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1263: Has an obsession with finding that rarest of creatures, an albino squirrel, and worships its image daily.

1264: Says all actions will happen "..by the grace of the Purest of Squirrels," or "according to the will of his Squirreliness."

1266: When charging into battle yells "Fear my Squirrely Wrath!" (Go Foamy)
1267. Has a miniature giant space hamster as an animal companion/familiar.
1268. And calls it Boo.
1269. And it's smarter than it's master.
1270. (after 1269) And is a Gnome. "the hamster talks to me !" [well it does...]
506: Refuses to eat food that touches another food item.

I actually do that one in real life.
1271. Has the words 'noble steed' tattooed across his/her forehead, and carries a horse everywhere.
HA i read 13 pages in 1.5 hours!
He is a low level wizard who has escaped from an evil place but he has lost his shadow.

Is this reference from the Seventh Tower series by Garth Nix?
1272> character sleeps with his eyes open and sleeps standing up. no one knows if he is a sleep or awake
1272b>is narcoleptic
1273:Has a habit of asking "can I have it?" nonchalantly after admiring a great item (expesive sword, powerful magic item, ect...)
1274: is Necroleptic (has fits of just randomly dying)
From my current character, a Half-Elven Wizard:

1275: Is a compulsive grand-standing con-artist who constantly misrepresents his abilities and his heritage mostly just to get a better room at the inn.

1276: Makes up official sounding words at random and uses them in conversation to make himself sound more worldly and will defend said words authenticity viciously.

1277: Is a kleptomaniac by proxy. He is constantly whispering to the group thief to palm random items off of shelves and tables, including a jar of vegetables, a sack of flour, and a useless book on lock-smithing that nobody in the party could understand.

1278: Tries his hardest to irritate the group's Half-Dragon Paladin simply by commiting a number of small debatably evil things every day out in the open.

1279: after a conversation, he will more often than not shout curses at the sky about whoever he was talking to, someone associated with them, or their diety (ie: after talking to the head of the local church of Saint Cuthbert he turned his face to the sky and shouted "Screw you Saint Cuthbert, you judgemental pile 'o shite!" Unfortunately the DM had failed to notice that the party had left the building before I said this and I got to listen to a long tirade from the priestess.).

1280: Has an Fighter body-guard he treats as a man-servant and makes the poor guy carry his crossbow for the simple fact of that during combat he can randomly shout "Derek! My crossbow!" and the guy will just toss it across the room to him.
1281: Character is monstrous aberration such as a mind flayer or beholder. Was adopted by a friendly human village as a baby and was brought up as one of their own. Despite appearance he/she acts (or even sounds) nothing like his/her common species at all, being very friendly and fairly mundane. Still isn't aware that he/she is infact an inhuman monster and if questioned about it will they'll just stare at you blankly.

1282.) Barbarian- sits on ground and chews on toenails while shaking nervousley whenever he sees a domestic animal (including the gnome of the party's riding dog)

1283.) Rouge- Kisses random people deep with tounge and says they are "the love of my life, the one i have been waiting for, here you are the (man/woman) of my dreams!" then drops them to the ground and does the same exact thing to the next person.

1284.) Paladin- kicks people in the shin and then falls to his knees begging for forgiveness.

1285.) any (preferebly not cleric)- worships the god Ghurlthmontigmo- MASTER OF RASH COVERED GENITALS... AND LUST.

1286.) kills random people with sporks.

1287.) Fighter/ Weapon Master with intelligence 3/ strength 22. with his chosen weapon as Big Rock: hits people with big rocks and cries "nobody wants to play with me!!!"

1288.) kills kittens and throws them at his enemys while screaming "take that you evil vile creature!!! Your going to HELL!!! HELL i say! The gods see what your doing!!! They see!!!" Counts paladins among his enemys.

1289.) half-orc constantly arrested for public nudity.

1290.) female elf with cha. 20: has deep basso voice and an abnormally large adams apple.

1291.) kills large stinky animals (like cows and ogres) and drags them wherever he goes for "luck"

1292.) Druid: doesnt bathe and tells people "they wreak of societys evil ways."

1293.) kicks people in nuts and tells them they will never breed. MUAHAHAHAHA.

1294.) throws children in front of fast moving carriages.

1295.) worships Erythnul and is Lawful Good.

1296.) stabs people in the throat and watches "the pretty fountain"

1297.) licks peoples faces in greeting

1298.) shoots city guards with his crossbow and blames it on the homeless man next to him

1299.) monk: tells his friends to shoot him in the chest with their bow. Doesnt have Deflect Arrows feat.

1300.) Rouge: insists on reminding everyone of the time he stole the Elven Goddess of Beauty's panties every. single. day. and constantly smells the panties when no one's around. (yes, i play this character Zinkirgulp "The Underpants Gnome" Gnome male lvl 20 Rouge/ 10 Assassin/ 12 Epic
First contribution here.

In response to this quote-
"When a character takes even a single level in any class, their parents burst into flames. Any surviving siblings/lovers/old friends are either: Killed by an unknown dark force, and thus, the PC plots for revenge, or, are kidnapped from their homes at night, never to be seen again, or to be converted to the darkside for a predictable plot-twist." - Me, as a response to a persons character who was raised by wolves.

-I created:

1301) Unlike most heroes, has all (or at least most) of his friends, family and loved ones still alive. They often end up following him around (little bro/sis) or telling him off for what he's doing wrong.
the hero gets annoyed and sets his mother/father on fire and sells out siblings to the slave trade.
1303. Uses his/her own blood as lipstick and/or eyeshadow. I tried this...

1304. High intelligence score but with a learning disability such as ADD or Asperger's; might manifest in other two ability scores/ranks in skills.

1305. My little brother named his TN character 'Decide' because she couldn't decide what to be.

1306. Paladin who loves to tell/hear stories with evil-aligned protagonists and is fascinated with all things evil, contemplates being evil, but is very good aligned and standard won't-tolerate-evil attitude. (Test said I was a paladin once.)

1307. Evil character in love with a paladin. Inspired by a certain nezumi dementist who is a character of mine.
1261: Prone to random bouts of evil laughter, despite not being evil.

i'd find this increasingly hilarious if said person was a cook or dress maker

Fighter: "Just make sure that the stew actually tastes decent"
Cook:"Oh, it will taste decent alright. Im decended from an entire family of great cooks. Oh yes, you will see. YOU WILL SEE THE GREATNESS OF MY PORK N' BERRY STEW, BWAHAHAHA"

1308: Refuses to bathe, believes that someone is trying to "steal his tea."

*Yay first post!*
1309 - Compulsive flatterer: Always flatters everyone, of either sex, regardless of position. (to innkeeper: "If the legends we have heard from afar of your power and your wisdom are true, then your rooms must be well-appointed indeed, and we'd like to rent a single room with four single beds." to bar wench "M'lady, if your ale is as fine as you are beautiful, I'd like to buy another round for myself and my friends here.") Ideally, character should have mediocre charisma, and his flattery should be transparent and somewhat aggravating (a compulsive flatterer with high charisma could actually be charming).

1310 - Cannot talk except by asking questions, like in a Socratic dialogue (Other character: "So, how are we going to take on this vampire?" Socratic character: "What weaknesses do vampires have?" OC: "Stakes through the heart and sunlight." SC: "Are vampires also vulnerable to being immersed in running water?" OC: "Yes, I suppose so." SC: "Is there a river which runs to the east of her crypt?" OC: "Yes, yes, of course, get to the point." SC: "If the river were dammed, could we divert it to run over the crypt?" OC: "I see, so that's what you've been getting at.")

1311 - Must inquire about the labor conditions of the manufacture of anything she buys ("This is a very nice suit of plate armor, but did the smiths who forged it have a union? Are organizers tolerated? Is child labor used? Do women who work there get paid equally and have recourse when they are sexual harassed?"). Also might inquire about how the animals that are turned into animal products lived, and if they were humanely slaughtered.

1312 - Cleric who adopts Benthamite Utilitarianism as her moral compass. Occassionally tries to run Augury-enhanced "hedonic regressions" to figure out what course of action will cause the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Has odd view of morality. (for example, she might distribute euphoria-inducing, opiate-like potions throughout a village that's undergoing hard times because it makes people happier, even if it turns them into dope fiends, or she might feel a moral obligation to try to seduce lonely, homely single guys she sees when there's an oppurtunity, regardless of whether she's attracted to them, because she thinks it will make them happy (or gals, if she thinks they're lesbians, even if she isn't), or she might kill someone whose life is miserable and wants to die, but who has moral compunctions against committing suicide, and she values the happiness of good people and evil people equally (even if she supports good, because she thinks a world run by good people will be happier for the sum of good, neutral, and evil people than a world run by evil people.).

1313 - Curmudgeonly character who always talks about how kids these days don't have any values, and why back in his day, people knew their place, the world's going to hell in a handbasket, etc. Ideally, character should be no older than 25.

1314 - Has beehive on head. Except, not a beehive haircut like from the 60s: small beehive on top of his head. Always must wear veil to avoid stinging, and occassionally must wander out to blooming meadows to "graze" his bees, but always have a supply of honey. Probably an insane druid.
1315: A cleric of a Santa Clause deity, a Gnome who insists that he be called an Elf. Gets very annoyed when magically put to sleep, or paralyzed by a ghouls touch.
1316. Wears a necklace made from any teeth of his that are no longer in his mouth.

(IRL I'm making a necklace from my recently removed wisdom teeth)
Better and better.

1317) Is arachnophobic. And is a drow.

Probably a priestess of Llolth too, just for the fun of it.
Better and better.

1317) Is arachnophobic. And is a drow.

Probably a priestess of Llolth too, just for the fun of it.

Watch her strip away her conceptual and existential layers to reveal a naked quivering question mark... :P

1318) Yet another CG double-scimitar wielding Drow Ranger... with a ghostly © sign next to his head.
1319) Is a relaxed empiricist, only believes something if someone she knows quite well tells her thats how it pretty much goes, even if they lie (Bill Bailey is awesome :D )
(IRL I'm making a necklace from my recently removed wisdom teeth)

Interesting. Do you also wear segments of your friends skull? (kiddin' :D ) I've worn a bird-skull before, I went as Baron Samedi to my schools fancy dress day and it seemed suitably morbid for the disguise. It was also helped by the fact I had a genuine rain stick and top hat as well... :D
Please delete- Posted by mistake
An Orc walks into a bar. The Human and the Elf laugh at the hapless Orc. The dwarf walks under it scowling and doesn't laugh. He doesn't see the humor. It was all over his head
I'm currently playing a Ranger with Dragons as his Favored foe and he will not fight one. He'll talk, negotiate etc. but he won't attack one

I've also wanted to play a character that believes it's extremely bad luck to wear matching socks
An Orc walks into a bar. The Human and the Elf laugh at the hapless Orc. The dwarf walks under it scowling and doesn't laugh. He doesn't see the humor. It was all over his head
a few for my fellow Warforged enthusiasts:

1320) Joints that squeak when he/she moves
1321) He/She eats, drinks, and breathes like a normal humanoid. Gets very confused when people ask why.
1322) Has a ghulra (forehead symbol) that looks remarkably like a) something obscene, b) a deity's holy symbol (that he/she has no conenction to), or c) a well-known real-world logo
1323) Minor parts tend to drop off randomly. Does not hamper the 'forged.
1324) Will not respond to anything other than his/her old military designation, i.e. "Warforged 451-B"
1325) Speaks with a prissy british accent, tending to say things like "We're doomed," "This is all your fault," and "Curse my metal body! I wasn't fast enough!"
1326) AS above, and has max ranks in speak language.
1325) Speaks with a prissy british accent, tending to say things like "We're doomed," "This is all your fault," and "Curse my metal body! I wasn't fast enough!"
1326) AS above, and has max ranks in speak language.

1327) Doesn't speak at all, just makes beeping noises, including a lot of raspberries. Is rather short and the facial features are less distinct, arms are stubbier and when not being used fit in recessed areas and appear to be part of the torso giving the appearance it has no arms. (closest I could come up with R2).
1328) Allergic to Roses(Had this in a game once)
1329) Believes that if someone is healed (via magical healing) that someone is harmed in a similar fashions somewhere else in the world (truely nutral?).
has a fear of seeing blood, faints at the sight of it. Don't know what that would be called... hemophobia?
1321) He/She eats, drinks, and breathes like a normal humanoid. Gets very confused when people ask why.

In Traveller, one of their canned campaigns had a robot character that looke human and ate & drank like everyone else. It then processed the drink & the food and stored it internally for emergencies and could dispense it when needed. The emergency water & food (food was now a thick brown paste) was dispensed... er, well, the way a human would rid itself of it's bodily waste

"Hey! This tastes like-!
An Orc walks into a bar. The Human and the Elf laugh at the hapless Orc. The dwarf walks under it scowling and doesn't laugh. He doesn't see the humor. It was all over his head
1331. Lazy to the extreme. Eats whenever there is food available, shirks his chores whenever possible, fights as little as possible (even though they are quite capable of shredding their opposition when they have no choice). Constantly complains when they need to exert themselves for anything, from walking to fighting to chores. Even complains about how much effort it takes to stay in the saddle when riding.
1332. How about an undead character that thinks he/she is still alive and thinks everyone else is dead, except other undead.

1333. A hafling that thinks everyone that is bigger than him/her, is a liability because of their size and is constantly reminded by the halfling.

1334. A wizard who is convinced that the planet is going to flood and has cleared out an entire forest, tied all the logs together to make a flat boat which he refers to as the "Island Raft."

1335. A human that refers to other races as plauged.

1336. A rouge that killed a powerful creature by luck with a butter knife and thinks it is a weapon of great power, and then refuses to use any other weapon in battle. Also refers to other weapons as usless.

1337. A paladin in full platemail, and any other armor he can fit on, with a small blader that needs to use the bathroom alot.
Don't know if this one has been posted yet:

1338: A character who strongly believes that he is invisible as long as nobody is seeing him.
Don't know if this one has been posted yet:

1338: A character who strongly believes that he is invisible as long as nobody is seeing him.

Ah, let the Mystery Men references flow freely.

1339: A fighter who goes into a rage each battle, but doesnt get any benefits. just screams alot.

1340: A master thrower who uses forks and spoons
1341: Runs his fingers across the back of his cards when playing a card game.

That one came from myself. xP
1342: A rogue with max ranks in Bluff and can bluff with the best of them...except when playing cards, he has the worlds worst poker face.
1343 - Smells poop where ever s/he goes

1344- Plucks single hairs of fellow party members for original spell components

1345 - Experiences short nightmares while awake

1346 - Has no fingernails and is always itchy

1347 - Repeats all nouns twice (beef BEEF!)

1348 - Doesn't look into reflective surfaces

1349 - Only eats melted food

1350 - Body hair that grows an inch per day

1351 - Allergic to common sense

1352 - Growing a second heart

1353- Ugly orc who secretly wishes to be a fan dancer

1354 - Invents useless trinkets

1355 - Never touches anything public without using a handkerchief

1356 - Puts his/her name and address in all his her armor and clothes

1357 - Knows and tells everything there is to be known about quicksand

1358- Conversationally adds zeros to every discussed number

1359 - Wants to break a stupid record

1360 - Cannot pronounce two consonants side by side as one noise (FAC-T)

1361 - Navel fetish

1362 - Wants all monsters as pets

1363 - Names trees aloud

1364 - Blinks way too much

1365 - Likes a Feng Shui campsite

1366 - Won't go indoors in a town

1367- Gets dehydrated really easily

1368- Believes his/her shadow is a person

1369 - Collects rocks

1370 - Always makes losing bets

1371 - Fancies him/herself an expert cartographer

1372 - Believes dirt has magic healing qualities when put on wounds

1373 - Bad knees

1374 - Always wants to go left

1375 - Thinks everyone else in the party understands fake sign language

1376 - Photographic memory for things that don't matter

1377 - Co-organizer of Hands Across Eberron

1378 - Always attempts a jump as a first measure of entry

1379- Runs from cows

1380 - Conspiracy theorist

1381 - Hugs people whenever a decision is made

1382 - Doesn't realize s/he speaks names backwards

1383 - Makes maracas out of anything for fun.

1384 - Carries way too many keys

1385 - Thinks s/he is slowly fading away
1385) A beautiful female elf with very high charisma with whom every other party member is in love, except for the half-orc barbarian, with whom she is in love.
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