. The ones with the red arrows are linked to articles in the web. My thought was to make small subpages for the application with d20-values...i guess it would be a huge project and we certainly dont have enough information on the minor species.

Species Map

Have a look, and tell me what you think.
certainly that would be a sweet thing to have. i would love to see a bunch of stats collected in such a system, but its gonna take some time, thats for sure.
but most of the time you can find good references to monsters in the monster manual, so you don't have to do everything from scratch.
Adding your site to the d20 Modern Resource list... Great stuff.
I'm coming up with an 'errata' as I am wont to do, and finding a lot of minor things that I didn't the first time...mostly grammar and consistancy stuff. It'll be really big.
one thing i noticed(well, more or less one of my future players), the pariah mutation doesnt have the clause that you can't be an psyker. as a pariah is a souless person which causes great harm to psykers, while being a psyker is basically a mutation on your soul which causes you to affect the warp in a different way. thus you shouldnt be able to take psyker abilities or anything psyker-like when using that...
I'm not sure if you're going to thank me or curse me for this next set of corrections: it's over 50 pages and counting.
sounds good, i havent started my game yet, and im pretty sure that i won't be printing out all the rules. hmm, have to get a laptop...
Yeah, right...i am eagerly awaiting the corrected version - then i´m going to burn through a pile of paper and print it out. I used a laptop for the last two gaming sessions. And it has not been fun (for me). I winged more than i wanted since finding a page is taking too much time. I plan to print it double sided and refill my cartridges...this way its not costing a fortune. Or i print it at work...
Hey everyone. Thanks for the continued support. I apologize for the lack of updates. Its the first time in ages I've been able to access the internet; and technically I'm at work.

I've updated my profile for my new location. In a week my new apartment gets NOOSnet (wtf? silly french names) and then I should be able to check regularly from home again.
The PDF does have a 'search' function activated with 'Ctrl+F". It's been tremendously helpful in my continued editing. I'm up to about p. 315.
I can send you the .tex files if you want, you know. The tables are hard to follow in that format, but the plain text might be helpful...
No, the current document is fine, if quite long. Since finals are coming up, however, it's quite likely that I won't be able to finish until the end of the month.
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