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1588 - Is a tough-as-nails, battle-scarred druid/ranger or dour necromancer whose animal companions/undead servants always end up being "cute" in some way (e.g. a wolf cub or chibi zombie w/o much rot that constantly chirps "Bwains;" no effect on game statistics, except maybe a small Cha boost). He (it is funnier if the character is male) prefers it that way, but won't admit it to the party - he pretends that it's a mistake or that he only learned that version of the summoning spell.
From my party

1589) Elf ranger who cannot hit the broad side of a barn and is even worse with a sword.
1590) Dwarf is constantly making fun of elf
1591) Elf once rolled natural twenty against dwarf
1592) Elf's favored enemies are gnomes and hates them with a passion after encountering a shop that sells fake elf armor and is run by a really annoying gnome con artist.
1593) Dwarf once had an undead toe after he accidentally cut off his own and couldn't find it so he took a toe from a recently killed BG. Later encountered a wizard who attempted to control the dwarf through the toe.
1594) Dwarf once owned a magic talking donkey. Party Cleric tried to kill donkey and got blasted by a firebolt. Dwarf found 'mysterious white powder' and fed it to donkey. Donkey eventually exploded, destroying dwarfs leg with the undead toe. Dwarf now has donkey leg and says 'donkey' at random intervals.
1595) Dwarf thinks Pelor is fake and worships 'the big boomy voice in the sky'. Party includes cleric of Pelor.
1596) Dwarf speaks with a scottish accent and is CN.
1597) Halfling is really annoying and constantly hitting on every woman who comes by. Is still a virgin.
1598) Monk once got irritated with halfling and used stunning fist on him. Halfling nearly died as a result and Monk now constantly threatens a repeat performance.
1600: Have a Servant of Bahamut who beleives taht every evil on earth is a evil dragon.
1601: Have an Illithid Slayer who beleives that the mages familiar is an shapechanged illithid, claims it tries to control him, has repeatedly tried to kill said familiar.
1602: Shade Sorcerer whos Familiar is a rock painted black with a red happy face, yes that is the familiar that the Slayer thinks is trying to control him.
1603: Our Barbarian is incredibly smart, he cant read but he can spew hours worth of geographical and other history, from when he was a street beggar outside of a school.
1604: A Bard wishing to write an Epic story involving the harshness of reality while also giving a comedic cynical viewpoint. In order to excercise his mind, he decides to write 1001 possible quirks his characters might have in order to make them more realistic.
I can say from experience, bickering with your familiar is great. :X It's fun. I had a Drow who used to call his familiar a traitor and tell it he wished he never met it. He tried to shoot it with the rangers bow once, saying it's not worth wasting a spell.

The familiar would go to the female PC to get food all the time, it'd refuse to go scout for him. "Fly over there and tell me whats happening. What do you mean NO?! We're going to be eating you tonight at this rate. Fine, don't come to me for food."

He tried to light it on fire while it was sleeping, everything.
from my pcs

1605:wears a metal helmet with only a slit for his eyes and a small hole for his mouth, AND NEVER TAKES IT OFF regardless even sleeps with it on.

1606monk) never stops standing unless its absolutely important, even sleeping while standing, and riding standing on the saddle.

1607: has there name tatooed on there palm, or atleast they think its there name.
1608) Has various holy symbols glued onto his/her body (or tattoos resembling the holy symbols, if that is more appropriate).

1609) Has maxed out his/her Profession (barrister) skill and sues random people when (s)he needs money.

1610) Worships Banjo (from OotS)
1611) Eccentric old man who thinks he knows everything (and actually does)
1612) who is an expert fisherman
1613) and caught the avatar of the god of life and death in the form of a fish
1614) and carries it around
1615) his best friends are a donkey named Emeliano and a dog named Salazar
1616) is so frail that wearing clothes is a workout

I'm actually playing this guy (Venerable Human Cleric, stats are 5/5/9/18/19/18)
1617: A pixie (or other similarly small creature) that believes he is incredoubly tough. Similar to scrappy from scooby doo.
I can say from experience, bickering with your familiar is great. :X It's fun. I had a Drow who used to call his familiar a traitor and tell it he wished he never met it. He tried to shoot it with the rangers bow once, saying it's not worth wasting a spell.

The familiar would go to the female PC to get food all the time, it'd refuse to go scout for him. "Fly over there and tell me whats happening. What do you mean NO?! We're going to be eating you tonight at this rate. Fine, don't come to me for food."

He tried to light it on fire while it was sleeping, everything.

lmao, that sounds like so much fun that I'ma rip that one off if you don't mind. :D
1618: A Female character was a prostitute when she was younger, and now hates all men, and attempts to "free my sisters from the hateful clutches of the men!"
1619: A character is related to a prominent political figure and desperately wants to make their relative proud of them.
1620: Was once horribly wronged by someone with a distinctive physical trait (blond hair, facial scar) and now hates/suspects anyone with a similar trait.

1621: Every morning, inspects ants/ other bugs b/c he believes their 'migratory patterns' are omens from the spirit world; directs his daily actions based on these 'divinations'
1622. Adrenaline Junkie Wizard/Sorceror/Druid/Cleric
Takes every opportunity to participate in any 'sporting' event that would cause a surge of adrenalin, such as free-climbing to the top of the highest building in every town, and then jumping off, then activating feather-fall at the last possible second. Does other insane things like going over waterfalls in a small boat, rope-swinging over chasms, and generally volunteers for anything stupid/dangerous in order to get his 'rush'. Favoured tactic in combat is grappling his opponent, and then casting dimension-door to 5000ft, dragging his opponent through, and then letting go, and chatting to his opponent on the way down.
Known to say things like 'Whoa! Awesome! Outrageous! Bodacious! and Dude!' quite a lot of the time.
1623) A cleric of St Cuthbert that counters any argument with "I AM the LAW!" and punching someone in the face.
1624) Character lead a sheltered, bookish youth and thus has little empirical knowledge of the world. Has a tendency to write down the most banal and boring things in their journal.

(For a kicker, make it so that they know almost nothing about a given race... say...humans :P Have them constantly casting invisibility and being a 'silent observer' ... but forget to make the journal invisible. Won't the warrior be surprised when he's 'entertaining a barmaid, and out of the corner of his eye, spots a floating book, with a pen scribbling frantically) :evillaugh

1625) Character tends to stare into space and daydream, yet has maxed awareness ranks.
Char1: "Damn it, where did I put that vial of poison!?"
Char2: "It's the third unmarked one, on the left, fourth shelf down ... no the other left, yeah." (All spoken without looking away from the sky out a nearby window)

1626) Plays with a magic rubix cube in their spare time (It randomizes on command word) Jots down their best times in a book.

Anything involving books, rally. Funnier if they're illiterate, and have their own shorthand for self notes.
I have a Halfling that brakes the ice with everone he meets by offering them a drink from one of many flasks he keeps with him at all time. This little Quirk has helped him talk his way out of many a tight spot.
Try having a charictor with a stutter. (I made one once and my friend give me all kinds of good stuff when I'm making a new charictor if I promise not to have him stutter.)

We had a character who never talked and would use a chalkboard to write what he wanted to say. Was only funny for a few sessions. The player was very talkative and had a lot of ideas to say, but he "couldn't" because his character didn't talk. Not that he was mute; he just didn't talk. We'd make him the biggest talker and a wannabe bard whenever he wasn't there to play his character.
1587.) Is a TWF fighter or ranger who specializes in fighting with a shortsword and small sized trident. Also carries a light mace shaped like a spoon.

Too funny! We faced a hill giant chief that used his knife, fork and spoon to attack the party.

"Why a spoon cousin?"
"Because, it will HURT more!"
a character who has nightmares, has scarred ears, and is immune to fear, madness, horror checks (if used), but is subject to random flashbacks of torture in battle. [he's an elf (fi/mu/th from 2nd ed AD&D) whose ears were cut to appear human, but still carries the scars, and he was captured while young by monsters, tortured, but got a wide variety of training while in captivity]

a half elf who thinks he's a dwarf as he was raised by dwarves. Uses dwarven weapons (and an invention of his own called the X boomerang)

A dwarf who think he's an elf, sans beard, same benefits/ drawbacks as an elf, save no con penalty

a guy/ gal who has no idea of social norms/ values and will often purposely do something wrong/ illegal/ immoral so that s/he can ask "why is this wrong (etc)"

a halfling bard who thinks he's "all that" despite being puny (but his music/ knowledge are kickass)

a inventor gnome who in constntly getting affected (in a bad/ humorous way) from his own inventions

an inventor gnome who's always kicking ass with his inventions (he's incredibly lucky...)

a mage/ druid/ ranger with a high level humanoid intelligent familiar/ folower/ companion. They're lovers. (can even work if they're both the same gender)

a lecherous priest/ monk
Good character, draws positive inspiration from their religion and frequently speaks of how such-and-such parable from their religion applies to whatever noble and upstanding cause they are speaking of.
...Worships an evil god.

"Ah, yes, and in the tales, when Hextor met the beggars in the road, when he struck them down for their weakness, that was a parable, teaching us that we must stand together and walk proudly if we are to overcome overwhelming odds, unlike the beggars, who tried to act alone, and not with conviction! If we are like the beggars, we too will be struck down in our battle against the evil one, so we must be brave!..."
A cleric who thinks that a hammer is better than a God.
Likes reptiles. Tries to keep a large, dangerous reptile as a pet. Thinks anything that has scales is cool, and tries to be friendly with any intelligent reptiles she meets, including dragons of opposing alignment.
A wizard that in his spare time teaches his familiar useless tricks by feeding him treats after completing one, all the while the familiar is trying to remind the wizard that they have a telepathic link.
1638) Obessesed with weapons of mass destruction.

1639) Thinks a kid with a pet monkey is out to steal his money

1640) Dances all the time

1641) Tries to take all the glory from various adventures

1642) Is really bad at lying

1643) Said dancer is also obessesed with dancing weapons

1644) Secretly hides battle loot, and distributes it latter when everyone's asleep.

1645) Tries to sell other people's things (including going as far as to pimp out the women in the party, and keep the money for himself).

1646) Grows/carries around hallucinogenic herbs and gives them to the party for healing.

1647) Gives said herbs to the druids animal companion
Some from our groups of past:

1648. A wild elf (Barbarian like elf) whom thinks she is a Kender.
1649. An elf (Equivalent of Gray Elf) who enjoys spending most of his time being the captain of a ship, serving as a privateer for a human city. He prefers the company of rum drinking (good aligned) pirates over that of other elves.
1650. A dwarf who fights like an elf, yet uses the heavy armor. He wears Plate and has a shield, yet fights with elven grace and a rapier. He tumbles and dances about in combat, looking nothing like a dwarf. (Outcast kit, 2e) He has an 18 dex. o_0- He also does acrobatics and handstands for fun.
1651. A hexblade who has an unusual phobia of Rabbits.
1652. A character with three personalities (His normal one, that of his 8 year old self, and that of a CE Mage, while he is a CN Fighter/assassin), delusions of poverty, delusions of persecution, and a strange disorder that causes him to have an overpowering desire to have sexual interactions; often during combat. He has a npc girlfriend for this purpose. It is not uncommon to see them disapear in the middle of a large encounter.
1653. A half ogre who writes poetry and is as gentle as a teddy bear.
1654. A monk who is terrified of fires. He won't get very close to a camp fire, and anything larger than that he steers clear of.
1655. A Barbarian who is afraid of everything, who even lets a pixie push him around.
1656. A dwarf who freaks out if he gets dirty, because he has been convinced his girdle of Cloud Giant's strength will not work if he does not keep himself spotless.

All I can think of at the moment; sure I have more. Been playing over 12 years and always with a strange set of players.
1657: Human who enjoys outdoing another race on there spechalty, eg who prides himself at being beter with spell and sword than an elf, or a better smith than a warf, and who mocks members of the said race over it.
117) speaks almost every language known (knows about 15)

I had a fighter in my group once who spent all his skill points on Speak Language
From my barbarian have tattoos of every signifincant monster he kills and then has it magically animated. his red dragon tat always fought with an animated gold dragon torc with illusionary flame
Loves this thread.
1660 A male half-orc fighter who cross-dresses in womens clothing.

1661. Shifter psychic warrior with claws of the beast, darkvision, etc, who says that he's a "Gangrel" who knows a lot of the "Protean discipline."

1662. Half-orc barbarian who calls himself a "Brujah anarch."

1663. Kalashtar telepath/thrallherd who refers to herself as a "Ventrue prince."

1664. Gnome illusionist who considers himself to be a Ravnos... okay, you get the idea. This joke's getting old.

1665. Archivist who dissects unusual enemy corpses to learn more about their anatomy and weaknesses -- has a big notebook full of sketches and notes.

1666. Warforged shaper who has a psicrystal and a docent who can't stand each other and are constantly arguing, while the shaper sometimes ham-handedly tries to reconcile them.

1667. An fanboy elf who thinks that humans are wise, mystical, mysterious, awesome beings of immense power, and is constantly trying to imitate humans and learn the secrets of humanity.

1668. Cleric who talks about animating the bodies of her enemies as she fights them. "Pheh! This guy's pretty strong! I think I'll bring him back as a zombie rather than a skeleton. Wait... did I remember to bring 50 gp worth of onyx? Damn... I think I only brought 25, come to think of it. I must remember to get refills."
From Gorgi:
Will not attack civillians.
Will not allow others to break above rule unless absolutely necessary.
Will rather avoid violence among comrades. (And will enforce this rule, using violence if necessary.
Speaks with psuedo-Russian accent. All the time. (I actually do this at the game until I am forced to stop.)
Refers to self in first-person. Sometimes.
Says, often, "How you say" in the middle of a sentence right before a term, even when he knows the term by heart.
Speaks with psuedo-Russian accent even when speaking in non-Common.
Threatens people with upbeat manner and menacing words if they have just or are just about to violate his rules.
1669. A PC that constantly proclaims of a power much higher than that of the known gods. "So powerful that he/she determines our fate!" Naturally, the other PCs won't believe it.

1670. Moves in slow-motion while attempting to run away. You know, that affect that we have when dreaming. Trying to get away but moving slowly.

1671. Deems that he/she is the only one worthy enough to solo-kill the vorpal bunny.

1672. Has a peg-leg. Movement rate reduced by ten on firm ground, 15-20 on unstable ground (snow, mud, gravel on slopes). Depending on what the peg-leg is made out of; if wood, NPCs/monster gains +2 on listen checks; if metal, NPC/monster gains +6 on listen checks.

1673. Had been diseased as an infant. Left/right arm is lame.

1674. Was involved in a cart accident/roof cave in which makes her black out randomly each day. 1 on 1d20 every hour for 12-16 hours. Asleep for 1d4 hours. Able to be awaken by magic only.

1675. Bad eyesight, -1 on spot checks.

1676. Distrusts the opposite sex. Will refuse to interact with them unless it will help them in the long run.

1677. Distrusts the same sex. Will refuse to interact with them unless it will help them in the long run.

1678. Refuses healing spells from Cleric. Wants to heal the way nature intended.

1679. Sneezes constantly.

1680. Stutters when the opposite sex enters a room.

1681. Scars themselves. -1 to charisma for each scar that has been inflicted. Inflicted at odd times in odd places.

1682. Ugly. May not enter towns unless cloaked as it would terrify the townspeople.

1683. Keeps neat looking rocks. Eventually, will need to buy a barrel, car, donkey and everything necessary to hold all of the rocks.
1684 Eats magic mushrooms and is always tripping out.

1685 Kalashtar Druid who believes her animal companion is possessed by a Quori and is constantly putting it in unnecessary danger and/or trying to exorcise it.
1686: Whenever you kill something, cut it's face off and wear it as a mask. In battle, tell your allies to not hurt the enemys face, since it would "look good on you".

A guy in my playgroup actually does this!
Based off of characters from the epic game I’m in:

1687) Party CG rogue is the queen of a mid-sized nation. Shares her bed with a redeemed succubus. And is a renowned lycanthrope.

1688) Ruler is also a prominent follower of a religion dedicated to beauty and indulgence (such as Sune), and donates significant portions of earnings to their church/temple building/etc, leading to a rather lusty and overly beatified nation.

1689) Despite being a follower of said faith and having high charisma, formally requests no one does any paintings or statues of her “as a matter of modesty/humility”.

1690) Often leaves their nation in the hands of a hired seneschal as ruling is so “boring”, to go adventuring.

1691) Shadowdancer has her armor enchanted for ghost touch…so her shadow can act as her handmaiden.

1692) Buys ghost touch weapons and armor for her shadows, so they don’t feel left out.

1693) Shadowdancer sends shadows on their own to deal with weaker threats, on the basis that they need to eat, too.

1694) After killing nefarious ne’er-do-wells whom had set themselves up as king, finds out that there is no ruling body left. Hands kingdom over to the blacksmith “until we can find someone”.

1695) Makes incorrect assumptions about other characters sexuality. Such as like follows: fighting giants, PC vampire opts to drain blood. Party rogue is the only one who notices and draws completely the wrong conclusions after seeing him sucking on the giants inner thigh. Quietly shows her support for vampires lifestyle. Later, after meeting vampires spouse, continues this support, believing it to be a cover.

1696) Weretiger/rogue has cat-like curiosity.

1697) Druid becomes life debted to the party rogue…tries to hide and play bodyguard…

1698) Ranger continually puzzled when traveling through woods, amazed at how “different” it is. Is constantly followed by shapeshifted youth.

1699) No one wants to play a cleric. Party rogue starts picking up scrolls...

1700) The good aligned party not only let the evil dragon live, but give it quarters and set it up as the librarian, on the conditions that it doesn’t kill/eat/injure any visitors. Every time they return from an adventure, the dragon asks questions back to back to back, curious about EVERYTHING.
afew quirks from my fighter

1701- Is obsessed with fighting and tries to be the best fighter he can
1702-tries to be an excellent fighter unarmed as well as armed
1703- Is insane
1704- Is an alchoholic
1705-Somtimes talks to him self
1706-Often flys into a frenzy in a fight
1707-Keeps the heads of most of his enemies even though his girl friend tries to get him to leave them behind
1708-has a strong belief in gender equality
My dwarf has the following quirks:

1710: Whenever the party encounters someone new, even if it's someone trying to kill them, he waves and introduces himself. Yelling, if necessary.
1711: Whenever he sees a hat, he says: "Can I have it?"
1712: Whenever he sees anything that is cool, magic, or interesting, he mutters: "I want one of those..."
1713: Collects mousetraps. (Silly story: party rogue decided to try to steal a book from my bag while I was sleeping. GM got annoyed, and decided that instead of finding the book, he found some mousetraps, LOADED mousetraps! Then he rolled a d10, whit an additional roll on a 10. He rolls 10. He rolls again. Another 10. It turns out I had 35 loaded mousetraps in my bag... So, apparently I've been collecting them all along, I just wasn't aware...)
1714-Afraid of slugs and snails
1715-has the natrual ability to drain energy
1716-has the ability to pull a random weapon out of anywhere
1717 has a coat with a bottomless pocket in the inside pocket
1718- always falls into his mug of ale (I had a halfling like that once...)


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