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346 whenever he meets someone new, comes up and smells them up close

347 whenever party gains new item, "tests" authenticity of everything by biting it
348- A elf witch(sorc) with an eating disorder(gaunt) from bovd
349- A Half Ogre Barbarian who ways ~2000 lbs and attacks by jumping onto the enemy Obese from bovd anf mighty leaper from savage species)
350 max ranks in pro-plumber on ogre from above
351- said ogre being adddicted to mushroom powder from bovd
352. A fighter who specializes with his deities favored weapon, buys some cross class ranks in Knowledge Religion and is played as a ex-temple guard.
353. Is deathly afraid of fire....and the dark. Can't decide which is worse when in a dungeon

354. Insists he's playing a fictional character, and it doesn't matter if he dies

355. Carries a broom so he can dust a clean path through dungeons

356. Claims to be "Half-Orcilicious"

357. Likes to run around without pants

358. Takes skill ranks in knowledge: sports

359. Cuts all his gold pieces in half....harder to spend

360. Likes to put rats in backpack, can't figure out where the raisins come from

361. Changes name once an hour

362. Claims to come from candyland

363. Third nipple

364. Has gritted teeth away in sleep

365. Likes to cut other people's hair in their sleep

366. Only uses weapons that fit in back pocket but aren't sharp
367) An old favorite -- the incurable prankster.

368) Constantly tells stories about his past.

369) Collects dull gray ioun stones, and paints or carves them.

370) Spends all his time in towns crafting really minor magical items, such as a glove that can summon a quill pen full of ink for a few minutes at a time.

371) Loves the water. Every time the party reaches a body of water, he or she strips naked and dives in.

372) Hums constantly, and often tunelessly, without thinking about it.
357. Likes to run around without pants

How could I not think of this...


373) Rogue that's obsessed with UMD and wands. Carries around 4 or more wands in his back pack and prefers using them to fighting.

374) The same rogue that's CN because most of the time he doesn't care, but gets inspired by good characters to perform near suicidal feats of bravery and goodness, that occassionaly endanger party members (ex. Flying the magic carpet we found in front of the Ancient Red Dragon (at level 8) so as to distract him from the friendly bird people he's chasing)

375) The individual who is obsessed with (insert your favorite fate based deity here) and constantly talks about how what just happened was destiny, or that the winds of fate are shifting.
376) Maps everything, compulively. Carries books full of maps (I use wizard spellbooks for weight & cost.) Has ranks in professions cartographer, carries pen and ink for mapmaking. Own a slightly longer than normal rope that he knotted to reduce it to 50' exactly. Knots are at 10 feet from one end and 10 feet from the other. Owns a 10 foot pole, cut in half, with one of the 5' poles marked in feet and inches. Carries a bag of marbles to check for slope.

377) Has max ranks in a class skill, but is too embarrased to use the skill when anyone he/she knows is around. Especially close friends or party members.

378) Has the highest strength in the party. Carries around a bag/backpack full of random rocks, keeping self at the maximum encumbrance for the category. Claims it is weight training. Refuses to take off the rocks while swimming, instead has a wineskin filled with air to help walk across the bottom of rivers.

379) Our party's lecherous archer gives all his arrows female names and goes into mourning when they break. With rapid shot, and a very high dex, usually hits/breaks 2 arrows per round of fighting.

380) From an older party. Wears spiked body armor. Refuses to sleep touching the ground, instead charge at a tree, leaping and turning so that his back is spiked into the tree. Will use any willing party member to help him vault higher into the tree. Claims that it is always safer to sleep as high as possible in trees. Is a dwarf.
Two quirks from my current Barbarian:
381) He comes from a large valley with only barbarian tribes, and they all believe that accross the mountains, it is the realm of death. For some reason, he travelled accross those mountains, and now believe everyone is a ghost.

382) He believes he is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior.
383) Is OCD, has to sheath and unsheath his/her blade multiple times until it sits i the scabbard "just right", or lights a lantern and blows it out and relights it again multiple times until the flame is "both bright and warm enough". Won't step on cracks.

384) Spends all of their skill points, regardless of class in knowledge History,Nobility, Heraldry, etc etc, and spews forth little nuggets of useless information whenever given the chance to speak, regardless of the situation...a la Cliff Claven.

385) Claims to be a student of {Insert Major character} who was the one that actually developed that spell/fighting move that made them famous.
"Yeah, i actually stumbled across the formula, but ol Mordenkainen decided to call it Mordenkainens Disjunction, not Bob's Disjunction....said it had a better ring to it." And tells everyone..multiple times...loudly. But can't cast the spell or perform the move.

386) Breaks any and all mirrors anywhere at any time as they will "steal your soul." (always looks a mess too)

387) Specializes in throwing tables, hell of a bar room brawler, but worthless in most old dungeons or wilderness.
Actual Character Quirks from our group's history:

Grudthak (Half Ogre Barbarian)

- After experiencing a magical talking door, believes all doors speak, they just choose when they dont want to!

- Hates ANYTHING wearing a dress (Women, Wizards, Priests, Desert Nomads)

Gian (Human CE Fighter)

- Cannibalistic, believes in eating parts of fallen enemies to gain thier power

Gaustos (Half Red Dragon Sorcerer)

- Turned EVERY conversation into a high-pressure sales pitch for whatever he was selling at the time, party treasure, rations, magic items...Anything. (Actually Convinced the DM to give in without dice rolls sometimes)

Sardaukar (Human Fighter

- Spoke of himself in 3rd person
- "Invented" several catchphrases (Lay the Smack Down, Cos Sardaukar Says So...You get the drift)
- Not actual character name, only Rob and the DM actually new the Char's real name.
- Wears a mask at all times. If mask is removed (even mid-fight) he would fall to the ground hiding his face
396) Can't refuse a challenge.

397) Has a very low charisma score (4-6), but frequently steps up to be the "voice of the party," often with disasterous results.

398) Carries around an extensive library in a bag of holding. When he stays in a town for any extended period, he'll buy or make bookshelves to store the books.

399) No sense of humor. Responds to all jokes as if they're serious statements.

400) Is a celebrity in his home town, and expects everyone, everywhere, to know about him.

401) Will drop any conversation if a pretty girl / handsome guy walks by.

402) Leaves IOUs around whenever he breaks anything, including in a dungeon etc.

403) A very strong sense of guilt. Always blames himself for everything.

404) Is extremely racist, sexist, or otherwise condescending towards a particular group of people.

Ha! And you all thought this thread was dead!
405) He wears a frightening mask in public, to intimidate others.
406) Carves a runic scar on her arm for each sin she commits. Especially good for a LG character.
407 He looks very femine, acts very femine, he seems to be more lady-like than masculine. Bonus if you can make this work for Dwarves or Half-orcs!.
408 She is obsessed with crptic, alien beasts from the Far Realms. So much that she has difficulty understanding normal mortals.
409 He refuses to wear, touch or use objects or things of a certain colour. This includes creatures of that colour.
410 She is a dwarf that is convinced she is an Elf.
411 Has a tatoo for every monster He has killed.
412: For a sorceror: Believes he is a minor god a prays to himself for spells.
55) Believes that all gods are just shams created by clerics to get money.

Add to this: he is a cleric.

413: Has a fake accent, forgets to add it sometimes, forgets which one he was useing, then makes up anopther.

414: Uses numbers in his name, which is unpronounceable. Also says "LOL", "ROFL" and things to that effect.

415: Blames one randomly picked party member for all his lifes troubles.

416: Inists on taking AOO's on his allies.

417: A bard who plays his legs like a drum.

418: Has a small pet, like a squrille, that has a chaotic evil aura.

419: Falls prone and covers his head every time someone uses dispell evil. Is Lawful Good.

420: Has every quirk on this thread.

421: Is overtrusting, and highly paranoid.

421: Carries a 20 sided dice, and rolls it to determine all his actions.

422: Won't shut up about the evils of roleplaying.

423: Exsitentialist.
387) Specializes in throwing tables, hell of a bar room brawler, but worthless in most old dungeons or wilderness.

424) same as 387, but carries around folding tables for use in dungeon/wilderness
425) Convinces the DM to allow to spend half of his skill points to remove the cap on ranks for one skill....has 2 skill points
426) Is obsessed with starting a chain of resteraunts called McYoshi's
427) Eats anything he kills.
428) like 418, only it is a teddy bear.
I played an elven ranger who came from a family who were all rangers. He hated the forest... but loved the city, and buildings. He had like 10 ranks in knowledge of architecture. It came in handy when searching for secret doors, or just knowing what a building or room might be used for.
430. Collects forks and keeps them on his/her person. Usually steals a fork from every resturant, but leaves a copper piece to replace it.
431.) Narcoleptic very amusing with a dwarf who falls asleep in the middle of everything because of too much alcohol


433.) For monk: buries all humans or for that matter all creatures that he kill
My monk currently has this quirk.

434.) Will make a big fuss about anything and inevitably will make a fool of himself. Ex: for a minor quest will leap up onto a table and make a heroic speach...then just before the end of the speach will always fall off the table.
Umm... Here's a few from my group.

Druid whose mom was a famous bard, so he sings a lot when only he and his raptor are awake.

Cleric who hates his deity.

Paladin whose is accident prone.

Ranger who accidently hurts paladin alot.

(Same) Druid who threatens ranger a lot

A Ranger who porvokes fights all the time... from bartenders... then runs from the BBEG...
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I like the first one there with the bard mother... it's very romantic...


Worships a diety, not a cleric, totally different alignment.

Worships like a druid, but not a druid.

Keeps a small garden in town.
A teenage girl with inborn spellcasting ability who, for whatever reason, was born with green skin.

(I highly doubt anyone will get the theatrical reference)
445) An illusionist who is very embarassed about his physical appearence, and keeps illusions up at all times to disguise it.

446) A venerable man who, dispite wrinkles, severe hunch and slow movement, dyes his hair jet black because he believes it makes him look young.

447) Someone who keeps a pick and shovel, and digs holes at every campsite, hoping to find buried treasure.
448) Someone who keeps a bed in a bag of holding with a ladder. Every night he digs a little hole, puts in the bag, pulls up the ladder, and climbs in...then the party gets captured and he winds up in BBEG hands...

449) Is on a personal quest to collect one of everything, gets a HUGE bag of holding and has a moon in it that is beeing hollowed out to but more stuff into.(to go along with that the world use to have another moon)

450) Has "warrior beads" in his hair. The rogue from 449 keeps stealing them.
(to go with that, when the rogue died, he stopped wearing one and bried it with him)

451) always winds up arguing with his intelligent sword who happens to be his grandpa

452) Always refers to himself as "THE AMAZING ______!"

453) keeps adding to his last name, becomes his oral journal of his life, and when someone askes his name he will ramble off his name untill someone tells him otherwise(this one was fun and I still have his long arsed name in a notebook, it took up the whole thing)

Finally I really like that druid thing, thats the coolest thing I have heard in a long time. My hat is off to you.
454) The character I am playing right now is a gnome barbarian. She comes from a tribe of "savage cannibal gnomes." She skins everything that the party kills (yes, absolutely everything and everybody who is skinnable), and keeps a small square of their skin. She then sews these squares of skin into a cloak. If the creature/person killed has an interesting tattoo or something, she will use that piece of skin. I'm just waiting for someone to recognize a tattoo... :P
256: Keeps all his money in the form of a particular type of gemstone.

Hey, when those gemstones are 25gp opals, you've got a good reason, gotta love animate dead
455) If anyone mentions the word "cake" he will go into a mad frenzy searching for it. This is the equivelant of a Barbarians rage... and he is a fat Aristocrat...

456) Keeps all liquid wealth as clothing, jewelry, etc, which is openly visible at all times.
457: A half-elf that heard from his father that drow kidnappaded his mother and killed her, he goes out for revenge and kills lots of them until he hear that his mother was a drow

458: The Silent monk: Talks only when he needs to. Example: When the others are going no where with talk he comes in with his excellent diplomacy
Here's one I'm using right now.

Afraid to touch anything becuase of a traumatic experience involving getting d4 damage evertime he touched seemingly harmless things in a previous adventure (such as doorknobs and swords lying around). Now always wears gloves and if someone ever touches him will yell "I don't like to be touched!" and throws an acid flask in their face.
460) Becomes violent when a specific type of magic is used. I have a mostly pacifist character who will come close to killing someone if they use enchantment magic on him. (the excellent unnumbered quirk above made me remember this one).
461 narcoleptic drops off in combat
462 rogue with turrets syndrome finds it hard to stay hidden
463 stuttering mage
i came up w/this character recently:

of the dwarfish persuasion.

Gets overly intense about things, will often go on tangents (leading to him getting overly intense), will play air guitar and say YEE-AH when excited or when he acomplishes something.

has lots of piercings.

wears a lot of leather, and any shirt he owns he cuts the sleaves off of even if this is completely impractical.

is very impatiant, and has a LOT of energy.

has NO subtlety, and he loves to fight...

very talented musician

has a deep mistrust of cats (they're always watching...)

loves to drink wine and eat fine food, though he often gets into fights with the waiter/chef/maitre d' and gets thrown out of good restaraunts.
I played a Cleric who hated evil clerics! He took his wrath out on evil altars, destroying every one he could find. If nothing else he would tip it over.

His rational was thus: He would rather the evil preisthood pay to restore or replace expensive marble altars, than to just move back in after the PCs ransacked the place.

He activated all sorts of curses, traps, spells...never stopped him. He kept a meticulous journal and would turn in the locations of every evil temple and shrine to any nearby Paladin organization.

I also played a love struck sorcerer, who thought elven babes were the bomb! BUT he never leaned to speak elven. Instead he relied on the party elf rogue who taught him catch phrases like, "Your eyes are lit like twin stars, You lips are rose petals in the moonlight." Of course what he really said was quite different, and he got beat up a lot.

The sorcerer believed that elves were flighty, easily offended beings, and he never learned the truth. Why would his friend mislead him?
Grudthak (Half Ogre Barbarian)

- After experiencing a magical talking door, believes all doors speak, they just choose when they dont want to!

- Hates ANYTHING wearing a dress (Women, Wizards, Priests, Desert Nomads)

Funniest quirk... ever! ;)
Lots of unnumbered quirks... I think this brings the count back on track.

474) Has trained an unusual mount (cow? buffallo? girraffe?)

475) Thinks something worthless is extremely valuable, and hoards it (tin coins? river-smoothed rocks?)

476) Doesn't trust the "Identify" spell. Will assume non-magical things are magical, and will always try things on to determine their abilities.

477) Raises birds in an extradimentional space.
478) If a Sorceror or slightly demonic race, he has one eye that is red and glows dimly in dark places.
479) She is greatly attracted to members of another species other than her own (say a gnomess for Human males).
480) He worships an evil deity who is actually another personality of his, believes all of the other gods are fake became Impaaniiz is the only one he's ever seen.
481) She is an anarchistic Bard who creates horrific noise rather than music. Fascinated with the bizarre, unnatural and the forbidden.
482) He has adopted a broken-winged Mephits/Pixies as familiars, treats them one would loving children.
483) She wears complicated war-paint, is quite savage, yet she's a Wizard.
484) Disdains wearing armour and carrying weapons in combat, infact he barrels his way into fights and lunging/smashing/grabbing/breaking whoever and whatever he can.
485) She carries a teddy bear in public, and tears out the eyes (Pan Mei stylee!) of anyone who trys to take it off her. She's actually a beautiful yet unnatural child who brought up by a dangerous sect of Monks.

Now that would be an awesome party...
486) A character who's followed by a neverending, magical song; that changes its tune as the characters emotions or situation changes.
487) You, when bored say "Do you know whats funny?" and then come up with something VERY random like "If that tree suddenly turned into a giant snake and ate you, that would be REALLY funny" This generally only works with younger charecters. (i used to do this when i was a kid)

488) Will check an entrance constatnly to see if a new person has come in or not

489) Is ALWAYS at least 10 minutes early and absolutly hates being late

490) refuses to go to the bathroom unless there is water for them to wash there hands with (this can be combined with Prestidigitation and cleaning)
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