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1038-- A teetotaling Dwarf or other stereotypically booze-loving race and/or class who is trying to get prohibition laws passed. :D

1039-- Said character could be a BBEG out to monopolize the moonshine market...

1040-- Character has made up his own theme song and likes to hum it at various intervals, ala Kronk from Emperor's New Groove :D

One of my characters was given a theme song once. He was a slave, so it was a degrading themse song that he was forced to sing upon entering battle under penalty of death.

1051. kleptomaniac who is afraid to be around other people.

1052. Elf who thinks he's an orc.
1053.) A master chef (or alchemist, or healer – or possibly a pot smoker) who keeps all of his possessions on a pack animal, but rides around in a wagon. The back of the wagon is filled with dirt, and contains his herb garden.

1054.) In addition to his normal everyday hack-n-slash tools, this character has one special weapon that he only uses on monsters he’s never faced before. He will only use this weapon once for each race of monsters out there. He also has a book in which he writes down when and where he used it to kill each critter.

1055.) The Coin Collector. He won’t be satisfied until he has one of each type of coin in existence. His reason for going into dungeons is the hope of finding a trove of out-of-circulation coins from a long lost kingdom. Gets more excited upon finding a small pouch of steel, copper, and bronze coins from an extinct government than he does over finding a chest full of diamonds and magic items. Always makes sure to take extras of the obscure coins to trade with other collectors.

1056.) Plays solitaire in his downtime. And keeps track of all the games he’s played in a thick tome. When the game took place, whether he won or lost (and how close he came to winning). Sadly, this quirk isn’t based on a character, but is actually how my grandmother spent most of her free time.

1057.) Necromancer, grave-robber, or former gravedigger with proficiency in broadspear (from an issue of Dragon I thumbed through a year or two ago – weapon looks kinda like a shovel). Uses his weapon for digging when a digging tool is needed.

These next two are NPCs that’ll be in my game this Wednesday.

1058.) Bard with ranks in Perform: Acting. Has acted all his life, and usually gets assigned the roles of female characters. And after wearing the costumes of female characters for so long on stage, he’s taken to crossdressing all the time now.

1059.) Character with a taboo about using a weapon more than 51 times (or whatever arbitrary number you choose). Has to carry lots of extra weapons. Buries the ‘used-up’ weapon, so that someone else doesn’t find it and use it to kill things past it’s already reached limit.

And this last one is the character that’s always suggested during character creation, but not yet ever played.

1060.) Half-orc bard, with max ranks in Perform: Yodeling.
1053-1055 are great

1055 would be great for a concept that's been haunting my thoughts for quite some time now... flighty fey who collects strange coins *likes it*

1061. Has immunity to fire and must make Fort saves every day or spontanously combust (taking no damage but burning everything he touches)

1062. Is a diviner of chaotic alignment.

1063. Performs anything from Monty Python without laughing ("Let's build a bridge out of her", "There are those who call me... Tim" etc.)
Here are a few characters I've played, or at least someone in the same campaign

#1064 A Mul (Dark Sun half-dwarf) fighter/barbarian who wears a necklace made of storm giant toenails. Yes. They are quite big.

#1065 A Dwarf whose feet stink...I mean really STINK. (Friend of #1064)

#1066 A Fighter who is obsessed with chains. Spiked chain, chain shirt, earrings, noserings, etc. Also thinks that the chains make really nice music and talk to him (Do They?).

#1067 A Barbarian who doesn't know chondathan in Sembia. Knows only the words "kill" and "beer". Usual answer to diplomatic or intimidating approaches: "Noo speek condathan"

#1068 An Acolyte of the Skin (linked to a horned devil) who refers to demons as "cousins" and gibbers about "home"
1069: Constantly drinks costly healing potions because he likes 'the flavor'.

1070: Has two heads, both correlating to his 'happy' and 'mean' side, respectively.

1071: Consistantly whispers strange, pointless phrases over and over again until player eventually understand what he's trying to say...

(Ex. PCs looking for directions for a tavern. Goes to a merchant who whispers 'The Ducks' after every sentence. Eventually, PCs gather the building they are looking for is next to a lake that has a lot of ducks in it.)

1072: Character smacks himself in the face repeatedly, but doesn't know why.

1073: Character wears mis-matched socks, because to him, they are the same. He organizes his socks by thickness.

1074: Character is blue. Don't ask why.

1075: Character's name correlates to opposing gender, and they're not happy about it.

1076: Character loves a member of the PC party, and aims his affections a different PC party member every third sentence.

1077: Character desperately wants to join PCs, but his mom won't let him. (PCs opting to allow him to join are only interupted by his mother dragging him away.)
Never goes more tan an hour without chewing on a mushroom.Says its
to 'help his breath.'

Despite this 'precautionaray measure' has horrible breath, of the variety that actually causes flowers to wilt if he breathes on the cannot
understand why most NPCs (and some PCs.)Insist upon
having all of there conversations from at least ten feet away
#1079 (I actually did this with a primitive hunter like character) Refers to his companions by what they look like followed by "one". Short-one, scaled-one, dark-one.

#1080 Deafly afraid of anything pointy, or even remotely pointy and claims magic is better cause nobody will lose an eye.

#1081 Won't eat a certain type of fruit, claiming they are pure evil and eating one will make you rot from the inside out.

#1082 Enjoys squishing bugs but gets emotional when other people do it.

#1083 Tells stories about how he killed the "other" Tarrasque.

#1084 (And my favorite) Constantly debates whether a Swallow can carry a coconut.
Note on 1021 - ELVISH PRIESTLY :D
Actually I made that mistake once... wrote elvis instead of elvish... babling about tolkien I remember that it was something about speaking 'elvis'
1069: Constantly drinks costly healing potions because he likes 'the flavor'.

Odd that you mentioned that. I'm currently playing a wizard who mixes Cure Light Wounds potions into his tea and such. Like a vitamin supplement or something.
has a skin mole that switches from place to place around the face when no one is looking.
1081: Someone who carries around the skull of their deceased mother or father and talks to it like he/she was still alive. If anone confronts them with it they will deny the fact that the person they're talking to is dead, and start telling the skull how mentally unstable some of the people in the party are.
1082: Must drink a glass of freshly milked goat milk upon waking up every morning, no matter what.
1083: Must go for a swim (preferably in the nude) upon waking up in the morning, no matter what.
1081: Someone who carries around the skull of their diseased mother or father....

Probably should be deceased, diseased refers to being sick not dead.

1084. Cannot eat meat (or any other Wu Jen Taboo)
1085) Headbutts anyone and anything that comes in his path.
1086) The Character moans the name 'Hastur' while sleeping. Noone can explain why. Any magical attempts to cure this affliction has been fatal for the healer.
Probably should be deceased, diseased refers to being sick not dead.

unless the get a strange megical sikness that live the carrier boneless or at least skulless...

the skull could be left on the pillow after sleeping, a sort of lame inverted thooth fey
Probably should be deceased, diseased refers to being sick not dead.

1084. Cannot eat meat (or any other Wu Jen Taboo)

Right, my bad.

A gnome who through a failed magical experiment as a child is coloured deep orange.
bring up to correct number
1091 - Elf that likes to sleep. Snores as well.
1092 - Elf that thinks everyone sleeps to much.
1093 - Thinks others of its own race need to be picked on. (Ie, Bob the gnome thinks Gnomes are the laughing stock of the world, except himself of course)
1094 - Ranger afraid of woodland creatures.
1095 - Class able to speak with Plants/animals - becomes offended when proper common isn't used. ie "feed me" instead of "I require sustance" and tries to correct them.
1096 - Aphabetize's possesions each night or Stores things in back pack alphabeticly
1097 - No fashion sense. Green sock one foot, orange sock on other, brown shoes with blue pants etc..
1098 - Fashion police - comments on everyone's attire no matter how appropriate. Offers suggestions to improve fashion coordination. (Either person really knows fashion or they are 1097 and only think they know it)
1099 - Has Pet rock and talks to it constantly about other party members in ear shot of said party members
1100 - always hot / cold no matter the weather. Could be 100 degrees out and they are wrapped in their winter parka. Or could be 0 degrees out and they are in shorts and tank top, sweating profusly.
1110: Has his conscience manifest as actual beings. When encountering a moral dilemma, he looks at one shoulder and asks "good shoulder, what do I do?" then proceeds to ask the other shoulder "evil shoulder, what's your advice?"
to 1110: Use a familiar and a psicrystal for that (or two familiars if your DM goes for it)
1111. Is a devil tiefling and has a deep hatred of devils because they 'corrupt law for their own foul uses' and isn't fond of demons at all.

1112 Collects daggers of all shapes and sizes.

1113. Dabbles in alchemy and insists on crafting his own items. when a magic shop is right down the road

1114. Refers to him/herself as The Shadow of the Day
1115. A high-level male wizard with one bard level and max ranks in Perform: Sing. He seldom uses this talent in front of others because his less mature peers used to tease him about it.

1116. A character that feels no guilt for killing people but refrains from killing whenever possible, because they know that killing upsets their best friend/close family member.

1117. A female half-orc raised in a monestary as a monk after being abandoned there as a baby. Frequently catches people off-guard with her intelligence and self-control.

1118. An unusually short tiefling who wears special horse-shoes so he can kick people in the shins extra hard.

1119. A fetch (half ghost via divine intervention) cleric with risidual burn scars on her face and hands from being baptized in holy water (causes damage due to fetch being half-undead.)
1120) Character is evil, but rarely acts it, perhaps due to moral code (LE) or enforced by some higher power (like Alucard). Every so often scares the pants off of party members/NPCs by doing positively ghoulish things and showing zero remorse.

1121) Character is honorable, arrogant, and self-serving. Frequently challenges people to duels, but only if he's confident he can take them; otherwise all bets are off.

1122) Character has a speech impediment or some local dialect that makes them sound dumb, but they're actually quite smart. See: Grimlock in the Marvel comics run.

1123) Character is totally enamored of their own abilities. Talks about how opponents are clearly doomed, etc. If he ever loses, he pretends it never happened, and becomes angry with anyone who attempts to point this out.

1124) Character writes in l337. :D

1125) Character writes their spellbook/scrolls in l337. Anyone attempting to learn from their spellbook or use scrolls written by them has to make a Decipher Script check.
1126. Character wears an eyepatch over the middle of their forehead where a third eye would be. Whether this character has or ever had a third eye is totally optional.

1127. A gnomish ornothologist (studies birds). Keeps a record of all birds seen in their travels, collects feathers, etc.

1128. A barbarian with max ranks in Knowledge: Natural Disasters (w/ DM approval, of course). Is able to predict major storms, earthquakes, etc. anywhere from a few minutes to a few days in advance depending on the nature of the disaster.

1129. Aforementioned barbarian counts self in the category of "Natural Disasters" and constantly looks for opportunities to say so.
1130) An archer who thinks anything red is a target
1131) A wizard with a pointy hat, hides coconuts inside it. When asked why he replies "It's the source of my power! Infidel...."
1132) Thinks he can speak (insert language) but the person who thaught him thaught wrong.
ex: "hello, how are you?" = "Chicken, sword with tree?"
1130) An archer who thinks anything red is a target

Much to the red-haired dwarf in the group's chagrin...

1133) Bard in the group constantly sings about the commonplace things the group does, as well as their defeats and things they don't want publicized. And he is terrible at rhyming. "He bravely ran away away...he ran away, Sir Robin." or "They're planning to discredit you and reveal your evil plots...soon you will be king of the realms not."
I am so gonna play that!!
1334) An athiest Paladin. My friend played this once and flipped off any god that tried to correct him. He didnt last long........ :P

1121) Character is honorable, arrogant, and self-serving. Frequently challenges people to duels, but only if he's confident he can take them; otherwise all bets are off.

1135) (It's an addition, but worth its own number: ) He is a rogue, and when he challenge people to duels, he offers them to choose the weapon, while he will choose the place: usually, a rope between two buildings...

1126. Character wears an eyepatch over the middle of their forehead where a third eye would be. Whether this character has or ever had a third eye is totally optional.

1136) Under the eyepatch, he wears a very ugly tattoo of a third eye... (I once saw an hiden camera show where someone was in interview, and the actor was wearing sunglasses on his forehead. When he removed them, there was plastic false eyes on his forehead. Very confusing...)
I Finally read every G D post there is. It took me a good long time but I did it. So I'm almost entirely sure that I'm not repeating anyone. And Now with out further ado

1136) - is perfectly Normal
1137) - villain monologues to hero's after he/she/it kills said hero. "Now i will Reveal to you my ultimate plan to take over the world and you are powerless to stop me
Some I've played:

1138: Grunta, the very ugly half orc barbarian, who, because she was once a famous and well-loved gladiator, thinks shes georgous. Away from the screaming crowds, she needs constant conformation of this.

1139: Shacia, the elven ranger/arcane archer has a favorite spell. Entangle. She keeps tiny potted plants on a bandoleer attached to the front portion of her shoulder slung quiver. She loveingly cares for the plants up to the moment she uses them for a spell component.

1140: Shacia also was willing to submit herself to magical expirementation by the Harpells. She permantly lost some spells, while gaining others she can cast with a thought and as much as she likes.
1141: Has an enormous, smug smile.
1142: Shaves hair all over the body.
1143: Has only one tooth, and that one's broken as well.
1144: Lacks a sense of smell.

I think that you're a wee bit too specific right there, Kittara.
I only read this page so sorry if I repeat.
1145 has lots of imaginary friends that influence everything he does
(What's the Jimmy? You think I should Hellball that orc? I don't know, Jimmy, it seems like a waste...)
1146 sorcerer constantly uses wisper wind spells to talk with his girlfriend back home :inlove:
1147 in his/her sleep wispers about the end of the world (when high lvl DM can actually have said end of the world almost happen, but be stopped by the party)
1148 be obbsessed with cows/attracted to cows. Don't ask.
1149 carries around teddy bear & talks to it. And can't fall asleep without it.
1150 bard who has a personal story for everything (and this one time, at band camp)
1151 pronouces gnome without the silent g ( "...so I tells the gunome...")
1152 constantly talks of "the gathering squirrels"
1153: A rogue who, as a matter of pride in his abilties, only steals very large objects that are nailed down.
1154) In game munchkin who will wield the biggest most powerful thing possible

1155) Obsessed with pirates
1156) '' '' Ninjas
1157) Denial of the existance of wind
1158. Is utterly obcessed with baked goods. Would be willing to kill the entire party for one piece of pie.
1159. monologues extensively. when caugt doing so, becomes defensive. "no, I'm not talkign to myself I'm monologuing. there's a difference. crazy people talk to themselves, brilliant villains monologue. I know I'm a brilliant villain because I'm definitely not crazy. Everyone in my head is sane. except for Mr. Clown, he's a bit loopy. but even then I'm mostly sane, and I keep him in line. so it's quite obvious I'm monologuing. I'm not crazy y'know..."
1160. my half-dragon sorcerer has a trophy room where he keeps his collection of the skulls and spines of the more powerfull monsters/people he kills. :D
1161: Has a pet stone (yes again the pet stone) and claims it's good at fetching sticks, throws a stick, then throws his pet.... and spends the next ten minutes looking for it..

(actually seen this on a kidsshow on the BBC)

1162: Has this goldpiece and pretends to conjure it from behind peoples ears (My rogue does that :D)
1163: Is very very good aligned and extremely charismatic. Makes archons blush and experience pangs of guilt for not being good enough. Is a half-fiend vampire tiefling.

1164: Has constant migraines. Will yell at angels, will'o'wisps and other glowing creatures, telling them to turn off the light.

1165: Uses Brew Potion to make "Healing potions", but isn't very good at it. Accidentally imbues the potions with everything from laxatives and "natural male enchancements" to prestidigitation spells that temporarily change things like hair color, tone of voice and so forth. Completely unaware that he does it and feels really bad about it.
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