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(for Eberron)
A Warforged character missing his lower jaw

even better he has a docent that allows him to speak all languages so he always just "uhhs" and growls and points

EVEN better has max ranks in listen and spot

warforged: (points to left bushes and moves hand to a jaw like form all the while making incohernt noises)
other character: what
warforged (repeats making empasised grunts)
Other character: wha...(gets jumped on by a wolf)
If in faerun(sp?) charicter speaks of his home in errebon (and vise-versa)

All same charicter
Randomly channels the evil monologe of some other BBEG (funny near law enforcement)

Randomly channels S.E.P.s (Someone Elses Problem)

Sees alternate futures and usally(sp?) tells the BBEG he plan in more detail, pointing out errors and often has the BBEG taking notes

Will whisper the dark fates of those who are doomed

Can see future and is treated as always having Foresight

Master Diviner

can only see in future unless scrying, therefor always scrys himself
Wizard who specializes in a school and forgets/refuses to prepare any spells from said specialized school.
-Is highly schizophrenic

-Will randomly take on the racial abilities/setbacks from either humans, gnomes, or halflings (there IS a story behind that)

-Is the lone member of the Cult Of Skippy

-Collects large weapons and carries them around all at once, even though he has a strength of 6

-Considers drow to be "good eating," even though there's a high-ranking drow cleric/necromancer in the party

-will occasionally use Dramatic Death to effectively communicate his opinion of the large, angry half-orc's cooking

-Is considered a projectile weapon by the half-orc, and has the scars to prove it

-Will take every opportunity to mess with the bard's performance, even in dire situations
A bard who worships a clown puppet

Is nonexistant and is manifesting him self through relitive reality. If asked will go on a three hour lecture.

Ends every sentance with, "On a stick."

Considers halflings as sling ammo.
Constantly tries to hide, even in a brightly lit room with no hiding places

A Gnome Illusionist who enters a frenzy everytime someone makes a 'your momma' joke about this mother

An MPD Psion (with the added limitation that none of his personalities, knows all of his powers)

Mage who never eats using his hands in any way, but uses his mage hand spell to eat.

And of course, the classic.. The Highly Educated, noble born Frenzied Berserker
Cannibalistic Monk

Wizard who thinks his spells are a sign a possession

A fighter who tries to use spells and does not use weapons

a wizards who only uses spells from the 1001 Spells not to memorize list

Beleives if you can't see him he can't see you

Believes he is invisible while naked

Believes trees are evil
My Psion (shaper) has a very vivid imagination, and basically his Astral Construct is his imaginary friend, and he doesn't really realize his powers are anything special, just everyday occurences. He kinda lives in his own little world.
Wizard who thinks his spells are a sign a possession

This would work better with a sorceror or other spontaneous caster. Wizards have to consciously prepare their spells, simple solution for that is if you think they are possessing you, don't prepare them (congratulations, you're the most useless character in the group now). But Sorcerors get their powers back every day, they can't stop them, even more of a sure sign of possession.
Woo, my first post... Here's a quirky character I played not too long ago.

Keldathrae the CN Half-drow bard.
-Plays the accordion. A tad weird in itself.
-Highly gifted musician, and something of a local celebrity in The Hive. He is acutely aware of this fact.
-Hates spiders, kills them with extreme prejudice.
-Piercings: Left nostril, right nostril, five in left ear, seven in right. A small silver snake spirals through the three highest holes in his right ear.
-Likes absinthe. A lot. Dislikes all other alcoholic beverages.
-Responds to nearly all propositions with "What's in it for me?"
-Short-tempered. Gets him into trouble frequently, but he usually doesn't have much trouble talking/sneaking/rapiering his way out of it.
-An intoxicated dwarf once made the mistake of insulting his playing. A bar fight ensued. Keldathrae lost his left eye, and has sported an impressive scar and elaborately embroidered eyepatch ever since.
-You should see the other guy.

One of the other people in that party played a LG high elf cleric. He was a bit of an elitist, believing drow to be scum of the multiverse and humans incurably stupid. Got tension?
The humor in a wizard believing his spells are signs of possession IS that he prepares them. He doesn't remember preparing them though.
The King of the mightiest and most 'modern' country in the lands (think Breland) with Tourette's

"Welcome citizens.. It is a ****ing pleasure to have you ****s here in my ****ing domain. I hope you will ****************************** and ***********************"

Alot of good ideas given here, it's good to see the personality reach out more in the characters than just their alignment.

I created a Monk once who was obsessed with fire, he was awed by it. He used fire in just about every combat encounter and occasionally ended up catching himself ablaze.

My other character, a Lasher/Fighter was a rude obnoxious braggart who kept people at a distance and his friends under his watchful eye to prevent them from coming under any harm.

My new character I am having fun with, he is a pacifist Cleric of Trickery & Domain and believes everyone derserves a chance to be shown the way to peaceful/good behavior. He also treats his pony too much like a child, and has a strange habit of naming his equipment and everything he owns.

I remember back when I played a Rogue who was paranoid someone would catch him in his antics so he went by several false aliases, he also wrote down everyone's name (I mean everyone) that he came in contact with and often used their name when caught.

1122) Character has a speech impediment or some local dialect that makes them sound dumb, but they're actually quite smart. See: Grimlock in the Marvel comics run.

YES! Grimlock is the best!

Ok, on to my next additions to the list:
The LG Human fighter's quirks--(I play this one)
Has an imaginary friend--but hates him
Tries to kill said imaginary friend
Extremely Merciful to BBEGs and LBEGs, just ties them up and captures them.
Throws every person he finds that can't move for themselves into his wagon
Follows shiny things around...everywhere
Does not understand "perverted language"

Weapon Specialization: Brick
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My CE Half-Fiend Drow Cleric does weed and is Bisexual, He also sings Random Excerpts from Metallica and Marilyn Manson Songs
Worships Bill Gates and follows Bill's every command, for fear that if he does not, the "Blue Screen of Death" will eat his soul.
Worships Bill Gates and follows Bill's every command, for fear that if he does not, the "Blue Screen of Death" will eat his soul.

Or Ranger/Paladin combo with favored enemy Windows or Microsoft that is overall goal is to destory that company and support anyone in opposion to it (Linux or Mac)
A Cleric who tries to convince his god is the only true god, and that all other clerics from other churches are just charlatans that fake their divine power.
He often goes out of his way to proove his point, by actually stepping into an enemy cast blade barrier for example and come out of it without a scratch (thanks to spell resistance)
He actually knows all the other gods exist, but a lot of commoners do not recognize the fact that he almost constantly has a spell resistance spell on him to proove his point.
Has no tounge, but still speaks perfectly well.
Has no tounge, but still speaks perfectly well.

I don't have a "tounge", but I speak fine with my tongue! Does that make me quirky?
A crafter that refuses to use most equipment other than things he makes personally.

An extremely morally-concerned character who refuses to kill unless it is entirely necessary, showing mercy even to the BBEG if a chance at redemption presents itself.
Feels guilty when he beats up 'those poor beasts'. Tends to adopt said beasts, regardless of what they are (displacer beasts, aboleths, cloakers - who cares? he thinks they're animals).
And back to the numbers, counted up from the last lot!

1560: Keeps a journal of party adventures, and writes in it when the party makes camp for the night. Is unaware that he narrates out loud while he's writing. Even better if he decries the party's stupid actions while everyone is listening to him.

1561: Preaches his own theory of evolution - humans evolved from monkeys, or orcs, or drow, or whatever you like (or humans evolved TO said things).

1562: The man of 1000 containers: Carries empty flasks, sacks, etc, but refuses to fill them with anything. Claims if he fills them, they won't be empty when he needs them.

1563: Explains to the players, out of character, that his character's name is an anagram that gives away the secret password that opens the player's email account. Watch the players go nuts trying to figure it out.
1564: A rogue or Bard who is EXTREMELY good with the ladies, but has no idea about "the act" whatsoever, and complains that women wont stop following him around. Refuses to buy them anything, because its "encouraging there distracting behaviour" and dislikes to be touched by the opposite sex.
1564: A rogue or Bard who is EXTREMELY good with the ladies, but has no idea about "the act" whatsoever, and complains that women wont stop following him around. Refuses to buy them anything, because its "encouraging there distracting behaviour" and dislikes to be touched by the opposite sex.

LOL, maybe half-fey succubus?
One of my previous groups we had a campaign we called "Unstable Xmen"

Requirements were:

1: Character must have a Psionic class/Psionic powers
2: Character must be of good alignment (Everything else is optional)
3: Character must have some type of Mental abberation.

We also had in game a random roll every once in a while to determine if our Mental instability was set off.

the party ended up being...

1: Psion who was severely psychotic, would laugh maniacally at seemingly random moments, as well as other disturbing actions. Kept a belt pouch of his opponents ears.

2: Psychic Warrior/Soulknife with Dual personalities. As in, One personality was an LG Psychic Warrior who fought with dual crystal longswords, and the other was a high level CG Soulknife/Soulbow. Actually had two character sheets, with the same physical stats, but the mental stats changed whenever he flipped. (This was my character.)

3: Wilder who has no control whatsoever over the power level of her abilities. (Tries to cause an earthquake under the enemy and ends up shaking the entire city...Tries to fire a massive fireball and ends up with a puff of smoke and ashes)In other words, she has power enlargement, and her Wild Surge ability, but can't consciously control either.

4: Pyrokineticist who is deathly afraid of fire. Also was convinced the bunnies were "Out to 'GET' her". Much hilarity ensues when she goes over the edge and into as we called it "Flaming goddess of destruction" mode.
A barbaran who takes the brachiation feat and whenever any thickets are nearby runs at them screaming "thicket! thicket! thicket! thicket! thicket! thicket!"

a character who jumps off everything he can, no matter how high :D
Any one who has multiple personalities that controll his class like abilities.

played a char like this once he was a Barbarian who was a compleat coward and his rage was more a different personality taking over and turining him into an nigh on unstopable killing machine
Every enemy must be completely shaved and all the hair must be burned. (I actually played this one until my dm made me stop).

That's actually a pretty common character quirk in our campaigns. Playing gross characters, that is.
This was my Tomb-Mote Warrior Cohort for a Half-Vampire Rogue.

Had higher stats than the WHOLE party.

Spoke in a squeaky unintelligble manner, only being understood in the languages he knew and wanted to use (MnaaMaanaamMnaaaa - Whats that Scraps? The wizard is laying in the bottom of the well - how did that happen? - Mnaamaanamaa - Oh... you pushed him in.?)

Proceeded to dissapear and become a legendary figure in our DM's world known as 'Scraps the Almighty'.
Dunno if this one's been said...

Knows an amount of words in common equal to half his Intelligence score times 10. Refuses to learn any more of these words, becuse he "say good". Speaks very fluently and eloquently in any other languages he knows, but speaks common unless absolutely necessary. When questioned on this, threatens to "make die".

...Added points if you're a wizard. Even more if you play an elf.

1561: Preaches his own theory of evolution - humans evolved from monkeys, or orcs, or drow, or whatever you like (or humans evolved TO said things).


I've wanted to play this for years, in my case an elven cleric that would preach that elves weren't the oldest race, but one of the youngest, and was searching the world for evidence not only of evolution, but of what elves evolved from.... ( likely deer or antelope or something of that type)
People keep on forgetting to number... Finally finished reading this entire thing... I'm pretty sure that I have not repeated anything.

1577- Always examines the battle situation before jumping into the fight. By the time he is done scrutinizing, the battle is almost over. (Is the party's meat shield)

1578- Instead of actually insulting people, uses politically correct terminology, or something similar, yet everyone still gets offended. (ie: Insert generic remark about your mother. Makes disparaging comment about your masculinity) yay order of the stick ^^

1579- Believes going around naked gives you enough of an AC bonus that you are invisible (yet again order of the stick)

1580- Randomly mutters about how his party members shouldn't be condescending towards him or else they will know his wrath when he rules the entire world.

1581- The party's necromancer collects random body parts from enemies, claiming to collect them for the purpose of studying them to create better undead. Sizes up party members making comments about how well they would turn out to be undead warriors if they so happened to die.

1581b- Said necromancer prepares the parties meals.

1582- Attracts most members of the same gender, even though he/she nor any of his/her admirers are in fact homosexual

1583- Claims that the secret ritual to unlcok to ultimate power involves a pickle, a poodle, and some duct tape.

That's all I can think of for now...
1584: Is CONVINCED That there is, somewhere in the world, An Ultimately strong version of every creature type, all of them which he has dubbed, the Destroyers of Worlds, AKA: The Uber


1585: Will stand up to Anything, and I mean anything, Dragon, Orc lord, Outsider demons, But will flee in terror from said small woodland creatures mentioned above.
1586: Refers to his diety as "The Great One" and threatens violence to anyone who utters it's name
1587.) Is a TWF fighter or ranger who specializes in fighting with a shortsword and small sized trident. Also carries a light mace shaped like a spoon.
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