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After my party leveled up for the first time i noticed that for reflex, fort, and will, that 3 different things get raised by half your level (10+half level, ability1mod + half level, ability2mod+half level). Am i reading this right or do those 3 defenses really go up by 3 per level not including items and stat increases and such.
Base 10
+ Ability Modifier
+ Class Bonus
+ Racial Bonus (if applicable)
+ 1/2 your level
+ feats
+ any other relevant modifiers.

Your defense bonuses go up by 1 every even numbered level ( 2nd, 4th, ect)
on the right side of your fort, ref, and will defenses it has a circle thats "ability modifier + half level" with an arrow pointing towards your defense, i thought that was the number that went towards your defense?
Ok, i just found something i missed that only your highest mod gets added to the defense. Ill ask a simpler question that will answer both. Beside where you write your stat modifiers theres a box that says "mod + 1/2 lvl" what is that used for?
Your actual modifier doesn't go up by level. However, ability checks do get a 1/2 level bonus, which is what that box is for.
ok thanks for clearing that up
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