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1386) In character, believes himself to be of a class other than his real one. (e.g. "Wow! You sneaked right past those guards!" "Eh, must have gotten lucky that time. My real calling is wizardry. *speaks garbled Draconic and waves his arms, to no effect whatsoever*)

1387) Dwarf who insists on being referred to as a Klingon, Elf who claims to be a Vulcan, Half-Orc who refers to herself as a Jem'Hadar, or Drow who thinks he's Romulan.

1388) Carries a stuffed animal around all the time. Calls it her "familiar," "animal companion," or "mount." (if a stuff horse or My Little Pony or something) Is not, of course, a sorceror, wizard, ranger, druid, or paladin.

1389) Prays for the soul of every enemy he kills.

1390) Buys a local, kitschy souvenir at every town he stops at.

1391) Decides to worship a new god or take up a new cause every two days or so. Each time, she talks about how she's finally found her faith, and how this time her time spiritually wandering is over, and how profound an epiphany it is. Abandons the faith within 48 hours, max.

1392) Constantly quotes people, but attributes the quotes hilariously inappropriately. ("As the great Elminster once said, 'Mercy is for the weak. Those who do not bend before my will shall paint the streets of my capital red with their own blood!'")
1393) has random outbursts in which he/ she starts screaming, then it dies down into a emotional break down with tears and such
- constantly mentions to everyone in sight that ferret juice will only be available on tuesdays

- quotes 'fear my pants' whenever entering combat
1396 - Ends every sentence with "...in my pants", with comedic results.

1397 - Argue anything with anyone willing to argue back.

1398 - Makes inappropriate comments about how a situation reminds her/him of her/his past whenever nervous.

1399 - Sleeps upside down, balanced on her/his head.

1400 - Will not eat anything unless somebody cuts it to bite-size pieces for her/him.
1401) Has a code of non-violence, and carries around a book that teaches the was of non-violence. Said book is the only weapon the character ever uses, and only uses it to stop people from acting violently.

1402) For some strange reason, simply cannot leave a room through the same way they came in (frequently going out windows. This gets very problematic in dungeons).

1403) Will never fight in battle, but instead insists that he stays on the “sidelines” and cheer on the rest of the party. If attacked, attempts to run away from the foe the best they can (spells such as “dimension door” come in handy).

1404) When bored, the character begins to sing badly and loudly (Works really well for Rogues or other stealthy characters).

1044 Carries around a magic scroll, which contains all knowledge ever gathered by sentient beings, and a bit more. consults this before and after every encounter.

As 1044, but said magic scroll/book has no index (takes more time to find the appropriate chapter).
1406) Walks strangely, each foot held out for a moment with every step, because gravity could shift at any moment.
1407) Is very polite because he is sure everything he says is being recorded and will be used against him.

1408) Must be the center of attention all the time, will make up character flaws to achieve this

1409) Constantly talks about themself will ask others about himself, will be flagrant about his sexual activity, life-story etc

1410) Constantly picking fights over the slightest infraction, always trying to get one over on everyone else and accuses others of doing the same.

1411) Takes eneamies as prisoner, uses hypnotize and charm to permanently alter their reaction. "Your my wife now" (Papa Lazarous, League of Gentlemen)

1412) Secretly hates one of their fellow adventurers but doesn't have the guts to do anything about it. "One day, one day".

1413) Names themselves after famous dead hero's, does their best to copy their style (and stats, he he he).

1414) Talks innappropriately in meta gaming " failed... reflex... save... fallen... into... negative... hit points... need... cure light wounds..."
('Mercy! I'm chaotic neutral!')

1415) Says gross (historic) facts: " Do you realise they make condoms from sheep intestines round here?"
1416) An alchoholic wizard who can substitute a shot of whiskey for cheap material components.

1417) A bard named Randy who speaks with a lisp, wears flamboyant colors, buttless chaps and uses a whip as his primary weapon.

1418) An rogue who wets his pants when the pressure's on.

1419) A good cleric with a yellow smiley as his holy symbol with it also emblazoned upon his breastplate who combats evil clerics that have red frownies as holy symbols and also wear them on their breastplates.

1420) A barbarian who cries when he rages.

1421) A candle-caster assassin.

1422) A loud-mouthed warrior who always has to announce his attacks in a descriptive, overblown fashion like Hak Foo from Jackie Chan Adventures, (e.g. "Angry crow takes flight", "Emu stands on mountaintop", "Monkey plucks two peaches!")
1423- A drow who is scared of the dark.

1424- Has a panoccio nose spell placed apone him.

1425- PC that always climbs instead of taking the stairs.

1426- Dwarf that thinks he is an elf!

1427- A half-ling Barbarian.
1423- A drow who is scared of the dark.

1424- Has a panoccio nose spell placed apone him.


what is exactly a panoccio?

Or was you referring to the Collodi's Pinocchio? (pine wood doll)
1428 ~ Steals from others in an almost clepto way, and then places stolen goods on others. Even in his own party, and then when accused of doing such acts always blames it on the same person, even if that person is confronting him.
1429 Believes that if someone is healed (via magical healing) that someone is harmed in a similar fashions somewhere else in the world, so continually makes potions of inflict light wounds, hands them out to his party members, saying that he wants more people happy. At the beginning of the day, casts inflict serious wounds multiple times upon himself.
(Stole from 1329, but changed it.)
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A character who was a lawyer before adventuring. Is adventuring to rid himself of the social stigma.
As an addition to the fighter that thinks his shadow is out to get him.
Always cleaves at the shadow, or tries to strike the shadow and cleave into a living enemy.

1430. (current character) Goblin Wereskunk attempting to redeem his evil heritage and become good, takes up worship as a cleric of a chaotic evil goddess/god.

1431. (same char) 14 Int, 17 Wis, talks like a dumb goblin until "more intelligent" characters do stupid things, then lectures them while forgetting to play stupid. Reverts to the stupid act when the group starts traveling again.

1432. (again) Sneaks around following female characters when they go to take baths or have "adult relations" and draws nude pictures of them in a book. (Seems to always get a nat 20 on the craft drawing checks when he does.) Forgets he is sneaking and walks up to finish some details, asks the character to adjust back to the position he was drawing her in.

1433. (previos character) Begins researching spells and magic items to protect himself against party members. (3 deaths, 5 KOs... only 1 death and 2 KOs by actual enemies.)

1434. (character in design) Diminutive fey (Navi, not sure where it's from, DM gave me stats) monk trying to specialize in grappling ears.
My current character's quirks.

117) speaks almost every language known (knows about 15)

We have a guy in our group that actually knows 17 or so (most if not all, plus Common, his racial [elf] and regional language [from Forgotten Realms]).

I guess it's not so much a quirk really. Just depends on how you look at it.
Just think of any mental illness that is know to man and then some.

Fun is to take ADD or ADHD
ADHD: run around like a nut al the time, dont look before you talk and walk
ADD: just get distracted easely, funny when in combat with multiple enemies.
1435: snacks on coffee beans or some other type of nut. keeps a little bag of them on his belt and dips in whenever he takes a moment to contemplate something.
1436 A female fighter-mage that never wants to slay an intelligent female--even an evil outsider. If the party is fighting any such, she will try to subdue rather than kill-then attempt to redeem her. She's had some successes as well as near catastrophic failures; her biggest success was the conversion of a Marilith way back in second edition days. (That one, she did cheat, and used a helm of opposite allignment.)
She doesn't hate men--but if she finds herself fighting one, that's his problem; she won't risk her life out of concern for a male enemy.
(This only applies if the female is near-human. Orcs, goblins, and trolls are NOT near human, though a Marilith, a giantess, and a centaur are.)
Here's a few we played with
1. A magic user who didn't believe in the Gods and was always looking for the Arcane art of healing
2. A character that was a obsessed with demihumans and believed everyone he met was his friend
3. A character going through a divorce or break up and has become cynical or bitter
4. Guilt ridden always arguing with an unseen devil trys too hard to impress his god
5. an allergy to horses
6. a wizard allergic to his familiar
7. closterphobia is always good
8. Has a bunch of dietary rules ie no mixing milk and meat, not eating pork, being vegan etc
Just think of any mental illness that is know to man and then some.

Fun is to take ADD or ADHD
ADHD: run around like a nut al the time, dont look before you talk and walk
ADD: just get distracted easely, funny when in combat with multiple enemies.

That is called Chaotic Stupid. Be warned. It could get you killed. (No. Not your character)
I get the feeling that Eagle 13 is thriteen years old.
183. Fears anything that flies

184. Loves his mother. And loves to tell people about her. No matter the circumstance.

185. Will not eat anything cooked.

186. Germaphobic
1449: Scrys in sleep

1450: has a mark suspiciously resembling something of importance

1451: Hears theme music

1452: Believes group member is a diety/figure of religious importance

1453: a prophicied entity sounds suspiciously like him...

1454: ...it is

1455: is thought to be a muntant/the blood of a strange creature
1456. Pale master keeps forgetting he has an undead graft and is genuinly startled/frightened whenever he notices it, but quickly remembers after sweating over it

1457. Male fighter/barbarian only wears a codpiece claiming "it's the only part that needs the armor"

1458. Fighter wears powerful armor/wield powerful sword but both are bright glowing pink and spray illusory hearts when moved or used

1459. professional assassin has a big conciance (sp?) and cries himself to sleep at night after every assassination he commits
1460. Arcane Caster, preferedly an evoker, that believes cloaths hamper spellcasting. Casts in nude.

1461. As above, or any nudist charater, battle cry 'PH34R MY L337 N3KK1D 5K1LLz!' (yes, shamelessly stolen)

I may post other horrible plagerisms later, but that's all I can think of for now.
My two copper:

1462- Barbarian who has chips of glass and small bells tied in his/her hair, same with their horses mane. (Idea taken from a fantasy book series).

1463- Lowest int character in a group, who on very, very, rare occasions spouts very inteligent and incitefull remarks. Contiues said remark with a blank face and no recolection of having said anything. (Works best with a barbarian :D )
Righty O, some corkers out there... here are a few of my 'quirks'

1464: Makes all descisions with a flip of a coin.

1465: Constantly looks for 'Lucky' markers like Inns called 'the shiney coin', or 'Fishermans Lucky Catch'

1467: Rubs his head whenever he gets very lucky - or when a party member genuinely refers to luck or fate...

1468: Freaks out whenever the Monk (vow of poverty and against killing) doesn't kill The "Freekin' Evil intelligent EEEEEEEVIL Displacer beast"

1469: Learns to speak any languages he can come across... just because he wants to find one that 'fits'

1470: was born a simple farm boy, but knows NOTHING about working the land/handling animals

1471: Constantly flirts with said monk, with no intentions other than to wind up his 'sister'

1472: to clarify... does not differentiate between family and friends

1473: whenever he scores a critical (success or failiure) a coin shaped glow flickers on his forehead

1474: Is always keeping his eye out for 'coin related merchandise'

1475: Is actually called Coin (is his given name - not a nickname!)

These are all from my current character in a friends campaign - The world fears sorcery after a sorcerer attempted to take over the world in the past... my character was stillborn after a travelling 'stranger' left a coin as gratitude for hospitality... when the coin was placed on the dead baby's forehead it dissapeared and my character came about.
All this stuff is 100% roleplayed... even made the decision to join the group on a flick of the coin - a wasted character if I had called 'tails'.
1476) is an normal elf who is convinced that he is a drow renagade on the run from his peaple
1477) In addition to wandering the countryside slaying monsters and doing good deeds, he pushes Amway products.

1478) Is a Smite Evil type paladin who never uses detect evil. Has absolute faith in phrenology

1450) Cannot count.
Deep hatred of any door made of wood, will smash on site.

Whenever meets new friend, bears hugs so hard their ribs break

when cant pronounce someones name, simply makes up a nickname

(Three quirks of my half-orc barbarian)

Cleric who believes himself to be a diety (friends character)
*Don't hurt me if these have been posted before.*

1456)A socerer/ wizard named Harry, who has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

1457)A Horizon Walker in a wheel chair.

1458)A bard with a charisma score of 3 that constsntly tries to perform in front of a large crowd. (Preferably when that crowd is hostile and said bard has no ranks in perform.)

1459)A bard who is gifted in all aspects of playing music. But not writing music. (It might have something to do with extended drum solo's.)

1460)A brawler or monk named Chuck Norris.

1461)No one wants to play because he would be unbeatable.

1462) Is an emo, so they get dark vision regardless of race. (Because of all those nights in their room with no lights on at all.)

1463)Will say random stuff for no reason. (Beans, the other, other white meat.)

1464) Begins every sentence with "In accordance to the prophecy."

(That's all I can think of for now.)
I currently play an Illiterate Wizard, who have to remember his spellbook by memory alone.........with a 10% memory fail chance...thus throwing a totally different spell.
1465. wears a brown hat and can outrun ANY boulder. plays a certain theme song when runs from said boulder. If questioned about this he plays with his whip ;)
1466. The Imperial March plays whenever the paladin walks, claiming a curse from some jack*** wizard
1467. Will not take off his red, plumed hat, claiming it gives a +3 to what he calls LUK.
1468. A dwarf barbarian sings "I'm too sexy" when he drinks, loudly.
1469. Wizard has obsession with pointy hats, with his being two feet tall
1470. Fighter makes his own sword noises in battle, e.g. "Fwang, spack! Swoosh, Spang!"
1471. Same fighter looks through the hilt of his sword, claiming it has "True Seeing" (Which it does or does not DM choice)
1472. Same fighter can shout some random word over and over to lengthen the blade (Sword of lordly might :P)
1473: For Mindflayers: Is always measuring the head size of party members behind their backs and mumbling "some day"
1474: (also for mindflayers) Is particularly interested in humanoid women and regrets that he reproduces like a frog (read Lords of Madness)
1475: For characters with familiars and animal companions: Has started a cult which consists of only him and his animal friend.
1475: Apologises when he kills something, even in revenge.
1476: Thinks that he is the "Angel of Death" and that "Purification is at hand." He destroys everything he sees except his party members.
1477: Is obsessed with explosions, and when things explode, he does a joy jump and squeels with joy.
1478: Thinks that "The Elves" are coming for him (based on a friend of mine). Not regular elves, but Santa's elves.
1479: Takes pleasure in killing frogs, saying that "It must be done."
1480: (For d20 modern) dresses and acts like the clone troopers from Star Wars.
1481: Only speaks french, and is incredibly stuck up. Player must be proficient with french for this to work. Works with any language and any stereotype assiociated with people who speak that language (spanish: evil alignment, German: Only wears leather armor and has Deformity: Obese, Italian: Is associated with some sort of organised crime, English: Is greedy(for Americans) Is jolly and a chick/ guy magnet (for British).
1482: Hates a particular race of Aberration.
1483: Claims that his entire family was killed by a man named (insert name here). Upon further investigation, the man is a family friend and his family is still alive.
1484: Is bent on a single goal, claiming that not even death shall stop him.
Maybe he has some way of cracking his wrist too (But that's just a guess and it would only bring the total up to fifteen anyway)

I can find 24 places to crack my knuckles, 3 on each finger plus another one on index and pinky
I dont Know if this one has been siad but. Whenever eating food he always gives half of his meal to his dietie. When asked about it says that his diety would be offended if he answers or doesent give the player part of the meal. Good quirk if the Diety the player worships is Solonor Thelandira . :D
A reincarnated ninja bear who runs a mining company and runs around the battlefield using his workdesk for cover.
Some of the quirks my elven sorceress has:

- wears a dull gray ioun stone "for decoration" - and so does her familiar

- owns a tan bag of tricks and will pull out an animal at random times to feed to her familiar (it's pretty fun to do since I always just roll the d100 when I have nothing to do and announce loudly to the rest of the players "I gave Eija a bat to munch on, by the way")

- when she polymorphs enemies, picks to polymorph them all into fluffy bunnies and collects them (there are a lot of uses for fluffy bunnies, especially since they assume their natural shape upon dying - dousing a fire by killing the water elemental bunny, giving the undead bunny to the cleric to practice on, throwing some others ahead of us in the dungeon to check for traps, playing a trick on the familiar...)
no idea what numbers to use.

- refers to everyone as "my future minion"
- additions to the above funny) has no interest in having minions.
Creepy) is a necromancer.
- Necromancer who insists on telling people which kind of undead they
would be best be suited for e.g. “You have exquisite bone structure you
would make a lovely skeleton.”
Once had a rogue-pc that introduced himself to us as a local guide through the jungle. He always mixed up his survival checks, but he managed to bluff us. Our jungle-tour took double as long as planned, but due to his bluff-checks we hired him to completely join us. We thought he was a ranger for months
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