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Let's try to come up with quirks that help make our characters unique and realistic. Unfortunately, I can't think of any right now, which is part of the reason why I made this thread.
1) multiple personality disorder
2) increadably paranoid
3) loves food to much
4) loves women to much
5) weapons collector
6)very very full of himself (my name is AGEMENOM -NOM -nom -nom [character added an echo to his own name])

Of these ive personally played the first 2 (multi persiality was fun, roll a d% to see if your evil for the next hour, have fun passing all the paladins detect evil aura ability) the rest of our party has played the rest of them, including a cleric with a religon based around womanizing, and a fighter who whould pick up ANY weapon no matter how decripit and rusty, with the attempts to sell.
Every time he says something he mumbles to himself "yes thats good, very good" while rocking back and forth

Is deathly afraid of cats

Doesnt eat magically made food (bad for your health)

Doesnt trust people who dont remember his name

Has one hour a day for "me time"

Has no body hair, refuses to tell that story
Man, these quirks are very... quirky :P

13) Middle fingers cut off.
14) Sings while fighting, even if he's not a bard.
15) Obsessed with counting the number of ridges on the edge of every coin received.
16) Believes he's color blind.
17) Refuses to attack anything smaller than himself.
18) Mumbles about how peaceful everything was back in his day.
19) Gives asides in the middle of melee.
20) Refuses to bathe, because "That's when they'll get you..."
21) Has an eyepatch on one eye; the other has cataracts.
22) Yells at everyone who isn't a worshiper of Pelor that they are going to the Abyss when they die; he worships Kord.
23) Juggles maces between battles, but isn't good at it.
24) Has a big trepanation scar in the middle of his forhead.
25) Has rainbow-colored wig-like hair that he says was stuck on with Soverign Glue.
Some of this stuff is hilarious...

26) Believes that 'the kittens' steal her thoughts
27) Believes that armour is for wimps and is NOT a monk
28) Believes that the culmination of his life's work will end when he discovers the reason why he lost his pants in a barroom brawl.
29) Changes his name to suit his mood
30) Claims he discovered a world in which wagons are motorised, people can talk through a tiny plastic brick which flashes, have automatic crossbows that can blow through trees and watch something called a Televibbin.
31) Then claims that he invented a cool new roleplaying game called Basements and Bears, or as he likes to call it B&B.
32) keeps a bag filled with little jars of dirt from each nation he's been to.
33) insomniac
34) contradicts everyone about absolutely anything even the pointless things
35) constantly catches bugs and keeps them as pets in contaners, isn't aware of thier need for sustanence and is deeply upset when they die
36) always steals peoples doesn't kep track of which story came from who hence occasionally tells a stolen story to the person he stole it from.
37) has an obsession with peoples ears or other body part
38)Refuses to talk when someone of "mixed blood ie half-something" is in the room

39)Refuses to turn to the left, He will only look/turn in a clockwise maner

40)Has a bad habbit of playing pranks on party member that include Sovereign glue and the celing

41)Worships himself in an attempt to give himself devine rating

42)He will not sleep unless he sleeps in a hammock, he would rather die of exhaustion.

43)Shows *way* to much enthusiasm when talking to new people.
I have a Halfling that brakes the ice with everone he meets by offering them a drink from one of many flasks he keeps with him at all time. This little Quirk has helped him talk his way out of many a tight spot.
Try having a charictor with a stutter. (I made one once and my friend give me all kinds of good stuff when I'm making a new charictor if I promise not to have him stutter.)
44) Suffers from short-term memory loss.
45) Has sudden out bursts of rage.
46) NEVER smiles.
47) Routinly quotes from books sayings even if they are irrelevent.
48) Is a pyromaniac.
49) Claims to suffer from "short-term blindness" or so he/she claims.
50) Believes that the world is round, and is thought of as being crazy for this belief.
51) Will only drink from a specially prepared flask, and will only eat a meal he has prepared.
52) Likes to create little clay pots, and then step on them.
53) Has a horrible phobia of pies, and pastries.
54) Keeps a finger from every creature he kills. If no finger is attatched takes a finger of the first person (oustide his group) he sees.
55) Believes that all gods are just shams created by clerics to get money.
56) Enjoys taunting the gods only for seeing the warning lightning bolts.
57) Walks on a limp, that changes from foot to foot, based on his/her mood.
58) Renames everything he comes across.
59) Enjoys feeling pain.
60) Has strange dreams, and insists no matter how disturbing on telling everyone in sight.
61) Is very unorginized.
62) Believes that he/she is some chosen hero of an ancient prophecy.
63) Always smiles.
64) Takes practical jokes played on him/herself very poorly.
Byronic's ideas weren't numbered, so I'll call them 65 and 66.

Here are quirks from my current character:

67) Will not discuss anything of importance with anyone who isn't a trusted ally -- and trust is very_ hard to gain. He also has #2: Incredibly paranoid.

68) Does not understand the concept of names. He'll call people by their titles, and give his own if they ask his name. When someone introduces himself by a name, he assumes it's a title or description. "My name's Bob." "What does bob mean?" or "Today, I met a bob. I can not yet distinguish it from an ordinary male human, but I'm sure I will learn more in time."

69) Does not understand the local system of exchange. Why, my character wonders, is a vial of ink worth eight times its weight in gold, while a knife is worth a small fraction of its weight in gold? You could take this to any extreme. Maybe the character always forgets how many silver coins exchange for a gold, or which metal is more valuable.

70) Has no sympathy for children, especially when they cry. "That boy is years old. He should be taking care of his own problems, not crying to his parents."

71) Looks down on single-class characters, especially single-class wizards, thinking them overspecialized and unable to take care of themselves in complex situations (he's a wizard/monk).

72) Extremely judgemental.

73) Overconfident.

And some from my last character:

74) Will not kill anything intelligent, even in self-defence. He'll always run from battle if it's a choice between killing and running.

75) Does not tolerate the use of enchantment magic, even when used against enemies. If he was going to kill someone dispite #74, it would be because that person tried to take away someone's free will.

And some new ideas:

76) Doesn't trust his memory, so he compulsively writes things down. In the middle of a conversation, he'll pull out a sheet of parchment and jot down some notes.

77) Very low self-esteem. The slightest hint that the person he's talking to doesn't like him will send him doubting what he's saying, stumbling over his words, and feeling terrible.

78) Is easily brought to tears, but tries to hide it. There will be some specific types of things that bring him to tears, such as someone doubting his ability to do something, or someone questioning his religious practices.
79. Compulsive liar. Lies when he has no reason to. Will lie about his name, age, skills and what time of day it is whenever it's asked by by a stranger.
80) believes himself to be an avatar of a diety

81) thinks they are supposed to be a member of the oppisite gender yet will not use magic to "fix" that problem because that would be cheating

82) has utterly no sense of direction and can get lost in a simple inn

83) refuses to kill anything unless he eats it later regardless of what the creature in question is

84) is utterly enthralled by shiney objects

85) belives that he is going to spontaneously combust any minute now, so he does every thing possible to stay constantly wet

86) hates everyone and everything but isn't evil
87) For a Hexblade: Believes that all of his abilities are tied to the number 13. Must associate 13 with everything. He has to stay in room 13 in an inn. If he get a drink for a silver piece, he leave three coppers as a tip; 13 copper pieces. If he's pacing back and forth, he walks 13 steps in one direction before turning.

88) For a Monk: Never stops training. If you rest by a waterfall in the wilderness, he meditates under it. If you're traveling by horse, he'll attempt to balance himself on it. If you ask him to cook dinner, he juggles potatos with one hand and peels them with a kama in the other.

89) For a Fighter: Is always sharpening a weapon when he's resting. Sharpens it before he goes to bed. Sharpens it when he wakes up. Never uses it in a battle though, and answers any questions about it with an icy stare and a throaty growl.

90) For a Wizard: Always gets a second opinion from his familar.

91) For a Rogue: Refuses to eat or drink anything before another PC tests it for him. Claims that his mentor was killed by poisoned food. Asking around reveals that his mentor is still alive.

92) For a Barbarian: Is intensly curious about magic. Unlike most barbarians, thinks it's nifty. Will constantly ask questions whenever the party caster uses a spell. If he's in battle, he'll yell out his questions from across the field. Trys to use magic scrolls and wands, even though he doesn't have Use Magic Device. Breaks them when they don't work.

93) For a Druid: Carries a bonsai tree with him everywhere he goes. He prunes it while resting to regain spells. Flies into a rage if it's ever harmed. Will try to convince treants to let him prune them.

94) For a Paladin: Has an incessant hatred of a particular race/monster. Considers them godless heathens who serve dark masters and plot behind the backs of the righteous. Tries to convert them away from their racial gods. Works very well if he's a dwarf who hates elves, or vice versa.

95) For a Ranger: Doesn't hate his favored enemy. Feels that they are simply misguided, but can only be redemed through death. Gives the deceased a proper burial, even if it's inconvient to do so. Works best if his favored enemy is undead or evil outsiders.

96) For a Cleric: Can never keep church hiearchy straight. Often forgets that altar boys aren't priests in training. Gets offending when visiting archbishops give him orders, until he remembers who they are. Apologizes constantly for these lapses, claims that it is a curse from him god for a lapse in judgement.

97) For a Bard: Has taken a vow of silence, and will not break it outside of casting spells. Has Perform (Sign Language) as a skill, uses it for his bardic music abilities.

98) For a Sorcerer: Believes himself to be a being of almost pure magic, except for his dragon blood that dilutes his power. Performs experiments to try to have the blood removed from his system so that he may become a god. Takes every chance he gets to yell at dragons about how their ploy to weaken him will eventually be overcome.
99) is very easily swayed by food and money

100) never refuses a challenge, no matter how stupid it may be

101) for a female character: believes that all men are perverts that are out to get her

102) extremely emotionally unstable

103) total obsession with glowing blue objects (yes, this has actualy happened in a game i was in)
104, belives he is the tallest dwarf ever to exist (tall human)

105, names and talks to all of his weapons

106, reffers to himself in the third person

107, will walk, run, but not jog, instead he skipps

108, cries whenever anyone brings up wild elves, will not say why

109, Completly becomes a new personality after dark, (could change class feats and skills)

110, Truly belives that time doesnt actually pass, its only our perception of time that changes. (Is immune to slow and haste type spells)
My current character's quirks.

111) Sasses everyone and everything in sight - except for his mother.

112) overprotective of younger sister, and is even suspicious of her bodyguard.

113) is CN in a family of LG Paladins/Clerics.

114) wears a mask and uses a different name when adveturing, so that he cant be scried upon.

115) have a room permanently darknessed and silenced so people won't bother him (gotta be able to see thru darkness and hear in silence for this one to work properly).

116) changes weapons every few weeks.

117) speaks almost every language known (knows about 15)

118) hates celestials cos they're too shiny.

119) prefers monstrous races over normal races.

120) has the attention span of a goldfish.

121) thinks up of overly complicated plans then discards them for being too easily seen through.

122) professes belief in splitting up loot equally, but always hides away some of it from the party. (or tries to).

123) prays to 7 different gods (one for each alignment).
124) Two different colored eyes.

125) Is terrified that he won't be able to live up to his parent's/mentor's/deity's standards.

126) Always fidgets with jewelry. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and ear rings are all fair game.

127) Is always checking the time.

128) Chews his nails.

129) Carries a stack of letters to a lover or relative. Plans to give them to said loved one when he next sees them.

130) Indluges in some rare treat from his homeland. Seasonings for food, pipe tobacco, scented soap, preserved local meat/vegetables/fruits.

131) Never curses or uses a deity's name in vain. Disapproves of those who do.

132) Comes from a culture with a strange greeting. Kisses on the cheeks, spits in palm and shakes hands, places a hand on someone's shoulder when introduced.

133) Never sheaths a weapon until it's tasted blood.

134) Has never cut his hair or shaved.

135) Is always cleaning spectacles or pushing them up their nose.

136) Has strange piercings/tattoos/brands.

137) Considers a certain type of animal "unclean" and won't eat it's flesh or wear it's leather.

138) Has a wife/husband and possibly children in multiple towns.

139) Has false teeth.

140) Gives the first bite/sip of his meals to his deity/ancestors by spilling it onto the ground.

141) Chews tobacco or simply has a habit of spitting.

142) Eats with his hands.
143) insists on butting into every single little problem he encounters, no matter how small, stupid, or insignifigant it is

144) is extremely optimistic, so much that it's painful for any pessimist to listen too

145) stalks people for no real reason
Some from characters I've played:

My roommate and I played fraternal twins called the Vegas Brothers. I'm a half-elf sorcerer, he's a half-orc barbarian. Our mother (the orc) got to name the first kid, which turned out to be me, so my half-elf is named Benk, while our elven father named the half-orc Orlando (the roomie and I hate the Bloomster, so we used his name for the nanciest thing we could think of). I based my character on Johnny Depp's character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so he's all crazy. Plus, true to his inspiration, he has a bat familiar but doesn't remember summoning it, so he's constantly swatting at it and wondering why it won't go away (its name is F***ing Bats).

I also play a gnomish barbarian that speaks an ancient gnomish dialect that sounds a lot like the leprechaun from one of the Simpsons Halloween specials. However, he's trying to learn common, but it's awkward and robotic. His motivation is to wield whatever does the most damage- if he could wield the Terrasque, he would (and would probably still try even if he couldn't).
Rendvermin's would be #144 and #145 respectively.

#146: PC has an unnatural fear of Barmaids.

#147: An Elf PC that thinks humans should shave their ears pointy to look more like elves.

#148: A Half-Dragon that continually questions himself about which half of him is dragon.

#149: A Dread Pirate/Wizard that has a parrot familiar that swears as bad as the pirate does.

#150: A Rogue that is constantly trying to explain how items just seem to "mysteriously appear" in his pouches.

#151: A Ranger with no sense of direction, but a GPS-like memory of geographic locations he's been to.

#152: A Blackguard who often wears shades of pink.

#153: A highly knowledgable wizard that suffers from nervous twitches in her hands (thus keeping her allies on their toes).

#154: A Monk who is addicted to the caffeine in the tea he drinks.

#155: (In conjunction with #154) A Monk who gets +1 to each attack in his Flurry of Blows if he's been drinking tea within the past hour, but suffers from fatigue easier.
147) Is actually a good guy but enjoys destruction of nearly any thing (Twigs, trees, towns, cows etc.) as long as it blows up in a most spectacular fashion.

148) Wizard: Is obsesswed with a particular element and changes other spells to fit this (i.e. using Energy substitution to cast electric fireballs)

149) Dwarf: All you can see is his beard. Everything else is covered by armor.
159: Bard/wizard that always talks to people in the native language. Even when the rest of the party needs to know what is being said.

160: Halfling that love to play with fire. and is often distated buy his torch or lamp. Must make a will save DC 12 to stay focused when fire is in sight. Lifes goal is to see a Red Dragon in action up close.
#160 : for barbarians/druids/rangers won't talk to people if they "smell funny"
#161 pc is a mute and only talks to close friends thru innuendo and sign lang.
#162: Dares everyone who does not agree with him to a duel. The other may pick the weapons and he'll set the location (really fun if u have balance and can fight on a castle wall, difficult for the barbarian with the battleaxe:D ).
#163: Constantly has a few barrels of beer on his donkey and learns how to cast the cantrip sober up.
Just since this is a useful thread
162- a halfing that has a thing for human weman. "If you where just shorter!" Then spikes there drink with a reduce person posion.
163: afraid of the dark. So much so that they have a tankard with a construal flame cast inside it. To be used like a flashlight.

164: A monk that volunteers to help people with manual labor just so he can get a feel for what there life is like. And pay the people to let him do their work!!!

165: Prays to whatever god that fits the situation. With a holy symbol for each. (Like in the Mummy)

166: Fear of rabits. " Why do that they need such good eyes anyway?"
We'll never hit 1001 if people keep misnumbering things. Based on my count, we're up to 171.

#172: Is always snacking on something.

#173: Spends a large portion of his money on fine foods and wines, and luxirious accomodations, whenever he's in town.

#174: Will not be seen with his adventuring party in public, but is friendly with them in private.

#175: Constantly comes up with elaborate solutions to simple problems. This would be good for a character with low wisdom and high intelligence.

#176: Can't talk to a person of the opposite gender without stuttering and making a fool of his/herself.

#177: Is easily distracted by a particular type of person (children, men, women, wealthy people, people with interesting hats, etc), and will break off conversations and devote his/her total attention to any of that type who show up.

#178: Collects something (keys, bottle caps, coins, whatever), and will leave behind other objects before parting with his collection.
#179: Always uses percentiles when talking about anything (For high Int)
#180: A gruff, no-nonsense barbarian who has an unnatural fear of fast-moving bodies of water because he can't swim.

#181: A character who uncontrollably laughs if someone ever mentions the word "serious".

#182: A fighter who talks to his sword before every battle and on long trips.
#181) A character with a serious porblem with insomnia

#182) Schizophrenic Paladin/Blackguard who is torn between smiting an Evil character and a Good character!

#183) A quadraplegic, blind rogue!

#184) A monk who has an alcohol addiction and prefers to drink rather than fight.

#185) An 8ft assassin with -20 on all hide and move silently checks.

#186) A druid that talks continually!
187 - wizard who talks about what he's going to do with his familiar, and values his familiar over mere bipeds

188 - Orc, Dwarf, or other serious race with a sense of humor - in particular a love of really bad puns
Oops. Lost two numbers again... Well, 187 gave me some ideas.

191: A wizard who's constantly bickering with his familiar.

192: A ranger or druid who wishes his animal companion would just go away and leave him alone.

193: A wizard who believes his familiar is his polymorphed relative or wife. The familiar could just be playing along, or it could believe the same thing.
194: Obsessed about one direction, always uses his left hand, always takes the inn rooms on the left, goes down the left path, etc.

195: Always has the index fingers out on her hand when she is telling something to anyone.
196- Names all of his "special moves" and cries them out during a fight

197- Calls every female he meets "woman". Claims to have problems remembering their names. Calls guys by their names, always

198- Pushes up his glasses with his palm, not his finger. Doesn't explain why

199- Uses vast knowledge of alchemy, explosives, and posions to create joke weapons (Like a sling shot that explodes and stinks).

200- Is a Gothic character who is the happiest of the entire group

201- Wears a cape. Casts spells to make the cape sway when there is no wind. Claims it's for "dramatic effect".
197- character who constantly refers to his past experiences for the current situation.
I play 113. CN rogue with retired paladin father.

198 Speaks a constant third person internal monologue of thoughts outloud because he wants to write a biography.
"He is moving in for the kill. The unwitting orc suspects nothing. Ho! He has spotted his hunter! He is chasing our brave hero down! He requires help!"
in my group at the moment

204: a dwarf that loves art, shaves his beard, and is affraid of the dark.

205: a nice looking female halfling psionic, that is very easy to go to bed with.

206: a prostitude loving monk

207: a halfling that doesn't believe that there are monsters that can not be beaten.. (needs an extra char that pulls him away from dragons).

208: taunts every creature, doesn't matter how dangeres the creature is
209- A character that has had a permanent minor transmutation effect on him, such as a eyebrow beinig flipped over or ears being flipped over

210- A character with the above deformity on his hands, and uses it to claim that he is the son of a Rakasha

211- Addiction to a drug

212- Ex-farmer who fights with his prior tools. Very entertaining when combined with any of the 'overconfident' quirks. ;)
213 - Hates to get dirty / bloody will go out of way to not to get dirty. Constantly washes hands / takes a bath.. or a wizard that constantly casts presidigitation to be clean
214 - The character thinks that every aspect of his life, from his movements to his very thoughts, are controlled by another being he cannot see or touch, and that his life is nothing more that a collection of numbers.

215 - This same character thinks that the world will end when giant objects shaped (oddly enough) like 20 sided dice, fall from the sky.
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