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Let's face it, there are some cool things out there, but our future campaigns need some more weapons! So throw down a stat or two of a weapon, and feel free to critique (politely) others' work. To get things rolling:
(Gambit from X-men)
Telescoping staff: This is the natural progression of the collapsing metal baton. This weapon functions exactly like a quarterstaff except it can be reduced to Small size (for easy carying.) One end of the staff can be extedned to turn it into a club (as a free action.) Or, as a move action, both ends can be extended

Telescoping staff, Simple weapon, dmg 1d6/1d6, Weight 4lbs, Purchase DC 6
PL 5-6

(Bad Guy in Johnny Mnemonic)
Monofiliment Garotte: This small piece of cord is not actually mono, but it is charged with enough heat and energy to cut through just about anything. It is unusable as a weapon in standard melee combat (anyone trying to do so suffers a 50% chance to injure themselves for 2d6 damage) but it does have some benefits:
-IF used to perform a coupe de gras, the subject instantly dies, and does not get any form of save whatsoever.
-If used against an inanimate object, it ignores ten points of hardness and does 2d6 damage (Plus strength bonus)
PL 6-7
Simple weapon, dmg *(special), Weight: .1 lbs, Purchase DC 10 (illegal +4)
From Redliners, by David Drake:

Electrical Grenade:
PL 6
6d6 Slashing Damage
20-ft. Burst Radius
DC 15 Reflex for Half Damage
10-ft. Range Increment
PDC 15
Mil (+3)

This small hand grenade runs an extremely high voltage through a frangible filament, causing it to detonate, fragment the casing around it, and send shrapnel over a 6m radius. It has an adjustable fuse, capable of being set from 1 to 15 seconds (immediate detonation to 2-round delay).

Fuel-Air Grenade:
PL 6
4d6 Fire damage
40-ft Burst Radius
DC 15 Reflex for Half Damage
10-ft. Range Increment
PDC 15
Mil (+3)

This small hand grenade mixes atmosphere and a misted napthal-based fuel, then detonates it in a massive explosion. The shockwave and themal effects are lethal out to a 13m radius. It has an adjustable fuse, capable of being set from 1 to 15 seconds (immediate detonation to 2-round delay).

PL 6/7
2d10 Ballistic
20/x2 Crit
150 ft. Range Increment
Semi/3-Burst/Full Auto
1,000 Box Mag
10 lb.
PDC 20
Res (+2)

"The stinger's coils accelerated 15-grain projectiles to 10,000 feet per second. The pellet wasn't effective beyond 500 yards, but the strikers carried rockets to handle the occasional distant target. Stingers had the impact of a grenade on a target at short range. With thousand-round ammo packs containing both pellets and a fresh power supply, they were the weapon of choice for the sudden assaults in which C41 specialized..."

Stingers are coilguns, utilizing magnetic acceleration to hurl small ferromagnetic projectiles at incredible velocities.
"Whatcha got there Dave?"
Oh, some damaged LasePistol packs the military returned. I'm gonna try to make a few good ones out of all these damaged ones.
"Whoah! Careful there Dave, you touch the wrong bits of a charged pack and you'll ride the lightning."
Heh, yeah, I'd be one crispy critter thats for sure... hard to believe each one of these lil guys holds enough juice to do 2dice damage 50 times. I'm fine, all I got to do is not touch that terminal there to avoid ... taking ... 100 dice...
Go get a test rat while I put a short conductor on the terminals
"This is gonna be sooooo cooool"

Zeus Stick PL6
Simple Melee Weapon, Single Use, Touch Attack
Damage 20d8 Electrical
Critical None
Size Tiny
Weight 1.5lb
PDC 10 (+0)
Barely larger than a standard LasePistolPack, the Zeus Stick is simplicity in the utmost: With one button & one LED to indicate its Active/Safe status, you just turn it on and touch it to something you want to Ride The Lightning. The entire engery store of the enclosed powerpack is dumped on target in that one zap, upsetting the internals of the pack to the point that it cant be recharged, making this a disposable weapon. When not needed just push the button again to make it safe, and... now this is important... verify the red Active LED is not lit before placing it back in your pocket.

Like a hand tazer... for god
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
20d8 . . . while funny I think that weapon would be overpowering, as it does more than twice the normal damage of an LAW rocket.

By the way, where is that story from?
20d8 . . . while funny I think that weapon would be overpowering, as it does more than twice the normal damage of an LAW rocket.

By the way, where is that story from?

it may do more than the LAW, but you have to get up close and personal with the target.. you basically have to run up and smack your target with the weapon. you have spend time and distance, which your target can use against to you shot your rear into next month.

it's like backstabbist's mcdagger... i think that's what it was called.. it was a shaped charge attached to a stick designed to punch through the armour of tanks and the like, which it did well.. it also did damage to the wielder.
Lets look objectively at it:
20d8, Electrical (no DR), TouchAttack, No save
It may seem like a lot on the surface, like it was imballanced,
but I ballanced it with a PDC10.... cause in d20 Future we balance with PDC.

A LasePistol powerpack holds enough juice to send out 100 dice damage to far ranges. What happens when you get all of that on you at once.... we slap a 1/2 or 1/4 NERF on it, and we get 25d8.... I even went for a bigger nerf and gimped the draining of a 100d8 powerpack down to just 20d8.

Oh, the story is an adaptation of something me & Rex did as a couple of late working mechanics in a 12B unit, at a motor pool working till 3am. It wasnt a rat for our tests/play, but rest assured, many of your tax dollars went kaZZZAAAMMMMFFF that night.... ahhh, good times

Oh, the McDagger AT Handgrenade wasnt my idea,
thank the russians for the AT handgrenade. Of course, those wimps didnt use it as a melee weapon, they had a parachute in the handle and you threw it in some kind of cowardly "I dont wanna die" fashion, thrown up in an arc & have it drop on the tank.
My version, for troops not lacking in dedication to the cause, can be found here: McDagger / Fist of God
If you guys like, I can drop the stat block for it here into this thread too
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
A Note on the Following: I've been working on recently on adapting GURPS Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri for the d20 Modern system with interesting results. After seeing this thread, however, I wanted to test the Gadget System using an OICW Assault Rifle as a base weapon for an adaptation of Zorg's ZF.1 from The Fifth Element. I plan on using a version of the mini-flamethrower for the flame guns, used against mind worms, but the rest is just... shiny.

Zorg's ZF.1


Voila, the ZF.1

The ZF.1 was developed by the CEO and owner of Zorg Industries, Inc Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg as prototype designed for quick tactical strikes. It features multiple weapons options in a compact shell designed to deceive most weapon's checkpoints, using a standard Federated Armed Forces' assault rifle as a base. The ZF.1 is protected by an auto-destruct button, which activates if the weapon is stolen by an unauthorized user. Currently less than one hundred are available in the Federated Territories, most of them are owned by Aknot's Mangalore Tribe and Mr. Zorg, himself.

Base Weapon Stats (based off OICW Assault Rifle)

Damage: 2d8
Damage Type: Ballastic
Crit: 20
Range Increment: 70 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single, Automatic
Size: Medium* (compact design)
Magazine: 60 box* (integrated expanded magazine)
Weight: 13.5 lbs* (reduced weight)
Purchase DC: 50+* (Zorg only!)
Restriction: Res (+3) (prototype)

ZF.1 Features

Good for Righties and Lefties

"It's light; handle's adjustable for easy carrying; good for righties and lefties; breaks down into four parts; undetectable by X-ray; ideal for quick discreet interventions..."

The ZF.1 is designed to be light, collapsible, and undetectible to security scanners. It can be broken down into four parts, each containing one of the individual weapons that make up the weapon (see below), reassembly and disassembly both require full round actions. The firearm can be identified with a DC 20 knowledge (tech) check in it's diassembled state. Its weight has been reduced, allowing even the weakest soldier to utilize it on the field. Its handle is designed for multiple grips, allowing it to be held in one or two hands.

While most arms are easily detected at security checkpoints, the ZF.1 uses a mix of alloys and plastics designed to reduce its signature when faced with metal and x-ray scanners, granting it a +4 bonus on checks made to conceal the weapon from security scanners.

A Word on Firepower

"A word on firepower. Titanium recharger; 3000-round clip with bursts of 3 to 300."

The ZF.1 has an expanded 5.56mm magazine with 60 rounds allowing for 1,2, or 10 rounds to be fired in single, burst, and automatic fire modes. When the Burst Fire feat is used with this weapon, the penalty on the attack roll is lessened to –2 instead of –4. Also, the weapon fires only two bullets instead of five and can be used with only two bullets in the weapon. However, the weapon only deals +1 die of damage instead of +2 dice of damage. (In effect, using the Burst Fire feat with this weapon results in the effect of the Double Tap feat.) The ZF.1's advanced magazines prevent Burst Fire from being used with five bullets. An attempt to fire five rounds from the weapon results in a standard attack and wasted ammunition. In standard 10 round autofire mode with the Replay Button turned "off" (see below), a specific target cannot be selected, though a successful roll will result in all targets in a 10 foot by 10 foot radius taking the weapon's damage.

It can be reloaded automatically as a free action using its titanium recharger, allowing the user to remain in the fight once a magazine has been emptied. The ZF.1's charger can hold up to six magazines of standard ammunition, which refill the emptied magazine, once rounds have been expended. Once these magazines have been emptied, reloading the rifle is a move action.

The Replay Button

"With the replay button, another Zorg invention, it's even easier. One shot... And replay will sends every following shot to the same location."

All that firepower needs to go somewhere thats why the ZF.1 features one of Zorg Industries' greatest inventions, the replay button. When the replay button is "on" and a single round successfully hits the target, all successive rounds are sent to that exact location. Upon leaving the chamber, round immmediately detect the distance to the target, altering their course if that target moves. This grants a +1 on all ranged attacks as if seeker ammunition had been loaded into the magazine.

In autofire mode, the square the target is in acts as the targeted area, so even if the subject moves rounds will always return to the location the first round hit. This reduces the target area's defense by 1 and increases the reflex save by 5. All creatures in the target area take damage, if the attack is successful, along with the target.

Oldies but Goldies

"And to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies but goldies. Rocket launcher... Arrow launcher with exploding or poisonous gas heads, very practical... Our famous net launcher... The always-efficient flamethrower, my favorite... And for the grand finale, the all-new 'Ice Cube System.'"

Already a powerful rifle, the ZF.1 also features alternate weapons options and variable ammos, making it a versitile weapon for every situation. Utilizing advanced miniturization technology, the ZF.1 includes a mini-rocket launcher, a net launcher, a mini-flamethrower, and a new Zorg innovation, a mini-cryonic gun. When the weapon is disassembled it breaks into it's individual components, acting as four seperate weapons, including a standard rifle (with mini-rocket launcher), a net launcher, a mini-flamethrower, and a mini-cryonic pistol. When assembled switching between each weapon is a move action. It also features the option firing of poison darts, allowing the user to switch between standard rounds and darts as a free action. The stats for these weapons and ammo are expanded on below.

The Mini-Rocket Launcher
Damage: Varies
Crit: 20
Damage Type: Varies
Range Increment: 150 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single
Magazine: 1 int.
Size: Small
Weight: n/a

The mini-rocket launcher uses ammunition that has been reduced in size to match the weapon. It does not make it any less deadly.

The Net Launcher
Damage: n/a* (entangles target)
Crit: 20
Damage Type: n/a
Range Increment: 10 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single
Magazine: 1 int.
Size: Small
Weight: n/a

The ZF.1 features a net launcher which fires a net that entangles the target. In order to fire the launcher, a ranged touch attack is made by passing the targets equipment and natural armor bonuses. If the attack is sucessful, the target is entangled.

Net launchers have a much greater range than a regular thrown net. It takes 10 minutes to reset a net that was previously fired or 1 minute to set the net launcher with a prepackaged net (purchase DC 6, 2 lb. per package).

The Mini-Flamethrower
Damage: 3d6
Crit: n/a
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: n/a* (see below)
Rate of Fire: Single
Magazine: 10 box* (uses fuel cells)
Size: Small
Weight: n/a

Zorg Industries pioneered the miniturization of flamethrower technology, utilizing fuel cells instead of clunky backpacks. The ZF.1's flamethrower shoots a 5-foot-wide, 30-foot-long line of flame that deals 3d6 points of fire damage to all creatures and objects in its path. No attack roll is necessary, and thus no feat is needed to operate the weapon effectively. Any creature caught in the line of flame can make a Reflex save (DC 15) to take half damage. Creatures with cover get a bonus on their Reflex save. When the ZF.1's security mode is activated the flamethrower provides the fuel for the auto-destruct sequence (see below).

Fuels cells have the hardness of 2 and 2 hp, holding enough fuel for 10 uses of a flamethrower. They can be individually detonated causing the damage described below in the auto-destruct entry. They have a purchase DC of 16.

The Patented Ice Cube System, Zorg's New Mini-Cryonic Pistol
Damage: 3d6
Crit: 20
Damage Type: Cold
Range Increment: 20 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single
Magazine: 5 box* (prototype)
Size: Small
Weight: n/a

At Zorg Industries innovation is always a high priority. The ZF.1 features a new invention from our Research and Development Department, the Ice Cube System. While previous forays into the miniturization of compressed cryonic gases have led to failure, Zorg Industries has been at the forefront in the race to reduce cryonic weapon systems. After the developments of ZF.6 and ZF.5, we are finally able to say that we have mastered cryonic technology, giving you the Ice Cube System!

A cryonic pistol draws power from a canister of compressed mutagen, which is transmitted, via an energy beam into the target. The cryonic beam deals 3d6 points of cold damage. A target reduced to negative hit points by the weapon instantly stabilizes. Furthermore, if the ray deals sufficient damage to reduce the target to –10 or fewer hit points, the target instead drops to –9 hit points and stabilizes automatically (in other words, the target does not die).

Cryonic pistols do not use ammunition, but are instead powered by special power packs that allow 5 shots each (purchase DC 20).

The Poison Darts
Along with firing standard rounds, the ZF.1 offers the user the option of firing poison darts, using an alternating magazine. The darts are fired at half the range increment of the standard rifle for 1d3 damage. If this penetrates the target's DR, then a muscle relaxant is injected into the target, dealing 1d4+1 Dexterity damage, which is reduced by half if the target makes a DC 14 Fortitude save. Switching between standard rounds and darts is a free action. Darts are bought at the price of standard rounds +4 to purchase DC.

A Real Killer: The Little Red Button

"A killer. A dyed-in-the-wool killer. Cold-blooded, clean, methodical and thorough. Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF.1, would have immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun."

Zorg Industries prides itself on security, offering users the ability to protect their weapons with an auto-destruct sequence that destroys the weapon (and anybody near the weapon) if it is stolen. It is the user's responsibility to authorize who may or may not use the ZF.1. When unathorized users pick up the ZF.1, the weapon instantly locks up, preventing use unless the user verifies his or her identity by pressing the little red button on the button of the rifle, releasing the safety. If the user is unauthorized the little red button activates the rifle's three-step auto-destruct sequence, ensuring the death of the intruder and the destruction of the weapon.

The auto-destruct sequence begins with the activation of an integrated thermite explosive embedded within the rifle. This not only serves the purpose of perpetuating the auto-destruct sequence, but if there is no fuel in the fuel cells and no missiles loaded in the rocket launcher (see below), destroys the ZF.1, burning the unauthorized user for 6d6 fire damage (no save) along with anything else within a 5 foot radius (Reflex DC 12 for half-damage). This is the ZF.1's first and last line of defense against intruders.

The thermite explosive then provides enough energy to detonate the flamethrower's fuel cells, if they are loaded into the weapon. The fuel cells detonate dealing 6d6 points of fire damage to the unathorized user (no save allowed) and 3d6 points of splash damage to creatures and objects in adjacent 5-foot squares (Reflex save, DC 15, for half damage). Subsequent damage is incurred when any creature or flammable object that takes damage from a flamethrower catches on fire, taking 1d6 points of fire damage each subsequent round until the flames are extinguished. (A fire engulfing a single creature or object can be doused or smothered as a full-round action. Discharging a fire extinguisher is a move action and instantly smothers flames in a 10-foot-by-10-foot area.)

Currently on its default setting, the ZF.1 finally detonates the rocket launcher's missile if one is loaded into the weapon. Standard missiles explode doing 10d6 points of damage to all creatures within a 10-foot radius (Reflex save DC 18 for half damage). Because its explosive features a shaped charge designed to penetrate the armor of military vehicles, a standard missile ignores up to 10 points of hardness if it strikes a vehicle, building, or object. However, this only applies to the unathorized user, not to other objects within the burst radius.

As a factory default, only Zorg Industries employees with Shadow Clearance and Mr. Zorg have authorization for this weapon.

Zorg's Recommend Feats
In order to get the most of the ZF.1, Zorg Industries recommends users take the following feats: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Exotic Firearms Proficiency (rocket launcher), Exotic Firearms Proficiency (grenade launcher), and Burst Fire. Zorg Industries also suggests users take Point Blank Shot and Precise Shot in order to maximize their enjoyment firing the weapon.

Zorg's Gadgets
The ZF.1 is not just a single assault rifle, but an intricate masterpiece composed of individually complex components. These components are listed below.

Alternate Weapon
Autofire Module
Autoload Module

Booby Trapped
Chemical, Muscle Relaxant (for poison dart rounds)

Expanded Magazine
Miniturization (for alternate weapons)
Sensor Baffling

Reduced Weight
Variable Ammunition

Zorg's Research and Development
Zorg Industries' ZF.1 was built using plans acquired from d20 Modern: Future Tech, d20 Modern, d20 Modern: Urban Arcana, and d20 Modern: Future SRD (and books). Quotes provided by Wikiquote.
wow, you really went all out! Great job turning a gun that would have been crazy in the game into something still awesome, but not -quite- as broken! Good job, REALLY!
Next to a lightsaber, I always wanted a ZF.1, and I don't even like guns! ;)
Repost from the Coreline Welcome to the Bunker thread

The Devastator

The Devastator is a heavy squad support weapon with two barrels in an over and under configuration. The idea was to allow a high rate of fire by alternating barrels to keep them cooler in a prolonged fight.

Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 90 ft
Rate Of Fire: S, A
Magazine: Two belts
Size: Large
Weight: 19 lbs
Purchase DC: 37
Restriction: Mil (+3)
NOTES: The Devastator has a special firing system that alternates firing each barrel on automatic fire. The user can choose the option to fire both barrels at the same time, which basically grants the benefit of double tapping without actually double tapping, thus adding one additional die of damage. When using both barrels at once it increases the Reflex Save for autofire by 2 and increases the penalty to attack by another -2, and uses 10 rounds from both belts, or 5 from each with burst fire feat.

The Devastator also comes in 5.56 with the following stat changes:
Damage: 2d8
Range Increment: 80 ft
Weight: 15 lbs
Purchase DC: 35

A recent development in propellant technology has lead to a use of plasma. These new electrothermal rounds use a plasma burner to accelerate the projectile rather than convention chemical powder chargers. This provides much increased muzzle velocity and greatly reduced ammunition weight. The plasma burner builds up a jet of superheated plasma behind the projectile forcing it out at far higher speeds. Almost every component of the weapon is far more expensive, especially the barrels as they must be made from strong material to handle the power of the rounds.
Ammunition weighs two-thirds of that of normal ammuntion. Increases weapon damage by one die type, so d8 becomes d10, d10 to d12, etc, and increases range increment by 30 ft. This increases the cost of rounds by +6 PDC

So far only the Devastator ET (Electrothermal) is available with this round in mind, coming in 5.56mm only.

Devastator ET changes
Damage: 2d10
Range Increment: 110 ft
Weight: 21 lbs
Purchase DC: 40

I guess making a weapon that can use electrothermal rounds would increase the purchase DC by +7 and increase weight by 1/3rd for the weapon.

I also had a pistol that I used the nerf Maverick for reference, but I can't find the post in the archives. It was originally posted as firing 50BMG rounds through either normal hammer action, or new magnetic acceleration with special recoil countering system. Then with Backstabbist's help it became something of a handheld machinegun using stacked ammo in barrels (or cylinders, as it had a large revolver section in the front) and had high rate of fire.
First of all, I submit my Starship Weapons and Semi Realistic Space Nukes thread to this thread. And, to highlight my one favorite weapon from that thread:

This missile uses the technology of a singularity stabilizing power core to intentionally cause a black hole to come into existence for a short period of time. The weapon causes massive devastation on a nova burst scale, but allows for far more control then that exerted over an exploding star. A singularity missile can be set to explode after a certain amount of time, or upon entering a particular location. Upon exploding a singularity missile will destroy everything within a 10 AU radius of the explosion. To observing astronomers it appears as if a portion of space is suddenly cloaked in shadow, and when the shadow dissipates everything that once existed in that area of space is gone. Singularity missiles will destroy starships, planets, and stars. A singularity missile will not destroy another black hole. Singularity missiles can only be fired by the largest of warships (Superheavy), and take up a full 900 hit dice worth of weaponry. Singularity missiles suffer from one defect, stabilized singularities are often anything but stable. There is a 1% chance that a singularity missile will turn into a permanent black hole centered around the point of detonation. There is also a 1% chance that a singularity missile will turn into a permanent wormhole to a distant part of the universe.
We had a lot of fun making some really neat stuff in the Coreline Bunker thread, I dont wantto flood with copy but I do love getting some more milage from old ideas.
Here is a snip from the Bunker Index I put on page 6 of the Bunker

5 militon SlugNuke (12ga cartrige) -Backstabbist
XM88 DoubleGun xm8 -Backstabbist
10mm PulseRifle System IMAGE(http://www.geocities.com/kpricz/pics/Faction_Guns_thm.jpg) (gun set) -Backstabbist

The pic is a thumbnail, but the text is to the stats for the whole set of gun based on the Aliens m41a 10mm PulseRifle/GL. Why make a gun when you can make 5 or 6 in a set, AMR/Sniper/Carbine/SMG/HeavyPistol/Pistol
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
FN P180


Capitalizing on the success of the P90 years ago, and with advances in caseless ammunition over the years, FN created a replacement to the aging P90: the P180. Using 5.56mm x 28mm instead of 5.7mm x 28mm that was in the P90, with the newer XZ propellant. Due to its light weight and high magazine capacity, the P180 is a favourite among tank crews and even secret service members. Due to the smaller size and light weight, the P180 is easier to conceal than the old P90

XZ propellant was discovered to have a much cleaner burn and can easily be shaped, and hold a shape for caseless rounds, leaving no unused residue in the chamber to cause jams 99.5% of the time. XZ has slightly improved performance over the most common used propellants used from the the time of the release of the P90 to present (about 10% increase for a comparable round), which allows for a slightly smaller projectile to have the same damage and range of a slightly larger caliber, even with a shorter barrel.

Using a feeding system almost identical to the P90s, lighter frame, and the same features as the P90, allowed for easy training for those familiar with the aging P90.

Damage: 2d6 (or 2d8, depending on what your 5.7 stats are)
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 50 ft (ultramodern firearms put the p90 at 70 ft, but i've seen people quote the range at 40ft, so i'm putting this at 50 ft as the round is lighter, with somewhat greater power behind it due to the propellant)
Rate Of Fire: S, A
Magazine: 55 box
Size: Small
Weight: 4.5 lbs
Purchase DC: 20
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Note: The P180 gains a +1 bonus to sleight of hand checks to conceal the weapon.
Oh, bravo Sir.
Good show putting the how & why in the text.

Due to the future place of it, and the inheirant betterness of stuff in the future (like your improved XZ propellant), I would have no problems with that P180 getting 2d8 no mater where you have the 5.7 in your games. I dont know if it is small or medium, but it is a good gun, and folks can always make a slight tweak to fit their campaignverse
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
thanks backstabbist. i tried to make it believable. i just couldn't think of a good name for the propellant, not that i can remember the name of the stuff we use today. besides, someone eventually will make a better propellant that can be used in caseless rounds.

hmm.. if we take this XZ propellant and made it work in other weapons, they'd probably enjoy a little boost in range increment, or a +1 to damage for established calibers like 9mm and the like.
For my chats on better gunpowder in the future, check these posts
Gun Toting Char Idea#
Pocket Machinegun
I discussed how there would need to be a different, better, future gunpowder to make Miniaturization work at full damage... but then, what happens if we use that miniaturization powder in standard sized guns. Mostly it was an attack on the Miniaturization Gadget getting used on guns

What you did is sound, and you even recognizes right off the bat the XZ Propellant would find its way into a lot of 'standard' guns too.
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
Palladin Arms MRM-21b "Enyo" Launcher

How to Fire
Like most shoulder mounted anti-air launchers of the late 20th and early 21st Century a soldier only need to place the launcher on his shoulder with the weapon aimed away from the ground he stood on. The weapon does most of the complex work, like plotting the target's intercept course.

After a few moments with the weapon trained on the sky (this is made easier with the recent addition of a laser engraved arrow pointing in the correct firing direction) available targets will appear on the launcher's HUD. If IFF is being used it will denote which ship is friendly (if any) and after the user selects his target they may fire when ready by holding down the thumb safety and then pulling the trigger.


When the missile is fired, an inertial motor on an external casing takes effect for Stage 1 of the flight. This was designed to carry the missile a good distance away from the fire team before it's actual motors went live. The reasoning behind this was because most starships in orbit could trace the rocket back to point of origin and demolish anything within a hundred square miles before the fire team could evacuate.

The inertial motors will carry the rocket a good 20 miles into orbit in high gravity situations before the external motor and casing is ejected revealing a smaller, but still deadly package within, where Stage 2 begins.

The rocket at Stage 2 resembles long dull black cylinder. On either end one can see a dull blue glow inside of what appears to be vents which are in actuality micro-thrusters for course correction. At this stage the Enyo only needs a round or two before it's charge cycle is complete and its ready to begin a mini-ftl jump into its target nearby which is Stage 3.

Stage 3 is relatively a simple matter. After the rocket has made it's mini-jump utilizing its Mass Effect Power Plant (which depletes in the process) it will jump either within the proximity of the ship or "sometimes" into the ship itself.
If a direct hit is established the damage is often catastrophic. Often the rocket will explode within proximity to the target which in of itself is often a ferocious amount of damage.

Side Effects to People
An explosion within proximity (500') of an Enyo exposes characters to Severe amounts of radiation. That's a bad thing.

Side Effects to Ships
The after effects of the Enyo often leave trace elements of Gamma Radiation whcih are easily detectable on most sensor systems (-10DC when using Comp Use on Sensors to Detect a Vessel that been hit with this Rocket; unless the ship has already been decontaminated of the offending radiation)


Its been a while since I've posted anything.. feels good to see some old faces.
Tornado 6 Sabot Gun PL6
Damage: 2d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 80 ft
Rate Of Fire: S
Magazine: 6 box
Size: Small
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Purchase DC: 25
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Note: Uses 15mm sabots, but the slug itself is only 10mm. The sabot has a 40% chance of being recovered and reused if one was to make their own ammunition or get a 10% discount upon returning spent sabots when making your next purpose of 15mm sabot rounds.

The Tornado 6 Sabot Gun uses superconducting technology to power a discarding-sabot slug through a magnetic accelerator that runs the length of the barrel. After the slug clears the muzzle, the sabot falls away, and a scramjet engine ignites, propelling the slug to extreme velocities, allowing for excellent range and damage from a pistol.

Tornado 12 PL6
Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Ballistic.
Range Increment: 180
Rate Of Fire: S, A
Magazine: 25 box
Size: Medium
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Purchase DC: 27
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Note: Uses 15mm sabots, but the slug itself is only 10mm. The sabot has a 40% chance of being recovered and reused if one was to make their own ammunition or get a 10% discount upon returning spent sabots when making your next purpose of 15mm sabot rounds.

The Tornado 12 is essentially a rifle version of the Tornado 6, with greater range and also an automatic setting.
Links to a couple more I put into the Coreline Bunker

Azer Line

Buzz Line
A lot of nasty gadgets.
Have you guys seen the black box? You should look at it. It's filled with d20 Future homemade stuff, including primitive mechas, power armour and loads of weapons. I almost wish I played Future so I could get to use that stuff. :P
The black box is really good...I have my own treatment on it located here:


I'm currently working on restoring the d20 Mecha rules. An older copy can be found here:


My latest copy has a cover and is formatted properly (just a bit more tweaking to do on the copy), and adding some color and art.
kinda bored while at work and this idea popped in my head


With the advancements in laser technology and weapons, it was only natural for H & K to expand into this field. The HK 102LPR is H & K's first Laser Pulse Rifle, with the body modeled after the G36, only about 6 inches shorter, and the forward grip a bit larger to allow for the larger heat sinks. The 102LPR functions like other laser rifles, capable of semi or full automatic firing, but what makes it unique is its pulse setting. When set to pulse mode, instead of the normal single pulse fired, it releases three pulses so close together that they seem like one large pulse. Unfortunately, when in pulse mode, the rate of fire changes to single, so users can't make use of automatic fire or feats like double tap or burst fire.
So far, only the 102LPR has the pulse feature. Depending on its popularity, H & K might start incorporating it into other future laser weapons.

Damage: 3d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 75 ft
Rate Of Fire: S, A
Magazine: 50 box
Size: Large
Weight: 4.1 lbs
Purchase DC: 23
Restriction: Mil (+3)
Note: Has pulse mode. Pulse mode uses 5 rounds of ammo, and locks the weapon in a single rate of fire, dealing 6d6 points of damage. Due to the quality of the construction, the HK 102LPR is considered mastercrafted and grants a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

HK 101LS

The 101LS is H & K's premier laser sniper rifle, and so far there is only three dozen in existence, 12 in the States, 21 in Germany, 1 in England, and the other two in private hands. The body is modeled after the popular PSG1 sniper rifle, but has a larger barrel, thicker frame and the foregrip is also taller than the PSG1. Using experimental synthetic crystals in the focusing chamber, H & K have managed to get unsurpassed range from the 101LS, and as an added bonus, the discharge from the 101LS is nearly undetectable visually and on sensors designed to detect laser discharges (like heat, infrared and whatever other means). However, this also makes the 101LS a bit delicate.
Game Note: While being carried, and the user takes more than 10 points of damage from blunt or concussion sources, there is a 45% chance that the internal mechanisms become misaligned and require a repair check DC 25 and 30 minutes of work (for every 2 points of damage above 10 the chance of misalignment increases by 5%).

Due to the power requirements to get the range that the 101LS enjoys, a standard power pack only allows for 10 shots. (For custom power packs if you have them, the 101LS uses 5 times the normal amount of shots for a single blast. Part of this power is also used in the process to make the discharge invisible to the eye and sensors. The discharge is on such a frequency and spectrum that it doesn't register properly on sensors and doesn't fall into the normal visual, infrared and barely noticeable in ultraviolet spectrums.)

Damage: 3d8
Critical: 20
Damage Type: fire
Range Increment: 275 ft
Rate Of Fire: S
Magazine: 10 box
Size: Huge
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Purchase DC: 35
Restriction: Mil/Experiment (+4?)
Note: See game note above about how delicate the weapon is. Considered a mastercrafted +3 weapon, granting +3 to attack roles. Trying to detect the discharge by visual or sensors increases the spot DC by +15, although the 101LS has the same audio levels as other laser sniper rifles.

so there's a couple of weapons for you folks
Thread necro-ing :P

Slammer Hammer

"Dammit man! The alarm's gone off, we don't have time crack the safe's code." Billy whined as the security alarms wailed.
Fixer Joe walks up to the safe bearing a large sledge hammer, "Then we'll crack the safe itself...."

Last bit of conversation recorded by the sensors on the safe door of the TD Bank in Calgary, Alberta before it was destroyed along with half the door to the safe.

With the raise of use of melee weapons in the future, with the return of bladed weapons in the form of vibro blades and beam swords (aka light sabers), it was inevitable that someone found a way to resurrect other weapons.
The Slammer Hammer was one of the first first to see popular use, especially with body guards and thugs where intimidation can help prevent a fight. A large warhammer with a 5 foot handle, although shorter or longer ones are available. The large square tapered head is reinforced and treated to withstand a great deal of heat at it's striking side. This is done because the striking surface has an opening which exposes a shaped charge when loaded for use against armoured foes, like someone in power armour, or for those times you just need to smash in the security doors or when you don't have the time to pick the lock on the safe. The smaller end is designed to be opened to reload the shaped charges, which are primed by a button on the handle.
When a charge is primed, the explosive's contact trigger is exposed from the opening in the striking face and detonates upon contact. It is highly advised that you disengage the primer button before putting the weapon away if you end up not hitting something.

Many thugs love the Slammer Hammer and it is also quite popular for those in the mob as it makes an excellent leg breaker. Some people even refer to the Slammer as 'Safe Crackers', 'Gut busters' and other similar terms.
Damage: 1d10 hammer, 5d6 ignores 5 points of hardness/DR charge
Critical: 20
Damage Type: bludgeon hammer/ explosive
Range Increment: melee
Rate Of Fire: Semi for the explosive charges
Magazine: 5 shaped charges
Size: Large
Weight: 16.5 lbs
Purchase DC: 24
Restriction: Restricted (+2)
Note: Could get away with using only the simple weapons proficiency as it's a large sledge hammer basically, although archaic weapons proficiency would work just as well. Due to it's large and imposing size, the Slammer Hammer grants a +2 bonus to Intimidation checks.
When the charge is primed, a free action that the player must announce is doing as there is a limited amount of charges held, the damage of the charge is rolled first, then the hammer itself is done to the target.
Multistage Detonation Projectile (PL6)

The core of the design of the multistage detonation weapon is an advanced high density propellant that is under normal circumstances both incredibly strong and stable. It is only under the direct application of an electrical charge that this propellant destabilizes and detonates. The ammunition consists of a sequence of 4 copper jacketed propellant charges behind a 25mm steel armor piercing slug. Inside the slug is a tiny shock hardened battery and programmable embedded processor. This processor controls the timing of the detonation of four propellant stages and is fed data from the weapons targeting system and the users settings. It can detonate all charges at once for a massive burst of armor piercing speed, one to propel the other 3 charges at a low speed and then detonate at a prescribed range or on impact, or somewhere between.

This weapon has a 4 position safety switch and a 4 position acceleration switch.
The safety switch can be set to:
S, safe, weapon will not fire.
N, normal, any unspent charges are inert and do not detonate.
I, impact, any unspent charges are armed and detonate on impact.
R, range, any unspent charges are armed and detonate at a specific range/fight time.

The acceleration switch can be set to:
1: one charge spent accelerating. (2d6 ballistic on impact. 6d6 fire, reflex 15 for half in 15ft radius)
2: two charges spent accelerating.(2d8 ballistic on impact, ignore hardness 4. 4d6 fire, reflex 15 for half in 10ft radius)
3: three charges spent accelerating. (2d10 ballistic on impact, ignore hardness 8. 2d6 fire, reflex 15 for half in 5ft radius)
4: all charges spent accelerating. (2d12 ballistic on impact, ignore hardness 12.)

This weapon comes in a variety of platforms:
*25mm single shot under-barrel accessory for assault rifles (1).
*25mm belt fed heavy machine gun (auto).
*25mm 10 round anti material rifle (semi).
*25mm 4 round OICW style combination weapon with auto carbine (single).

Note that if you use higher dice for your .50 BMG (many of us use 2d20). the damage should likely scale at 2d6->2d10->2d12+2->2d20.
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Good updates guys. I had totally forgotten about this thread. :P
Moley Whip PL 8-9 Exotic Weapon

This weapon is a molecule thin strand of an incredibly hard substance is small, light, and deadly making it a favorite of assassins. the "blade" of the whip can cut through things as if they weren't there, including most conventional armors and even mechas, and is all packed up into a case that looks like a wristwatch. This is a reach weapon that can hit target up to 10 feet away but can still threaten adjacent squares.

Damage: 2d6 cannot apply strength. ignores 10 hardness
Damage Type: slashing
Range Increment: melee reach
Size: tiny (diminutive when put away)
Weight: .25 LBS
Purchase DC: 22

special rules
Proficiency:a moley whip can only be used by a person that has taken the proper feat as well as having a dexterity of 14 or higher with out penalty.
Failure: a person that is not proficient with a moley whip that misses on an attack roll has a chance of hitting his or her self. A person that is proficient with the weapon only risks hitting his or her self on a roll of a natural one.
To hit: when attacking with a moley whip the user ignores the target armor and natural armor. (Either it hits and it cuts or it misses and does nothing)

Inspired by Jugger Grimrod.
The 16.5 lb. weight seems off? Or is it just me? :D
whoops... sorry about that used on of the other weapons to keep me focused on what I needed to write down.:embarrass
That was my guess too. :P
...from the SlammerHammer?
yep... still thats gotta be one dense wristwatch...
Oh damn.. I gotta put up a PDC for the shaped charges in the Slammer Hammer.. which needs a better name
Hammer of Dawn (PL6-7)

The threat of this weapon lies not in the man-packable tagging device itself, but in the satellites high above the planet's surface. In fact, both the tagger and the satellite are referred to as the "Hammer of Dawn".

Damage: 20d6
Critical: N/A
Damage Type: Fire
Range Increment: 50ft
Area: 5ft
Size: small
Weight: 5lbs
Purchase DC: 32 (+3Mil) (or none, priceless)

Special rules: The Hammer of Dawn is perhaps the most powerful ally any soldier can have. It is also, unfortunately, one of the more unreliable ones at the same time. The Hammer of Dawn is absolutely useless unless a satellite component is overhead. That said, many heavily-attacked bases have satellites maneuvered into geosynchronous orbit in order to make the best of their firepower.
Either the GM decides when a satellite is within range, which the players should be aware of (unless other circumstances are at play), or a percentile die may be rolled at the beginning of an encounter. If the percentile die is in the 90-100% range, the Hammer of Dawn may be used for as many minutes as the difference between 100 and the number rolled (minimum of 1). If it is any lower, the Hammer of Dawn is not accessible for a number of minutes equal to the difference between 90 and the number rolled.
Painting the Target: The Hammer of Dawn does not get an immediate response from the satellite, as it has to find the target first. The user of the Hammer of Dawn must first paint the target as a ranged touch attack, and keep the laser trained on the target (attack action) for three rounds in order for the satellite to fire.
When the satellite finally does fire, it deals 20d6 per round (reflex DC10+painter'sBAB for half) to anything within the 5' radius it effects. The Hammer of Dawn satellite can only fire for three rounds before spending 2 rounds cooling for each round spent firing. The painter may choose to "guide" the Hammer of Dawn, moving the area at a speed of 10' per round. Whether or not the Painter chooses to guide the Hammer of Dawn, he must spend his attack action every round that the satellite is firing.

GM advisory: This is a plot weapon, something the general himself assigns to the party when the enemy's mecha legion or star port must be wiped out by yesterday, and the PC's are the only guys able to carry out the job... don't give to disruptive players. >_>
In the even that your entire party consists of disruptive players, it may be necessary to rule that the Hammer of Dawn system also incorporates IFF systems and fail-safes to stop the satellite from slagging a friendly structure or vehicle.

Blech... I'll need to clean that sucker up later. Anyhow, that's from Gears of War.
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Sweet piece of orbital bombardment, there. :D
EMP shotgun shell:
a explosive device that creates an EMP burst, the explosive power is enough to shove the remnants of the device out the barrel
Damage: 2d4
Critical: 20
Damage Type: p
Range Increment: 10' limited
Purchase DC: 17
secondary: EMP, 60' cone.

Fusion burst gun: A primitive energy weapon, It is simply a Ferguson reactor the can open a hole, and vent part of the reaction with a em pulse.
damage: 5d8
type 1/2 fire, 1/2 concussion
area: 30' line
reflex: 12 half
dc: 25 (+3 mil)

WMD's (template)
Ground Zero (radius of total destruction)
Inner Radius:
Fallout: (instantaneous)/(prolonged)
Mid Radius:
Outer Radius:

gravimetric bomb: the inheritor of the nuclear bomb, this device greats a gravitational pulse so strong that Iron fuses near the core of the blast.
Ground Zero: 500'
Inner Radius: 1 mile
Damage: 100d6 fire, 200d8 concussion
Reflex: 40
Fallout: Severe/moderate
Mid Radius:30 miles
Damage: 25d6 fire, 100d8 concussion
Reflex: 20
Fallout: High/nil
Outer Radius:1000 miles
Damage: 5d8 concussion
Reflex: 15
Fallout: nil/nil
As the popularity if melee weapons increases, other weapons besides the high frequency sword and chain sword have been created. Spears became a popular weapon used in gladiator arenas and in hunting big game.

High Frequency Spear
A future take on the classic spear. Using principles from the high frequency swords, the blade vibrates at high speeds giving the spear head more power. As an added bonus, the shaft of the spear can collapse shortening the weapon for easy storage.

High Frequency Spear
Damage: 2d6 / 1d8 non powered
Critical: 19-20
Damage Type: Piercing
Range Increment: melee
Size: Large (extended, small retracted)
Weight: 6 lbs
Purchase DC: 16
Restriction: -

Swarm Spear
The swarm spear is like a normal spear, except that the shaft actually holds multiple spear heads which can be launched or used as a normal spear head.

Swarm Spear
Damage: 1d8 spear / 1d6 launched or varies
Critical: 20
Damage Type: Piercing or varies
Range Increment: melee / 20 ft up to a max of 100 ft
Size: Large
Magazine: 15 spear heads
Weight: 9 lbs
Purchase DC: 19
Restriction: Restricted (+2)

Spear Heads
Special spear heads deal 1d4 piercing before releasing their bonus damage. So an explosive spear head will do 1d4 piercing + 3d6 fire
Explosive: 2d6 fire, 5 ft radius
Shrapnel: 3d6 slashing, 10 ft radius
Shock: 3d6 electrical
AP: 2d6 fire, ignores 5 points of DR/hardness
HEAP: 4d6, ignores 8 points of DR/hardness
HE: 5d6 fire, 5 ft radius
Dissolver: 2d6 acid, 5 ft radius
Flechette: 2d6 piercing, 30 ft cone Reflex DC 17 for half.

Ultimax Spear, aka Swiss Army Spear
The Ultimax spear is a tool designed for use on colonial worlds. The Ultimax looks like a normal high frequency spear normally, but with a spear head that measures 18 inches and designed to slash as well as pierce. The shaft does shorten but only enough to allow it to be used in a similar manner as a machete. Inside the shaft is a small first-aid kit, compass, two flares and a stun module to allow the butt be used as a stun baton. Below the spear head, about a point 3 inches down the shaft, when twisted and pulled out, a small lantern is exposed.

Ultimax Spear
Damage: spear 2d6 / 18d non powered, baton 1d6 + special
Critical: 19-20
Damage Type: spear Piercing/slashing, baton bludgeoning
Range Increment: melee
Size: Large (extended, medium retracted)
Weight: 11 lbs
Purchase DC: 20
Restriction: -
Special: When the stun module is activated, the butt end of the Ultimax can be used as a stun baton. Any creature hit by the stun module takes 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage and must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10+ damage dealt), or be stunned for 1d4 rounds.
Lets look objectively at it:
20d8, Electrical (no DR), TouchAttack, No save
It may seem like a lot on the surface, like it was imballanced,
but I ballanced it with a PDC10.... cause in d20 Future we balance with PDC.

A LasePistol powerpack holds enough juice to send out 100 dice damage to far ranges. What happens when you get all of that on you at once.... we slap a 1/2 or 1/4 NERF on it, and we get 25d8.... I even went for a bigger nerf and gimped the draining of a 100d8 powerpack down to just 20d8.

I am going to agree with these guys on that one backstabbist.

what goes hinky is the damage output per timeunit. While you are correct that it matches 100 shots with an actual laspistol, a better comparison would be 100 guys shooting once with a laspistol.

Yes, I realize it is a bit more difficult to use as you got to get into touch range and that can be dangerous...but only if the target sees you as a threat. I think it would be easy to abuse if a character was carrying 20 of these and was in a non-war zone where you can't assume everyone approaching you is a target.

Also, I don't think it makes sense to upgrade based on damage in that fashion. Take a look at the 9mm handgun vs a 44 magnum handgun. If there weren't stats for the 44 magnum already, you could easily 'create' stats by citing the 9mm handgun, cite the 9mm handguns normal capacity of 15 (roughly twice that of the 44 magnum deagle) and cite the 44mags power as roughly twice as much. Hence, it should do TWICE as much damage per shot, and you get half as many shots as the 9mm pistol, hence the are balanced.

Of course, I've never seen a gaming system where the 9mm does 2d6 and the 44 mag does 4d6.
MetalStorm Mathematics
d20Modern (DD3+) Gimpapaloosa

Lets pick a MetalStorm 12x12 multibarrel .35 that can fire 144 slugs equal to a 9mm
According to Gimpapaloosa
1 = 1x
2 = 1.5x
4 = 2x
8 = 2.5x
16= 3x
32 = 3.5x
64 = 4x
128= 4.5x
meaning the 144 9mm shots hit just for 9d6
Maybe just knocking out a medium level PC, not really a dependable Mankiller

I dont see that as reasonable.
Sure, its has plenty of AGB (Artificial Game Balance), but that dont make it right.
And if it aint right, I am more than ready willing & able to fix it.

Also, I don't think it makes sense to upgrade based on damage in that fashion. Take a look at the 9mm handgun vs a 44 magnum handgun. If there weren't stats for the 44 magnum already, you could easily 'create' stats by citing the 9mm handgun, cite the 9mm handguns normal capacity of 15 (roughly twice that of the 44 magnum deagle) and cite the 44mags power as roughly twice as much. Hence, it should do TWICE as much damage per shot, and you get half as many shots as the 9mm pistol, hence the are balanced.

Wow, that is soooo not the way I stat things.
That puts emphasis on all things being equalized by nerfs, whereas we know that not all things are equal.

The kinetic energy of a caliber has nothing to do with if and how soon a second or more shot can be fired. A 9x19 TC Contender is not as powerful as a 44mag Contender. Along that line, a 2" 44mag derringer is not as powerfull as a 10" 44mag TC. A good game system should examine those differences.... a great one might get the velocities of different variants of 1911 and rate projectile stats in regard to balistic gel permanent crush volumes and depths for Penetration and DamageClass stats to use in hit loacation tables that breakdown by depth vs anatomical items (bones/organs).

But if we had all that, we'd be playing LEG: PCCS

But this really boils down to
you'd like to see more AGB in your games, whereas I like to see less physics breaking in the name of making it simpler for folks. Considering the genre of Science Fiction, I dont see why we have to eliminate science fom out SciFi. 2+2 does not equal 2, unless we bring the science of d20 Gimpapaloosa in to replace the science of Science.
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
Wow, that is soooo not the way I stat things.
That puts emphasis on all things being equalized by nerfs, whereas we know that not all things are equal.

To my eyes it is the same thing. You look at the total potential carnage in weapon A's ammo reserve {15 x 2d6(9mm) = 30d6} and convert that same carnage into different size bites for weapon B {30d6 becomes 7x4d6(44 magnum)} Or step to weapon C, lets say a 375 H&H which, when oyu compare muzzle energy is more that 10x the power of a 9mm handgun. Do we theirfore stat the 375 H&H at 20d6 per shot, in a 2 shot double rifle?


It isn't a linear comparison, it's exponential. Acid A has pH of 4, acid B has a pH of 3. This means acid B is 10x as potent, but if a vial of acid A thrown does 2d6 damage, I'd stat acid 3 at 2d8, not at 20d6, even though acid B is like throwning 10 vials of the acid A at the victim.
Damage and HP is linear.
If you do 5 damage, followed by another three 5 damage shots,
that is not 8 total damage 5 + 3(magnitude5's).

To say that the single HP gained going from 10hp to 11 is somehow far less vital than the single HP gained going from 100 to 101 is folly: if you have 11 or 101 a OneDamage attack consumes that one HP regardless of how many are below it.

How powerfull is a shot to do 1 HP damage in your nonlinear world?
To answer that we need to know how many HP the target has
because to do "1 more" damage from a 9mm might be a couple dozen ftlb of energy, but to do "1more" damage from a 16" navalgun would require several thousand ftlb
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
FN FlashneoN (pl6)
laser pistol
Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Range: 40ft
Size: small
Weight: 2lbs
: 50
Purchase: PDC18 +1Lic
Special: All FlashneoN pistols are Mastercraft+1

With an amazing breakthru in marketing
the engineers at our favorite arms shop has done it again: The FlashneoN Pistol. It incorporates standard LasPistol technology with a standard powersource and standard configuration by using concepts already integrated in the industry... to produce a weapon that can penetrate close range armor on par with much larger guns.
(note: no special benefits vs armor)

The FN FlashneoN, dont twf without it.

FN P690 (pl6)
laser carbine
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 20
Range: 60ft
Size: Large
Weight: 4lbs
: 100
Purchase: PDC20 +2Res
Special: All P690 are Mastercraft+1, +2SlightHand checks
Special: Usable in 1 hand by a medium creature with -4 ToHit

Due to its flash neon compact size it is easier to hide and usable in one hand
"Ok Jimmy, I'll hold the grenade pin while you put the mayonaise on the weasle"
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