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While not necessarily useful in the midst of combat cantrips can be used in creative ways to give the party an advantage. Also, what are other effects the DM might allow with prestidigitation? Lastly, RAW prestidigitation allows one effect per standard action up to three in effect at a time. That would make for a drawn out and not to flashy magic show. Making a coin disappear with a puff of smoke and sound effect does not seem overpowered. What is the consensus of being able to do multiple effects as a standard action?

1. Dungeon Fishing: Use mage hand to push a carcass with a large hook inside attached to a rope.

2. Create a dummy with sticks, straw and old clothes. Have mage hand carry it through a dimly lit room to draw attacks.

3. Use prestidigitation make graph marks on a page to draw more accurate maps. Graph marks disappear yet the ink lines are straight.

4. Have rogue ware a shirt with three sleeves and a cloak. Rogue has a bag of coins in one hand, gloved mage hand is shaking targets hand, rogue sneak attacks with hidden hand.
I feel cheated. Where's the other 97 uses I was promised? :P

I got a kick out of #1, due to picturing the party busting out a measuring tape before tossing the dragon away 'cause he's too small.
More heads equal more creativity. Help out and post some of your own uses.
4) Steal an item, then use prestidigitation to make it invisible if anyone questions you about it. "Hey look, nothing up my sleeves!"

5) Use ghost sound to create a noise of an angry monster, panicking enemies to run into your trap.

6) Use ghost sound to create some of the greatest music known in history: the only limit's your imagination, right?
7) the always useful coin of light.

8) Mage hand a 20 pound stone over the ground to set off traps activated by pressure.

9) steal something and make it invisible, then make an image of that item in it's place.

10) use any of them to distract enemies to make it easy to stealth

11) Mage hand a skull of a kobold into their lair and use ghost sounds to scare them into surrending (note, you're mage is going to need cha, diplomacy, bluff, etc to maybe pull this off :D )
12) Use ghost sound to create the greatest joke known in history. Watch all your opponents die laughing. Please remember to create it a language that your opponents know, but you don't. credit to Monty Python
13) Flavor the wine to taste like, well... wine. (Of course it currently doesn't taste like wine because of the acrid taste of the poison you just poured into it...)

14) In a dark dungeon, mage hand a skull in front of an enemy (or your hapless non-darkvision using adventuring companion). On your next round, Light it as a minor action, use Ghost Sound to say "BOO!" as a Standard Action, and dismiss the light as a free action.

I figure that should be merit an intimidate check at least - hell, I'd be scared witless by it!
15) Use Prestidigitation to make yellow stripes on the backs of your opponents if they attempt to flee.

16) Get into a slap fight duel with another wizard. "Stop mage-handing yourself! Stop mage-handing yourself!"

17) Use Mage Hand to goose the queen as your enemy walks behind her at a palace function. (Suggested by someone else)

18) Use Prestidigitation to extinguish the campfire just as you get to the really scary part of your campfire story.

19) Make the scent of a flowery perfume waft around your group's Dwarf fighter when he enters an inn full of tough mercenaries.

Never judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Then, when you judge them, you'll be a mile away from them, and you'll have their shoes.

20) Mage Hand no longer says untended objects, so pull your enemy's cape over his head as a minor action, and then use your standard action to skewer him while you have combat advantage (followed by the rogue, the ranger, and the warlock skewering him until he gets to take an action and pull his cape out of his face).

21) Pants your enemies for an impromptu slow effect (hard to run with your pants around your ankles).

22) Use ghost sound to whisper subliminal messages into the ears of your party while they sleep and you're on watch ("You will obey the wizard. The wizard is your master. You will love the wizard."

23) Imply that your political rival has a certain social disease whose symptoms include horrendously loud flatuance... use ghost sound and prestidigitation to produce same.

24) Free yourself from any rope bonds just by having your mage hand untie you.

25) Hold a 20 lb. rock above a doorway with the readed action to drop it on them when an enemy comes through.

26) Filch the key ingrediant to the ritual the evil cleric is trying to perform while his back is turned and he's monologuing to you.

27) No more need for animated rope ever... just use mage hand.

28) Check the bottom of a dark well or shaft without wasting resources by casting light on a rock and then dropping it.

29) Fool the less intelligent monsters by casting light in a square above them (minor action), then use ghost sound for the booming voice of "This is YOUR GOD and I order you to... [insert required action here]!!!"
30) Mage Hand- give yourself a high-five when you've done or said something cool.

31) Use Ghost Sound's message feature to order your drinks and Mage Hand to go fetch them.

32) Mage Hand- use it to fetch your wand, staff, orb, or weapon.

33) Ghost Sound- the new Ventriliquism. (make someone appear to say something they didn't, confuse opponent by talking to them from different directions, send message to scout or rearguard)
I did number 31 the other day... the bartender freaked out
34) Screw with drunkards at the tavern by lighting up their drinks when they touch them so they ignore your rouge stealing the purses

35) Make it look like your oppoonent soiled himself so you gain combat advantage
36) Pick up the cleric's dropped ball and chain then return it during the fight.
37. Glowing footprints (marking an object via prestidigitation) that leads a bad guy around a corner and right into the waiting weapons of the rest of the party.:D

38. Laser pointer and map for planning sessions.

39. Laser pointer to get those ever so playful panthers and wolves to chase it.
40) Use prestidigitation to write a derogatory or offensive message on someones forehead, or back... "All city guards are eunuchs" is a good one...
accidental post
41. In a related vein to number 30, mimic the Todd from Scrubs by congratulating your traveling companions with a "Mage five!".

42. Making yourself look presentable to the queen and king after trekking through slime-filled underdark passages.

43. Itch that one spot on your back that you can never reach with mage hand.

44. Putting out the campfires in an enemy encampment, or better yet, move one of the flaming logs into their tents!

45. Make iron rations taste like the finest roast duck.

46. Make enemy merchant's wares taste like excrement

47. Pull the magical equivalent of ding-dong-ditch by knocking on a door with mage hand from a safe distance away, and then hightailing it out of there.

48. Dip the mage hand in blood or a blood-like substance, and fool superstitious primitives into thinking theirs some sort of evil undead about by drawing ominous messages on walls/floors with it. (Accompany with wailing from ghost sound if desired.)
49. Sneak up on the unsuspecting goblins/kobolds/bandits/whatever. Use Mage Hand to steal something from one person's pocket and put it into the pocket of another. Since Thievery probably isn't your kind of skill anyway, you might get them to fight eachother. Either be good at stealth or have invisibility-type spells so you won't get caught.

50. Lost something into a pit of molten, acidic magma filled with flaming, man-eating piranhas the excrete pure pain into their environment? Fish it out with Mage Hand since Conjurations no longer take Environmental damage in 4th.

51. Is your enemy throwing grenades, alchemist's fire or the likes at you? Ready an action to grab the item in mid-air with Mage Hand and throw it back at them. Even if you botch, the only one to take damage is the Mage Hand.

52. (Old classic) Have humans or others in your party who can't see in the dark? Use Light or Prestidigitation at Will to make a coin/arrow/sock/whatever glow and throw it down the hallway. Voila, free glow-stick.

53. (this happened in my previous game) Use Mage Hand to stir the food, sweep the floors, clean the dishes, make the beds and carry the drinks. Use Prestidigitation to make your food taste fantastic, to make everything appear squeaky-clean, to avoid having to bathe, to clean and dry-press your clothes, clean your room, dust off your tomes and shelves and the likes. All the time sitting in the center of the room, reading or talking with your friends. Use Ghost Sound to play the music from Fantasia while doing so.

54. Are you a male Elf or Eladrin? Are you tired of humans and Dwarves confusing you for a female and hitting on you? I am too! But now you can use Ghost Sound to convince these no-good louts that their very angry mother/wife is coming after them.

55. Use Prestidigitation to change your skin, hair and eye color, add or remove tattoos or in other ways allow you to conceal yourself. Voila, at-will, low-level Disguise spell.

56. Rock the enemy boat with Mage Hand until they fall out.

57. Pick up filthy things with Mage Hand and clean them off with Prestidigitation. Useful, considering how squeamish some wizards can be.

58. Get a bunch of lead ore, craft them into rings and the likes and change their color to gold. With a good Bluff check, it shouldn't be too hard to convince dumb shopkeepers in backwards towns, ogres, goblins or the likes that your lead is actually gold. Buy your way past encounters with it.

59. Use prestidigitation and Bluff to convince someone that the vial of sand you have is actually full of Residuum and that if they act now, they can save a bunch of money by buying it from you.

60. (Elves/Eladrins) Use Light to make your hair glow like Legolas or Haldir in Lord of the Rings. Or use it to make your teeth gleam like they do in some cheesy movies.

61. Place a paper maché horn on a mostly-white horse. Use Prestidigitation to make its coat look immaculately white and the horn real. Add a Light for cosmetic effects. Sell it off to idiots as a unicorn.

62. (multiclassed w/clerics) Use Prestidigitation on your sleeping party members to make it appear as if they have measles or a disfiguring rash. Offer to sell them some ointment for it before it gets worse.

63. Buy a regular lizard and teach it to sit up and flap its gums when it wants a snack. Use Ghost Sound on the lizard and convince people that they should switch their cart insurance to Gecko.
64. Use Ghost Sound to disguise your voice (or speak in a deep otherworldly voice; combined with Presidigitation to make your eyes glow and swirl should give you a nice bonus to Intimidate checks).

65. Use Ghost Sound to covertly communicate with your teammates (range 10 squares and no one outside of 1 square can hear what you're saying to them).

66. Use Mage Hand to hold onto your staff while you sit at the bar having a pint (a Staff of Power makes an excellent hat rack by the way).

67. When looking for someone, use Prestidigitation to create a small hologram of the person you're looking for when talking to locals so they can tell you if they've seen them.
68) Using prestidigitation to make the annoying elf in your party look like a drow, do this in the middle of a large city and watch them get what is coming to them.

69) Use prestidigitation to give a disliked woman (npc or party member) a pointy nose with warts, then start yelling "she's a witch, burn her", when asked for proof, claim she turned you into a newt.
30) Mage Hand- give yourself a high-five when you've done or said something cool.

31) Use Ghost Sound's message feature to order your drinks and Mage Hand to go fetch them.

32) Mage Hand- use it to fetch your wand, staff, orb, or weapon.

33) Ghost Sound- the new Ventriliquism. (make someone appear to say something they didn't, confuse opponent by talking to them from different directions, send message to scout or rearguard)

I can just see a Black Mage-like Wizard.
"Y'know why? 'Cuse Fighter's an idiot! ZING! Mage hand five!"

69) Actually done in the Penny-arcade podcasts: Use ghost sound to make sounds of adventurers in front of you, and spring any ambushes that are planned (great for fooling stupid undead, who can't think.)

70) Use Presti's Color-change power to alter the look of your fighter's armor, you fit in to ANY army!

71) VERY specific use, but funny: Cast Light on a shuriken, then have the Rogue use the Blinding barrage on a light-sensitive creature. Now he's got a shurikin in the face and it's blinding him! Like kicking a puppy then spitting on it.

72)Cast Light on an archer's arrow/crossbow. When they hit the goblin, he will have trouble hiding!
73) Unless you're in combat when you need the bonuses confired to you, ALWAYS use Mage Hand to carry around your orb, floating casually over your shoulder. Cast light on it as needed for that extra magical effect. Because style is everything.

74) Don't sully your hands with tasks as mundane as eating. Mage Hand your fork. (technically you don't need a fork, but there's something extra pompus about still using the fork just not your hands)

75) Keep your wizardly beard immaculately trimmed with Prestidigitation.
Aesop had it right 2,500 years ago, "By endeavoring to please everyone, he had pleased no one, and lost his ass in the bargain".
The most amusing thing my Wizard player has done was

76) use Mage Hand to flip the bird at the trash-talking Drow ranger in the party after you steal his kill.
77) prest. a fan to keep you cool in the sun.
78) mage hand to hold your umbrella.
79) mage hand for a back massage after a hard days work.
77.placng a beard on a femal dwarv is justa bit

78.a Give somebody an im with stupid t shirt. Other prestidigitation slogans include, marke/flank me/ sneak atack me/ and of course you ranger would like an nice bulsey on that one monster he wants to shoot

79.a cast presti invisibiltility on a hand xbow/ short bow/ or sling that has the flame burst property. Then cast light and presti invisibility on the ammo. and people will say is that ranger a wizard in diguise.

79.b.If your fighter/defender has a reach weapon alow him to hire you to build hime a lightning weapon, then cast invisibilty on the blad of the reach weapon so it just looks like a quarter staff or wand or etc is shooting lightning when its energy swap free action ability is engage.

Now watch as monsters run up to the fighter thinking he's a squishy wizard only to be cloberd by a quarter staff. Or watch as the "wizard" charges forward ready to clober with his quarter staff.

79.c cast light on a magic dager then make it invisible.give it to the rogue and people will say "What wizard spell be this" also try adding sound afects.(also trys this with a flaming dager in fire mode" This is great if you're rogue is a dagger specialist

79.d cast presti invis on a gauntlet and then a prestdigitation ilusion to make mystic light wrap around it so it look he's you're casting a spell.

79.e use prestidigitation to create the ilusion of a blade (a blade of frost with the frost feature active)on top of you'r quarter staff. If the quarter staff is hollow you can cast a ray spell through it as an atack to make it look like you're realy just atacking (iff you have marial weapon priciencys and armor profientcys and are a mage of spiral tower this is realy nice. you can simply have a long sword in one hand a dager in the other and were a chain shirt.)

80. ounce you have a mage hand place a gauntlet around it so it looks real,
then were long sleevs. manipulate the mage hand up you're sleave. chaleng a dragon born to an arm wresteling match and watch as he rips off you're ar. (don't forget to add bood with prestidigitation)

81. is the possom maeuver. If an arrow missies you you can use prestidigitation to add a gusher of blood coming out of you.

82. sell some miracle cleaning water (which is just you using prestidigitation)

83. clean a goblin or ogre entirly see how it responds

84. make a short bow or sling invisble to have ranged atackes say he's a wizard

85. when the rogue makes stealth check try making a puff of smoke where he was, if he convinces people he's a wizard they woun't look for him.

86. ask your dm to alow you to build magic items that will allow you to cast 3 (reasonably harmless) prestidigitation afects at ounce as free action after casting a spell. to make these

-possom wizards robes with interior chain mail (uses the 81. manuever). monsters will say. "this wizard hass been clubing us with is quarter staff. we keep hitting him and he keeps bleeding but it still not good enough

-puff smoke mystic light wizard robes, so people will say "Did that wizard just go invisible?"

-have all bows make inivlight arrows, add inviso strings, and fireworks prestidigitaton displays to realy confuse them.

87.get a tensors floating disc with you and use prestidigation illusion ofa wizard halfling on it cast cast spells and what. or use the ilusion ritual

88.make a prestidigitation illusion of mordrakeinans sword,( Or use a ritual) then cast the real one and see if monsters know which one is which.

- thats all I can think of right now but if you have done all this have you comrades say-
Like kicking a puppy then spitting on it. Degausser that is getting sigged!
89. Use Prestidigitations ability to put out small fires (campfire sized) to remove an ongoing fire damage affect from an ally or yourself. (they only say you can't use it to make weapons or deal damage, not that you can't magically douse a buddy)
90. Light the rogue's shuriken so he can throw it on the ceiling/wall to illuminate the room.
91. Mage Hand can easily transfer small items between party members, including backup weapons and potions.
92. Make mage hand invisable for the round to pickpocket the guards keys.
93. You walk into the tavern. A beam of sunlight shines down from the heavens, illuminating you in your glory while a chorus of angels sings praises in a swelling paean to your awesomeness. (Prestidigitation and ghost sound.)

94. Your fighter/paladin buddy follows you into the tavern. He places his hands on his hips, throws back his head, and lets out a jovial guffaw. He then winks at the nearest bar-wench, and a brief twinkle of light sparkles on his teeth (or clean-shaven chin, if you prefer), accompanied by a quiet "ting." (Presti and ghost sound again.) (Thanks to redshirt and TGL for this idea!)

95. While in the tavern, you cheat at dice (presti) and win a substantial amount of gold. Yay!
96. Sneaking the cell keys of of the sleeping guard with Mage Hand

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71235715 wrote:
97. Use mage hand to steal the arrows/bolts out of the enemy's quiver.

98. With a couple of sticks, some string and the kobold you just killed use mage hand to animate a kobold puppet. Freak out the rest of the kobolds in the dungeon and later entertainment around the campfire.
99. create some fearfull effect to help intimidate checks.....
100. Give yourself a distinguishing mark, tattoo, or similar, before performing some public criminal act. Remove it later.

101. Paint in an extra '0' in this thread's title, so this can be carried on.
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102. Use Mage Hand to strip and loot bodies without getting your hands dirty.

103. Use Ghost Sound to speak while gagged.

104. Use Mage Hand to untie yourself when tied up.
105) Allow your body to wither away and just use mage hand for everything.... well that and Tenser's Floating Disk ;)

Edition wars kill players,Dungeons and Dragons needs every player it can get.

105. Use mage hand to pick up cursed items... wait thats useful.. DAMNIT.

106. Use Prest. to clean the silverware before you eat at the local meathause. Then let the DM annoy you with NPC's that walk up to you and ask to wash their silverware. Then while the other PC's are off talking to the local Pelor church for quests, your in the back of the feast hall finger wiggling dishes clean...

107. Use mage hand to scrub under your stinky bits while in the shower

108. can mage hands arm wrestle?

109. Use mage hand, make it invisible and start goosing the hot barmaids. rawr.

110. Do wizards use Mage hand to ****? just saying.

111. use mage hand to hold a lantern or other light sorces
112. Use Ghost Sound to convince the king he's going mad.
113. Make fun of your Ranger by using Prestidigitation to create a giant red arrow over his Quarry.
114. Keep your SpellBook in the top of your backpack and insist on using Mage Hand to handle it so that, "the evil spirits can't escape through your skin."
115. Demand your Rogue ask permission before stealthing, on pain of Light.

I know it's a ritual, not a cantrip, but....
A) Use Tenser's Floating Disc to turn dungeon-crawling into dungeon-surfing.

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