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330) Everywhere he goes to, he has an angry girlfriend/s who want to know where he has been for the past 8 months. I mean everywhere. When they go into a village all of the town beauties carrying his children, they all slap him. When they later go to an Elven city in an ancient forest there are the princess and her servants with half-elven kids, he gets even more slasps. Eventually they get to the Abyss where a pack of Succubi, all pushing prams with half-fiend babies, give him especially painful slaps. He lose's half his HP a day from this... :D

I absolutely love this guy!

But I've gotta feel sorry for him...after about several weeks of seeing him get smacked in the face, the one question on the minds of his companions is probably going to be, "Just how many women did you bed?"
491. Has two dark freckles exactly where the common vampire is believed to bite your neck. As a result, believes that he is a half-vampire. Finds the sun "too bright" and sunburns easily, and takes this as more proof. Can't explain the utter revulsion he feels for the taste of blood, but thinks it could be a curse of some kind.
35) constantly catches bugs and keeps them as pets in contaners, isn't aware of thier need for sustanence and is deeply upset when they die

Actually, I had a Paladin of Slaughter (unearthed arcana) who'd jar up poisonous and venemous bugs and put them on people he didn't like in their sleep (even some party members). Rolled a bluff every time to point out that they're camping in the wilderness, so a few bugs are to be expected.
305) Or more realistically, someone who is obsessed enough with time that he's learned to accurately tell time based on the season and the stars.

Hey, that's what the survival skill is for.
492: For the Cleric: agrees to heal fellow party members only if they accept Pelor as their personal lord and savior.
493: For the Barbarian: refuses to drop skill points into literacy and is completely unable to grasp the concept of the written word. Shouts at the party wizard whenever there are letters about.
494: For the Wizard/Sorc: Babys his familiar. Buys it little sweaters and feeds it fancy cat (or psuedodragon or whatever) chow.
495: Frequently sees and interprets (or attempts to) signs, omens, and portents.
496: Corrects the grammar of fellow party members, even in the midst of battle.
497: Is a human who's a wannabe elf, with crude ear prosthetics and a constant squint.
498: Takes the Leadership feat to justify a fan club.
499: Collects every key they pick up in a dungeon.
500: Checks his shoes for scorpions every morning.
501: Refuses to allow anyone to touch his smoke pipe and refuses to explain why.
502: Regularly sends portions of his adventuring profits back home to his family.
503: Has webbed toes.
504: Wears an eyepatch for effect rather than any disability; flips it up when using ranged weapons so as to prevent it from interfering with depth perception.
505: Compiles notes on mosters fought for later reference and review.
506: Refuses to eat food that touches another food item.
More than half-way there!

507. Gardens almost constantly when not adventuring. Gardens only in the buff.

508. Subconciously smiles warmly and stares at men's crotches while licking her lips.

509. Is only able to speak in a husky, seductive voice.

510. Has a hopeless crush on resident high priestess of Sune; will do anything to help her yet goes to extreme lengths to hide his affections.

511. (Paladin) Determined to turn Glaysa/Fierana to good.

512. Aspires to marry a half-nymph half-succubus. Pays every diviner he encounters to use their spells to try and find one.
513) Druid who refuses to remain in humanoid form. Wants to make the rest of the party to do the same.

And some from my characters, in no particular order:

514) Since his wife isn't around to have kids, considers using Craft Construct to build some.

515) CN char (later drifted to CG) who is completely truthful.

516) Prides himself on being uncivilized, and has a high Int.

517) Psion with Strength 18 and Belt of Giant's Strength. Occasionally challenges upstart low-level characters to a fight... and defeats them without moving a muscle.

518) Has ranks in profession (herbalist) and some... recreational uses for them.

519) Vegetarian who refuses to wear leather.

520) Financially indebted to a church of different (but not completely opposed) alignment.

521) Low level wizard who collects dull gray ioun stones.

522) Insists on keeping up with fashion.
514.) Wear articles of clothing on unexpected parts of the body: gloves on the feet, pants on the head, necklaces wrapped around upper arm, etc.

515.) If a wizard/druid, cannot go to bed without his familiar or animal companion singing [grunting, chirping, whatever] a lullaby to him.

516.) Belives the sun to be made of gold and the moon to be made of silver

517.) Plans to fly up there someday to make his fortune.

518.) Acts as if being continously attacked by mosquitos or other small, annoying bugs.
hehehe... long post, hope I'm not repeating anything here...

519) Cleric who was deathly afraid of Undead. He would freaze in terror if he failed a Wisdom check. Would pee his pants on a natural 1.

520) Likes the smell of his armpits

521) Psionicist who would compulsivly examine another persons mental well being.

522) Wizard who souts "POP GOES THE WEAZLE" when ever he dropped a fireball on his opponents.

523) Female ranger who threatend any male that hit on her. While playing with her dagger, she would say... "How would you like it if I called you sister?"

Oh yeah...
524) Deathly afraid that clowns will eat him in his sleep...
525.) Belives himself to be good personal friends with one or more gods [Tasslehoff syndrome]

526.) Believes one of the members of the adventuring group to be a god. Prays to the party member daily, commits sacrifices to gain favor, ect, ect. [Could be used as an explaination of why this person is with the group]

527.) Believes a group member of the oppposite sex to be the god(dess) of love - hilarity ensues.
#528 Has an dog companion named Baron von Woofalot. Treats him like royalty.
#529 Is violently anti-patriotic to a country that doesn't exist anymore. He refers to anyone who tells him this as being "brainwashed"
#600 Tells everyone he's a half-orc even though he's obviously not. Gets offended when people disrespect half-orcs and acts as though he was personally insulted
531 - An elf woman who wears a fake bushy beard with pouches tied into the hair, and she keeps a pet rat in it named Mr. Winky, who has vision problems.

532 - Addicted to the gruel from Murlynd's Spoon.

533 - A halfling who mounts a giant crossbow on the partys druid's tiger and rides it around in dungeons.
Er... Lone Wolf, you skipped 70 quirks.

534.) Wakes up the camp each morning by screaming that 'The leprachauns are upon us!!" and running wildly around in small circles

535.) [stolen shamelessly from a race in Monte Cook's Unearthed Arcana] Believes that there is a god for anything and everything, no matter how minor. There is a god of clean spoons, a goddess of farting lously in a public setting, ect, ect, ect.

536.) Meditates whilest staring into a tiny bead of water on top of a candle. Thinks those who meditate while watching flames are clinically insane.
Er... Lone Wolf, you skipped 70 quirks.

*ahem* ...

537) Steels the party's gold and burys it in small black pots. When confronted by his friends, he claims "The leprecauns made me do it".
538) habitually smokes "funny" pipe weed.
539) heheh, had a fairy dragon follow us around with this one... Has a Crystal Ball that was tuned into modern day TV. Always was a fan of bad videos and comercials, often reciting them to us like some kind of crazed Ronco-Peel advertisement. By the way, his name happened to be Folgers.
540) cause its getting boring for the rogue/shadowdancer to hide from simple guards, he starts to sing while hiding ... he says, he wants to give the guards a fair chance ~~ ..
541) The barbarian is afraid of writen words and wants to set every book he sees on fire .. would be funny with a wizard in the party (would have to find a way and prove his high intelligence ;P )
not sure,if this has been posted yet,but

542. Says a very very very very long name,and then says "but you can call me (insert characters name here)"

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Edit: I think I noticed a miscount, so I updated my numbers. Someone else should check, just to be sure.

552.) Refuses to believe that members of the party are of a different alignment than themselves. For bonus points, use a class with Detect Alignment.

553.) Wants to create a book on all of the world's artifacts/unique magical items.

554.) Practices weapon form drills before every major, planed battle. Claims its to 'loosen up.'

555.) Belives in making other people laugh, to their own detriment. Usually found on a form of rack in a public square, attempting to be pelted by rotting fruit/vegetables.

556.) Goes to brothels, beds some women, then attempts to make them pay for his services.

Note that all of these have happened in my group at one time or another. The last two were the same character, too.
These are actually in use or have been used in my group:

557. A pale elf wizard with a black hand. He claims it happened when his experiments went wrong. He always wears a glove on that hand.

558. A paladin who says "every (insert four letter word)ing morning" every time something angers her, whether it is morning or not.

559. A 130 year old elf ranger who believes age truly doesn't matter when it comes to love. Flirts with almost every female humanoid that moves.

560. Fighter that brags about the scars he received from his most glorious fight... a monsterous white rabbit (Holy Grail rabbit).

Here's a few ideas we came up with when we created our characters:

561. Enjoys fishing more than anything else. This character would ask about the fishing whereever he/she went. Always have to carry all his/her equipment.

562. Mage who mummbles and can't stop moving, either his hands or feet. Think of the mistrust this mage would have to endure.

563. Worships the DM as a deity. (actually this one was tried, but the DM tired of this)

564. Rogue who is 100% convensed that all the items in his pouches fell or walked in. (Just another kender syndrome symptom)
542. Says a very very very very long name,and then says "but you can call me (insert characters name here)"

I had a Gnome Illusionist with that one.... "G'Day folks. Me name is Dandizzideaus Erebus Maxslovious. But you can call me Dizzi."

565) Someone who always compares his trail rations to his mothers cooking. "Ahhh, just like momma made".
566. Vocabulary consists only of verbs and and.
"Crush and kill and crush and kill and killllll."
567) My character, among other things, is deathly afraid of snakes. When I was coming up with what familiar to use for my halfling sorceror (he was from the desert, so I wanted something desert-oriented), without thinking, I thought, "Oooh, snake could work." I think you can see the problem...

568) One of the characters in our group is a half-elf who insists on calling himself a "quarter-elf" and rattling off the past five generations of his family.

569) In an old campaign, there was a particularly crazy goblin in our party that would do ANYTHING for an advantage in combat - against a frost wyrm, he set himself on fire, figuring "Hey, it'll do more damage to it than to me..."

570) A short-lived character in the Underdark campaign I ran was a wizard who absolutely insisted on wearing full-plate and carrying a shield.

571) A spellcaster who renames all spells to include their name ("Here comes the Flaming Hand of Morgan! Take that!!")

572) Hypochondriac. Convinced no matter what that he's coming down with mummy rot, blinding sickness, filth fever, red ache, slimy doom, or some various and odd disease. Asks other characters for advice and confirmation ("You know, they say some of the first signs of blinding sickness are waking up with gunk in your eyes. You ate at the same tavern as me, do you think their water was tainted? How are your eyes?")

573) As an alternative, believes all sicknesses are mental. Believes that most wounds are, too. Yells at characters who disagree, claiming they're just not strong-willed enough. Pretends his own injuries don't exist.

574) Barbarian who will not eat food grown in fields, believing it is cursed with straight-line magic.

575) Continuation of the above. Believes that demons and devils can only move in a straight line. Continuously zig-zags when walking. Hates cities.
576) High level druid, as player roll d100 and alter his appearence every five minutes to keep "Them" from finding him.
577- Will only eat meals he/she has made himself. The skills of the cook are another subject.

578- Will only eat with chopsticks made from chargeless wands

579- Taking the mask idea a bit further. Will only remove the mask when invis and/or inside a darkness spell.

Oh and Rbing, I had a guy like that in my group. His cleric of Mystra got the nicname Meroku (if you don't know this go watch Inuyasha) in about two sessions.
580: Be the wacky Wood elf ranger which knocked his head to much in combat and now thinks his a drow elf

581: Be the wacky barbarian thinking your a super mage but really, you just knock people swingin your big arms around
101) for a female character: believes that all men are perverts that are out to get her

I have to wonder, why can this not be "believes that lmembers of the opposite gender are perverts that are out to get him/her", and be suitable for any character?

As for mine...

582: My ninja asked for green tea, rice and/or fish at every inn, even though he secretly hated all of them, because he was so thoroughly conditioned to be lawful and that's what he had always been given to eat.

583:My hengeyoukai PsiWarrior had an intense fear of emotional intimacy and betrayal, and covered it up by being a prostitute (cheapening the act of sex so he could dismiss it as purely physical). Yes, "he".

584: Aforementioned ninja was also a prostitute, but he was also a drow; thus, while he knew how to have sex very well, he found actions like hugging and kissing absolutely mystifying.

585: Aforementioned ninja was also afraid of women, and could conduct himself with perfect grace and competence until he realised that the one female party member was watching.

586: My briefly-played Bard had stage fright. I wouldn't recommend this, though, since it really does screw up game balance. Quirks should not have much mechanical effect, in my mind.

587:My human Paladin considered himself a freakish giant, because he was a human raised in a village of halflings, dwarves and gnomes ("Middleton").

588: Said Paladin also used a shortsword (because it's Yondalla's favoured weapon) and made up for the loss of damage by dual-weilding it with a heavily enchanted shield (for shield-bashing). The Shield was actually his primary weapon - he eventually took off-handed parry and used the swortsword to defend instead.

589: My cleric/ranger/paladin/fighter hybrid faked her (Scottish) accent because it made her adoptive son feel more at home.

590: My elven sorceror used the Change Self spell to crossdress. He also bathed near-obsessively and was always sure to carry scented soap.

591: My elven barbarian was raised by half-orcs who worshipped an elven god, weilded a greatclub made from a tyrannosaurus femur, and gave her name ("Khaira Swanwing") as "Khaira Swan... uh, SMASHFIST!".

592: My old Half-Vistani Fighter, an incorrigable drunk, commandeered the party's portable hole to use as a wine cellar. She also insisted on sleeping out in the gutter whenevr the party got a room for the night, because she was more comfortable there.

593: A friend's half-troll (troll subrace, not troll proper) carried exactly one pound of each kind of spice listed in the PHB. He would frequently try to bribe people with "tasty tasty cinnamon!", to little effect.

594: My knight/copper character has scent, and really hates things like incense and soaps because they constantly ruin a good lead/investigation.

595: She also has vow of poverty, and secretly has her "squire" pawn all of her ceremonial armour and weaponry until she has to wear it for a parade or something. She's actually a bare-handed fighter who wears armour which is actually too old and rusted to give any bonus.

596: She also chose a shire horse (the only breed bigger than a clydesdale) for a knightly mount so she could avoid said parades (the horse always eats the plumes off of the helmets of whoever's in front).

597: A dark-elf wizard who had been accidentally transformed into a cat, and ordered her human apprentice to become her familiar.

598: A MALE succubus/erinyes! OMFG men can be attractive tarts too! :p Seriously, this does not happen often enough.

599: Take any one of the listed "guy hits on every barmaid/sleeps with every girl he sees/wants to turn demon princesses good and sleep with them/wants to marry a succubus" type ideas, and use it for a female character, so it will actually be something new and different :p

During our storyline, various demon princes/archfiends were killed. Mammon was replaced by:

600: Tihanis, an effeminate male erinyes (read: absolute sl*t) who wore ringmail made from Rings of Shield Other whose matching partners had been given to his thousands of "lovers". Not really a "quirk", but a fun idea for a villain.

Belial and Fierana were replaced by:

601: A barbarian woman (we haven't determined her race yet) who particularly loved corrupting innocence - she kept a mutilated chaotic evil unicorn as a companion (and incidentally kept Fierana as a pet). Again, not really a quirk, but I thought the corrupted unicorn thing was pretty cool.

603: A Chaotic Good Zenythri.

604: His partner, a Lawful Good Chaond (and a Paladin).

602: A guy with a unicron follower/mount (because the rules that say unicorns only like girls are, frankly, stupid).

603: On that note, a male with Levels of a female-only PrC would rule. The "female-only" requirement is almost always nothing but bad flavour anyway. I would say the same about male-only PrCs, but there aren't any (even the one which requires you to cut off your balls... tch).

That's all I can think of for now...
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604) Macih, a middle-age Human Psion who looks lke a child (like Akira but not so geriatric looking), was actually getting so powerful that his psychic progression needed to be slowed down, so he has a piece of psionic machinery in his head created by an NG Illithid who cared for and taught him as a child. However he slowly became corrupted and inpatient with power, and killed his adoptive parent.
605) Mandari'i, a cruel, evil Halfling Sorceress who has a fetish for fallen angels, risen demons, etc and any other form of alignment perversion.
606) Wain, a Gnome who hated his village and kind from a early age. He was obsessed with weaponry and armor, something the peace-loving gnomes wouldn't abide. When he was 9 years old Barbarians invaded his land and killed his friends and family, not that he cared. The barbarian chief impressed with his weapon making abilities and violent temper took him under his wing. Now hes grown up he is a viscous but intelligent Barbarian, whose has attached an extra set of huge, steamwork pincers to his back.
607) Lord Herrman (real name Ullroh'agraz'xcthi) a Pseudonatural who is obsessed with control and order, only erupts into his 'true' form when in a fight. Tends to dress formal and talk etiquette & discipline.
608) Terrane, a posessed and feral Tiefling whose only goal is to bing back his Angelic lover from the dead. Nothing will stand in his way, not even death (would work well with the Curst template).
609) Pfrit, a fallen Angel who works as a bounty hunter slaughtering his own Celestial kind. Has huge black wings, tends to dress stylishy and hates having the sun in his eyes.
610) Fanaki, a down-trodden and accidieous Elven girl who only seeks solace in pain. Having lost all she has loved and cared for to evil, she has been driven mad thinking that people only want to debase and torture her. Hence she finds friendliness and caring very unnerving.

Now they would be an awesome party. Book Of Vile Darkness here I come...
611) For a mage when ever he casts a spell he becomes a woman until he casts another spell. (Hello Ranma 1/2 rip-off)

612) A sorceress thinks she can only cast spells if she holds her tebby bear.

613) A bard who also happens to be a stripper.

614) A fighter who won't go into a social gathering if anyone is dressed like him (wears a black robe and carries a spiked chain)

615) A rogue who leaves a card with his name on it at every job.

More to come.
611) For a mage when ever he casts a spell he becomes a woman until he casts another spell. (Hello Ranma 1/2 rip-off)

612) A sorceress thinks she can only cast spells if she holds her tebby bear.

613) A bard who also happens to be a stripper.

614) A fighter who won't go into a social gathering if anyone is dressed like him (wears a black robe and carries a spiked chain)

615) A rogue who leaves a card with his name on it at every job.

More to come.

That would be an extremely fun party to play in... :P

616) Has gnawed his fingers to the bone and is prone to slashing out at anyone who comes within a foot of him.
617) Before every battle he lights a cigarette, and he is a spellcaster who specializes in Evocation...
618) Is an incredibly pretty girl, except she has a disfigurement (like a sewn-up eye or a scar on her lips).
619) Views the gods as the weakest beings in the universe. Because they're nothing more that 'divine ashes and dust from a bygone age, to primitive to die and evolve as individuals and trancsend to higher states'.
620) Is unnaturally curious about everyone. Likes to watch people sleeping, asking them incredibly personal questions simply out of innocent curiosity.
621) A Zombie who still thinks he's alive. Gets very angry with people who bring it up.
622) A lecherous cleric who was cursed by his diety and changed into a woman.

623) An evoker who uses the various wall spells to trap and study monsters.

624) A mage who teleports to his home and back to the party every night.

625) A claustrophobic (sp?) rogue.

626) An archnophobic drow.

627) A pyrophobic sorcerer.

628) A deaf bard (named Ludwig Von Beethoven perhaps)

629) An undead druid

630) A dwarven cleric who makes his own beer and combines that process with making potions.

That would be an extremely fun party to play in...

Thanks Right now my current character has a few too many quirks (didn't think it was possible)
Thanks Right now my current character has a few too many quirks (didn't think it was possible)

If you can RP it then why not... :D
631) Character who compulsivly collects "Spell components" or "Sepcimens" of everything, be it Bat dung, a fallen monsters tooth or bit of old trash... But isn't actually a spellcaster, nor particularly intelligent.
632) The Medusa courtesan who has the nasty habit of 'forgetting' to dampen her gaze attack when she climaxes.
633) A Vampire who refuses to drink blood unless it is served in a glass, like wine.
634) A wizard who's only ambition in life is to have the best garden in the kingdom.
635) A female Kobold who is madly in love with the party's paladin.
636) A Wood Elf raised and trained in Menzzaberanzan or how ever you spell Drizzt's home town.

637) An insomniac. That's it, just insomnia.

638) A character who will only communicate either by song or by sign language.

639) A fighter with multiple personalities. Each one has a different fighting style for the same weapon.

640) An evoker who writes beautiful poetry.

641) A cleric into S&M.

642) A mage with a smartass familiar.

643) A monk who makes a chess set every two tendays and donates them to churches, mage academies, children, etc.

644) A Drow who is afraid of the dark

645) A sorcerer who reads spell books and arcane lore for fun.

646) A barbarian who is also a neat freak.

They just keep going, and going, and going :p
642) A mage with a smartass familiar.

That's not funny (Ok...Maybe a little :D )... my DM did that to my last wizard and his raven familiar "Poe". At least until the barbarian offed my mouthy familiar while I was unconcious and burned him up. I'm just thankeful he didn't try to feed it to the rest of the group too.
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They just keep going, and going, and going :p

Just for that :p

647) Construct who runs out of batteries right before completly obliterating the party, with its final words it screams "Damn Duracel!"
648) Refuses to/Cannot tell lies. Ever. But isn't above omission, ambiguity, double talk, misleading statements, and semantic technicalities. ('What is your name?', '[Gives name]', 'Do you go by any other names?', 'No.', 'Have you ever gone by any other names?', 'Yes.')

649) Hopless over romantic with a short fuse. No, not the guy who proposes to every lady he meets. But the guy who, upon hearing a fair maiden in danger (though the maiden part can matter less if she's fair), he springs into action, with the savageness of an orc. And the planning of one too.

650) Will not tolerate insubordination. Works great with CG and CN characters. Plain icky with CE characters.

651) Tests people. Not their skills, but their very character. Will tease them about something they feel unconfident about, or will push a person with an easy going facade to see how far it goes.

652) Fiercely Loyal. Will allow those he or she is loyal to their breathing room, but if a situation turns deadly, will blow up the universe to save those he or she cares about.

653) No sense of higher authority. Will do things their own way, because their life experience consists of always having to rely on themselves. Amusing if this extends to gods. ('No Mystra, that's dumb! I'm nuking the damn city, and if that's a problem you can kiss my ass! Now go wait in the car!' [Is a newly made Initiate of Mystra])

654) Meek, but also an excellent method actor. IE: The guy who couldn't possibly fight his way out of the situation, but can convince the thugs surrounding him in the tavern that to mess with him is to 'trifle with an organization/creature/individual that you would be wisest not to trifle with.'

655) Fun loving, but curses like a sailor when something is running his or her good time.

656) A Newt. 'A Newt?' 'Well, I got better'. In a more legitimate vein: A Neraphim or Slaadi who thinks he's a newt, currently or previously.
657) A character who watches plays on a Crystal Ball

658) A rogue who won't use any weapon except wands

659) A barbarian who loves to read.

660) A character who is, uh, er, what did I plan here? (two days pass) Oh yeah, forgetful.

<--- needs to get out more
#661) A character who speaks several languages, but has Turrets, and therefore randomly starts cursing in a slur of languages at any given time.

Add to 661, otherwise acts like Piffany from the Nodwick comics.
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