Help! Where to download Light in the Belfry CD transcript?

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Hi guys!

Just a quick post to ask you where I should look in order to download the transcript of all the CD tracks contained in A Light in the Belfry CD.
I'm about to run that adventure for my party after they successfully completed Bane of the Shadowborn and I desperately need it to save time.

I remember this transcript used to be in the Kargatane website, but I checked and it's now lost (or unaccessible at least). Has any of you some spare copy to send me via e-mail? Or can somebody point at a site where I could be able to find and peruse it?

Many thanks in advance for your help! ;)
You've disabled email, or one would be on its way...
Sorry, but what exactly is this cd you're talking about? If it IS a cd, how can you send it at his e-mail???

But, (in true munchkin manner) if it is something good i'd like to have a look at it plz dear Brandi!!

If there is any problem with my settings for e-mail, pm me. Thanx anyway!!!

No, no, it's just that the original Belfry module has big whacking chunks of dialogue on a CD but no transcript of that in the module itself-- if you don't have the CD, or don't want to play it at the game, it's very inconvenient.

Sometime a while back I downloaded the transcript off the Kargatane site, and then formatted it to clean up typos, distinguish between sound effects and spoken dialogue on certain tracks, stuff like that... and made an RTF file of it.

The transcript by itself, without the module, isn't all that interesting except maybe as a background of the darklord Morgoroth.
A big Thank YOU Brandi for the file! :D

I'm finally ready to plunge my PCs into Tergeron Manor tonite...

I'm really eager to see how they'll solve Morgoroth's puzzle after the brilliant escapades that led them to defeat Ebonbane in Bane of the Shadowborn (even though 3 out of 7 were killed). Mind you, for a 7th level party they're doing pretty well against demons, ghosts and haunted houses... up to now...
Can I bug someone for a copy of that transcript too?

Currently i'm on the move and my cd is in storage in N. Florida and my boxset is with me.  I would really like to get a hold of this transcript if someone could help out.

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