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1719 - Randomly babbles arcane gibberish. In nigor thamagus.Nam esth maguya
1720 - Thinks his body is inhabited by a god
1721- has a irresistible urge to touch every beautiful woman he sees
1722- interested in monster anatomy
1723-likes to eat dragon eggs
1724-writes his name on all his items
1725-hates familiars,animals and cute things
1726:Incredebly blunt, always finds alterer motives and only does "the right thing" for the ends of himself or friends.

1727:Atheist Cleric who uses devine magic to show "anyone can do it"
93) For a Druid: Carries a bonsai tree with him everywhere he goes. He prunes it while resting to regain spells. Flies into a rage if it's ever harmed. Will try to convince treants to let him prune them.

So this is where I got that idea... Thought it was original, but this voice in my head kept saying no.
This was one of my fav characters.

1728: 1/2 Orc Barb 6/Wizard 6. He was hiding his true knowledge so he never let on he could read or cast spells. However he loved reading. He often bought 3 copies of a book becuase if somebody caught him holding a book...he raged out and tore the book claiming the written word to be evil.
One or more might be duplicates, as I only had the time to read up to around 300, but figured I'd post these before I forget them.

#1729: Collects jars. Inside the jars he keeps smaller jars, which in turn contain even smaller jars. What's inside the smallest ones? He won't say.

#1730: Insists on being refered to as "it" instead of "him" or "her".

#1731: Refers to himself in the second person (this can get very confusing).

#1732: Extremely un-paranoid when it comes to anything that could be considered a conspiracy. Thinks it's a ridiculous idea that any plot could involve more than one party.

#1733: Thinks the undead are cute.

#1734: Claims his father gave birth to him.

#1735: Frequently laughs at his own jokes. No one else does.

#1736: Never gets a joke, no matter how obvious.

#1737: Insists on adding a pinch of dirt to any food eaten, so as to not offend the earth.

#1738: Gives everyone he meets a nickname. Everyone.

#1739: Believes [insert race] to be vastly superior to all others. Is not of that race.

#1740: It takes him years of close friendship to finally learn someone's name.

#1741: Remembers the names of everyone he has ever met, and insists on including the name of the person he's speaking to in every sentence.

#1742: Collects [insert item]. Always has [insert number], and when finding a new one, will first discard an old one so as to not get too many.
Hope these aren't repeats at all, either. Way too many to read!
#1743: Randomly pounces on small animals and starts eating them raw.
#1744: Upon defeat of enemies, if raged or shifted, begins devouring their corpses. (Not so great when the city guards show up.)
#1745: Very bad grammar, illiterate, and says everyone's names wrong if it's more than 4 letters long.
Taken from my shifter psychic warrior :D .
I think this has already been said before, but...
#1746: Has a rock for his animal companion/psicrystal/familiar. Animal Companion: "Rocky! Attack!...That's okay, take your time." Psicrystal (with pretend-sage personality): "Stop trying to influence me! I'll do what I want thank you!" Familiar: "And he gives a +1 to natural armor, too!"
1747:Uses big words whenever possible
1748:As 1747, but the character is a barbarian.
1749- thinks he/she is related to the Tarrasque
1750- same as 1749, but is a halfling...


1751- a Ranger who keeps changes his name to "Power" with a random color in front... i.e., "Hi, I am Red Power, Ranger."


1752- a bard whose idea of Inspire Competence is to sing a song with that skill in the title... For example, for tumble, "I Tumble For You" by Boy George... or, for the jump skill, "Jump" by Van Halen... lol.


1753. Speaks with smilies. "Why are you arresting me? " (We have actually tried this. The DM killed him after one session.)
I dont remember seeing this one.

1754-An old char of mine half gold dragon Paladin spoke common different than the other party members. His pronounciation of words took longer than most people speaking the same language. It would almost appear that he was slow or mentally challenged but his thoughts were concise and had a large vocabulary.

It really threw people off in conversations initially. Over time he gradually included more common speeds into his words but it always sounded artificial...not his native tongue so to speak.
1755) A character who always acts really stupid and crazy, but becomes deadly serious in the presence of his deepest foes. (My current char)
(stolen form my warforged fighter after the rogue set off -another- doornob trap)
1756) unfathomable fear of doornobs, refuses to be within 30 ft of one at all times possible
1757) (player quirk) call D4s caltrops
1757) (player quirk) call D4s caltrops

1758. Calls caltrops d4's... lol.


Has anyone done an alcoholic (female) necromancer? I may need tips for that one.
(slurring) yoush! getsh back *hic* in thesh iron maiden! im *hiccup* not done with the 3 of yousis yet! *slumps on the floor in a drunken heap, PC's can now escape as the girl is incoherent as it is*

or anytime she cast a necromany shcool spell, have her first throw an empty alchoholic beverage container at the targets general direction or just at the floor.
Er, the thing is... she's a PC So until I get one of the bigger bags of holding, iron maidens are just too inconvenient. Plus, I was thinking of using BoHs for storage of animated skeletons.
what about an animated skelly INSIDE the iron maiden, think of that?:D
jkin do wat you want as she is your pc
#1758 phobia. takes a -2/-4/or -6 penalty when dealing with that situation. ex: water, heights, spiders... etc

#1759 has allergies. ex: certain metals, animals. etc

*1760 retard strong. accepts anywhere between a 2-3 Int score for a +2/+4 strength bonus
(imangine this character w/ an int weapon...)

#1761 is an alcoholic. the pc says to the rest of the party that he has traveled to several towns seeking a cleric to cast cure disease... to no avail.
says that his drinking problem is too severe to be removed by anybody but a VERY high level cleric.

#1762 Character with cursed starting equiptment....
example: hat of insanity???

#1763 jack of all trades; extreme multi-classing (however unfourtunate for the player of the character... it would make for interesting role playing)

#1764 narcoleptic. role a d% every several minutes/hours to determine occurance and duration of sleep.

#1765 has an imaginary friend who he/she perpetually talks to/ asks advice/ argues with
character has massive intelligence score but generally acts around others as though with a really low score so as to get away with alot more and to trick others who would think he was too stupid to listen in on the secret plan.
i played this before and the DM's villain was next to me for an hour thinking he was talking to a dipstick. when actually i was the partie's barbarian/sorcerer genius. i said bye and slipped a delayed blast fireball on his brooch. and 3 more at that level around the cloak. the blast beheaded him.
#1765 has an imaginary friend who he/she perpetually talks to/ asks advice/ argues with

1767. Talks to his non-intelligent weapon, in hopes that it'll answer him... lol.


1768: Suffers from seasonal affect disorder. need sunlight or becomes grouchy and depressed. Is oblivious to this fact.

1769: Has actually been under the effects of an "X of opposite alignment" item all this time. Suddenly and radically changes alignment when placed in an anti-magic field. Extremely funny if it's a blackguard.
1768: Suffers from seasonal affect disorder. need sunlight or becomes grouchy and depressed. Is oblivious to this fact.

1770. Same as above, but is a vampire... lol.


1771. A Druid who always carries a ouch of seeds everywhere to plant flowers and trees all over the world. Also collects new seeds whenever possible.
1772.) The character loves showing off the army medals he/she got for being killed in the line of duty.
Wow there is alot of stuff here. I just had a pragmatic individual with survivor guilt and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Hmmm I am simple.
1773) Is actually the God of Solipsism.
1774) Attempts to impose his "divine commands" on the mortals.
1775) Cannot speak Common, and refuses to learn.
1776) Speaks Aquan as a first language, and writes in it.
1777) Warforged who is extremely sensitive about the fact he's not actually "alive." Takes extreme offense to comments like "Grow a backbone" or "You heartless," even when their not aimed at him.
1778) Non-human character out to remind the world that halflings/gnomes/elves/dwarves/etc. are both pysiologically and psycologically different than humans.
1779) Will never reveal his neck, elbow, or other strange area of skin.
1800) Switches languages as he speaks
1801) Gambles compulsively. With himself, plants, or similar things. Loses.
Card Dump!

Challenge: When ~ comes into play, all opponents may put a Legendary creature card with the same or smaller converted mana cost as ~ into play without paying its mana cost.
1779) Will never reveal his neck, elbow, or other strange area of skin.
1800) 1780) Switches languages as he speaks
1801) 1781) Gambles compulsively. With himself, plants, or similar things. Loses.

1782) Whenever someone say the word good, this person drifts off to sleep even if he is in the middle of a waging battle.
1783) Believes that rain is the tears of the God crying down upon the world when someone has made fun of or made sport of a god.

Can we all make it a 2002 thread, instead of 1001.
1784) Bard that refuses to stay in one town for more than a week, lest his string of previous paramours find him. To put it succinctly - he is the reason so many monstrous races have the spinoff half-(whatever) template.
1785: Throws him/herself into a deep chasm whenever she/he gets an answer incorrect, even if it is an opinion.
1786: Divine class impatient about religion. The scriptures are purely a means to an end: smiting. (And let's face it; paladins and clerics get bad stats sloughed into intelligence quite a bit.) "You know what the worst part about being a paladin is? The religion!"

1787: Espousing a different alignment. The character preaches lawful good but practices chaotic neutral. "I might control skeletons, but >you< still shouldn't steal!"

1788: Grab-and-dasher through Home Alone movies. The rogue who tries to get discovered so he can run away through sabotaged parts of the dungeon. " Grab the first treasure I see and run, jump over the hidden caltrops, take a shot back at my pursuers, run and jump over the tampered stairs, and then burst through the doors where my buddies are waiting to ambush."

1789: Sailor Moon style entry. Prepare a SHORT dramatic speech to use on your first turn during ONE encounter in each session. "Arrow of passion that smashes evil! Arrow of love that captures your heart! I am Zerana the Diamondbow!"

1790: Kick in the... everything. You love smashing, splatting, and ruining things. When you find a biiiig staircase, you backtrack to chuck an empty chest down it. You expend an acid spell on the yrthak carcass just to watch the flesh collapse into its ribcage. "Help me load this golem arm into the ballista. This is gonna be awesome!"

1791: Urban barbarian. Even better if you're a little guy. You're illiterate because you're just flipping stupid. And your obscenity littered rages are caused by the blue collar father who never hugged you. "Orcish @#*%! I'm gonna %*$ your #$*@ right in the %&*! "
1784) Bard that refuses to stay in one town for more than a week, lest his string of previous paramours find him. To put it succinctly - he is the reason so many monstrous races have the spinoff half-(whatever) template.

I wanna play a character like that. >=D
not for dnd, but in paranoia, i had a morale officer(is that the right title?) who was slightly depressed and was constantly correcting his problem by self medicating. i actually did the rp for that pretty well and got quite a few points

(if you haven't played paranoia, check it out, an excellent conspiracy game!)
1792-A) A Male Half-Orc who thinks he is a beautiful femal elf princess.
1792-B) A Female elf who thinks she is a male hlaf-orc cieftan of a large tribe that is imagenary.

1793) Character destroys every "Inn" sign he/she sees.

1794) Character carries a chair around and thinks that it is a magical talking sword.

1795) Character thinks that rocks can talk to him and that water is evil.
1796) Refuses to eat or drink anything which has not been killed by an elven arrow shot from a masterwork light crossbow, hitting the target at exactly 60 meters per second

1797) Refuses to speak unless addressed as "Rupert the Flying Dream Horse". His name is NOT Rupert and he is not a horse.
1798) Gnomes with many names. Their write-up says they keep many, and they're given to different people based on relationships. As a DM, I had a key NPC who had this aspect, but I've never seen a player do it.
It would also be neat if a gnome's favoured name changed as he leveled up.
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