The Battle of Hoth-Nexus 11.19.06 (with tons of pics!!!!)

Ironlightsaber presents-
Nexus Covention November 19th, 2006

1. "Reroute all power to the energy shield, We've got to hold them until all transports are away. Prepare for ground assault."

-Gen. Rieekan


2. "We have spotted Imperial Walkers!!! Imperial Walkers on the north ridge."

-Rebel Trooper


3. Echo Base-Hanger.


4.The Front Line.


5.Echo Base-Tauntaun Pen, Power Plant, Storage and Halls.


6. AT-AT POV of Wampa Cave Mountain and the Shield Generator.


7. The Front Bunker and North Entrance to Echo Base.


8. The Shield Generator Bunker and the exit from the Tauntaun Pens.



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9. First turret gone.


10. Used inches instead of squares. More freedom of movement and quicker play.


11. Han and Chewie trying to fix the Falcon.


12. Even more turrets gone.


13. Close up of the Tauntaun Pen.


14. Close up of the Command Center.


15. Y-wing charging up, still trying to fix the Falcon.


16. The AT-AT's ground shaking approach has stirred up the entire nest of Wampas!!!! They pour out like angry mynocks!!!!


17. Forget that!!!! I'm heading back to base and catching a transport.



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

18. View from the destroyed Shield Generator.


19. First AT-AT taken down!!!!


20. Hallways are blocked by falling rubble so the troops head through the Medical Bay.


21. Lord Vader arrives on Hoth.


22. Heated battle (see the Shield Generator on fire?)


23. View from the highest peak of Wampa Cave Mountain.


24. The surviving pilots of crashed snowspeeders fight on.


25. Wampa trouble for everyone!!!


26. Fewer turrets remain.



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

27. Luke Skywalker, Rogue Leader takes down an AT-AT!!!!!! He died immediately afterwards.


28. "Hurry up, Goldenrod, or you're going to be a permanent resident!"-Han Solo (BTW-goldenrod is Nebraska's state's plant)


29. Front two lines of defense are gone....


30. Another wave of snowspeeders gone....


31. Wampa Stomin'!!!!!!


32. "Would it help if I got out and pushed?"-Princess Leia "It might."-Han Solo


33. The epic Battle of Hoth wages on......


34. "Punch it!" -Han Solo (see R2 heading to the X-Wing to make his escape now that all his friends escaped or died?)


35. "Imperial troops have entered the base!!!!!" -Rebel Trooper



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Far Back- Ironlightsaber (ran event and the Wampas)

Middle Row (left to right)- Darth Magus III (ran Blizzard Three), Klecser (ran Han's team and he finally made it into a Nexus group picture!!!!), ILikeYoda (ran Luke's team), RyanCW (ran Blizzard Two), Dread Pirate Roberts (ran Bilzzard Four), Kordren-Udo-Mar (joined in late and took over for DMIII), Agent Smith145 (ran Chewie's team), RichardCW (ran Wedge's team), Hothie (ran Blizzard One) and TheCory (ran Blizzard Five)

Front Row (being held up)-AdmiralPalleaon (ran Vader's squad) and LadyH (ran Blizzard One)

Not Pictured-ScruffyNerfHerder (ran Luke's team)

Thanks to Uncle George for letting us play in your universe. Thank my dad for helping me haul this to the event and for starting all this by taking me to see Star Wars in the summer of '77 on opening day. I like to thank my friend Chad for coming down and taking pictures and filming the event (when I get copies of them I will post them to this thread).

Special thanks to Hothie, TheCorey, Sruffy, RyanCW, Nimzomitch and Klecser for loaning figs for this event and for reviewing the rules. Thanks to all the players who took part--what a great group of people to play this event with. But most of all I would like to thank my wife Ruth who supported me during all of this and help make this possible.


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The Battle of Hoth Event Rules

Rebels- Delay the Imperial forces long enough to allow as many Rebel transports to escape as possible and then to escape themselves.

Imperials- Destroy the Shield Generator. Defeat as many Rebels as possible and keep the Rebel Heroes from escaping.

Set Up:
Rebels- Rebel forces are already deployed and await the Imperial assult. The Rebel team can fine tune the placement of their forces prior to the start of the game.

Heroes- The Heroes of the Rebellion have set places they deploy. Princess Leia, R2-D2 & C-3PO all start in the Command Center. Han Solo and Chewbacca start on the Falcon. Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles start inside Snowspeeders selected by the Rebel side prior to the start of the game.

Imperials- Darth Varder and his forces are in orbit above the planet inside Vader's Attack Shuttle awaiting the destruction of the Shield Generator. Once that has happen they can begin their hunt of the Rebel Heroes. The rest of the Imperial forces are already deployed and most will be inside the AT-ATs as they are transported to battle. Before the game begins the Imperial team will decide which AT-AT is carrying each specific crew. The Imperial team can fine tune the placement of their forces before the start of the game. The forces inside the AT-AT and Vader's shuttle are placed off the field of battle (See the top of image 2)

Commander Effects:
Uniques with Commander Effects-
Uniques with Commander Effects have unlimited range (this only affects Han and Veer's range). Han's Commander Effect is not active until after he has finished repairing the Falcon. Han's CE stops working at the end of the game when he boards the Falcon to escape or when he is defeated. Even though Darth Vader is not on the field of battle at the start of the game his Commander Effect is active until he is defeated.

Non-Uniques with Commander Effects-
Non-unique Commander Effects function as normal with the exception that it is measured in inches instead of squares.

Special Rules:
That armor's too strong for blasters!!!- Rebels can chose to ignore AT-ATs and AT-STs when determining their
closest target.

Snow Drifts- On the snowy battle field are sections of drifted snow. This snow acts as low cover and difficult terrain. Creatures native to Hoth do not suffer this movement penalty. Character targeting Wampas treat snow drifts as walls.

Custom Characters- There are two custom characters that are not part of the WOTC game. One is a unique character; Luke Skywalker, Rogue Leader;which is represented by a custom fig. The other custom character is the Rebel Scout on Tauntaun, which is a non-unique and is represented by the Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun fig. See below for their stats.

Fixing the Falcon- Before Han and Chewie can join the battle they have to have a way off the planet and that means that the Falcon has to be running. Both need to make a save 16 before they can do anything else. If one of them makes the save they can help the other one which reduces the save to 11 or better. They get two rolls each during their turn to try to make the save needed.

Staying in Command- Princess Leia must lead the rebels from the Command Center and can not leave that room until the last section of the Power Generator is destroyed. C-3PO is under orders to help her and must be within six inches of her at the end of his turn.

Open the Blast Doors!!- The outpost door closest to the Command Center is a Blast Door. The Rebels can have that door locked shut and it will not open until the Power Generator is destroyed.

Snowspeeder Rules
Set Up-Before the start of the battle the Rebels select a Snowspeeder that is being piloted by Luke Skywalker, Rogue Leader and a second Snowspeeder that is being piloted by Wedge Antilles. The figs of these characters are removed until they get out or crash.

Exiting Echo Base-The Snowspeeders fly close to the ground as they leave Echo Base. They are not visible for the first round and cannot be targeted by any enemies nor can they attack enemies. This effect only works for the first round.

Crash Survival-When a Snowspeeder's Hit Points are reduced to 0 and it fails the save from Princess Leia's CE make a save 11 for each Rebel Pilot. There are two Rebel Pilots per Snowspeeder. If they make their save place them anywhere in the space that was occupied by the Snowspeeder. Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles do not benefit from Leia's CE but they automatically survive the crash of their Snowspeeder. Their gunners must still make a save 11.

Wampa Cave-
The earth shaking from the AT-ATs have stirred up a large nest of wampas. Each side will control half of the wampas and can use them to attack the opposing team. When wampas are defeated they respawn on the top level of the wampa cave to be used again.

Wampas are snow beasts and their movement is not slowed down by drifted snow. They also can move under the snow drifts so drifted snow act as walls when targeting wampas. The entire wampa cave is drifted snow and acts as difficult terrain.

Power Generator-
The Power Generator is protecting the transports as they await their turns to attempt to leave the planet. If the Imperials can destroy the Power Generator they can bomb the transports as they wait to take off.

The Power Genrator has 800 Hit Points, a Defence of 10 and an Attack and Damage of 0.

Half Cover-if more than half of the Power Generator can be seen when being targeted, then it does not get a cover bonus.

Power Generator Events-Every time the Power Generator loses 200 points a section of the Power Generator is destroyed and an event takes place. If more than 200 points of damage is inflicted on a section of the Power Generator that damage is not carried over to the next section's 200 points.

When Section One is destroyed-the first piece of rubble fills a part of Echo Base and the middle Y-Wing departs.

When Section Two is destroyed-two pieces of rubble fill parts of Echo Base and Han can start heading to Leia if he wants.

When Section Three is destroyed-another piece of rubble is added, R2D2 can start heading to Luke's X-Wing and the second Y-Wing departs.

When Section four is destroyed-another piece of rubble is added. Leia may now leave the Command Center and Darth Vader and his squad arrive outside the outpost door near the Command Center and can enter play the next round of the game.

Escape of the Rebels-
When the last section of the Power Generator is destroyed the Rebel troops can flee. All Rebel troops (including the Heroes Wedge and Luke) can escape by leaving the field of battle or if they choose they can continue to fight. To leave the field of battle a character must end their move past any edge of the field of battle.

The other Rebel Heroes have to exit by ship. R2D2 must reach Luke's X-Wing, fly it out the hanger and then exit the field of battle to await Luke at the rendezvous location. The X-Wing has a movement speed of 18 inches.

Leia, Han, Chewbacca and C-3PO have to escape on the Falcon. When they reach the Falcon it must be started before it can take off. Han and Chewie must both make two save 11s each in order to get the Falcon started. Leia can "get out and push" by letting either of them use her Force Points for rerolls on these saves. Han and Chewie get two rolls for each save they need to make.

If Imperial forces reach the Falcon they can disable it by inflicting 150 points of damage to it. The Falcon has a hidden gun that it can use to defend itself which can be operated by Han or Chebacca on their turn. Once the Falcon has started the Rebel Heroes can escape.

The Falcon has 150 Hit Points, a Defence of 12 , an Attack of +8 and does 20 Damage

Special Abilities-
Colossal-Large and smaller characters may occupy squares on this character's base and are considered adjacent. Low objects and Large and smaller characters do not provide cover against this character's attack. Ignores movement cost to enter squares containing difficult terrain, low objects and trenches. Never has cover. Cannot benefit from Bodyguard or Draw Fire.

Sweeping Fire-On its turn, this unit can attack every non-unique enemy that it can target.

Special Notes--
Altered Rules-Some abilities and effects are changed for this event.
-Movement and area effects are done in inches and not squares.
-Fig within a half inch of each other are considered to be adjacent for determining effects
-Rebel characters can ignore AT-ATs amd AT-STs when determining their closest target.
-The Fragile Special Ability has been removed from the Hoth Trooper with Atgar Cannon.
-There is an addtional rule for combine movement with the Snowtrooper with E-Web.
-Han Solo and Gen. Veers commander effects are not limited in range.
-Darth Vader's Commander Effect is in play even when he is not on the Field of battle but if he dies it is no longer in effect

Flow of Battle
Because of the size, unusal set-up and rules the flow of battle will be different than most SWM games.

Troop pieces-will have normal interaction for the most part.

Non-unique pieces-
Luke and Wedge will most likely be in their Snowspeeders for the first half of the battle and on foot for the rest.
Liea and C-3PO will be spending most of the game in the Command Center until the Power Generator is destroyed.
R2D2 will also start in the Command Center but will leave before Leia and C-3PO. Han and Chewie will start on the Falcon, make their way to the battle and then Han will have to get Leia to the Falcon.

Veers will most likely spend the entire battle inside which ever AT-AT he is in. Darth Vader will spend the first part of the game off the field of battle. When he does enter play he wants to defeat the Rebel Heroes starting with Leia and Han. If Vader destroys them or they escape he can then go after Luke. If no Rebel Heroes are on the field
of battle he may go after anyone he chooses.

Custom Characters and Custom Abilities
Hoth Turret

Special ablities-
Field of Fire 180-This unit has a 180 degree arc of fire. It can rotate 180 degrees instead of attacking on its turn only.
Damage Reduction 10-Whenever this unit takes damage from a nonadjacent enemy, reduce the damage dealt by 10 (enemies with lightsabers ignore this special ability).
Machinery-Industrial Repair removes damage from this character.
Mounted Weapon Only allies with Mounted Weapon or adjacent allies with Gunner can combine fire.
Speed 0-This unit cannot move. It is a fixed emplacement.

Rebel Scout on Tauntaun

Special ablities-
Speed 8
Grenades 10
Luke Skywalker, Rogue Leader

Special Ablities
Double Attack
Snowspeeder Pilot-When speeder loses half it's HP it can no longer attack. When the speeder loses all it's HP replace with Luke, RL.
Grappling Hook and Charges-Must be adjacent to AT-AT. Replaces turn. Roll twice, if both are 16 or higher the AT-AT is immediatly defeated.

Force Powers
Force 5 (it's the heat of battle and the Force is flowing through him!!)

Commander Effects-
Attack Pattern Delta-While this character is in a snowspeeder all snowspeeders gain +2 Attack and +2 Defence.

Allied Snowspeeders gain the Harpoon and Tow Cable Special Ability-if a snowspeeder can make 2 full circles around an AT-AT the AT-AT must make a Save 16 or it is defeated.

HOUSE RULE WITH LS,RL--When Luke crashes he has 2 turns of invisible movement. He can't be attacked for 2 turns. The Force is with him and all the enemies are looking past him and do not see him. This will gives Luke a chance to try the Grappling Hook and Charges ability.
Changed Abilities--
Snowtrooper with E-Web Blaster has the following adjustment-
Speed 2-Can move up to 2 inches and attack or move 4 inches and not attack however if a second adjacent Snowtrooper (regular or elite) activates at the same time and moves adjacent with this character then this character can move 12 inches if they both don’t attack.

Hoth Trooper with ATGAR has the following adjustment-
The Fragile Special Ability is not in effect for this event.

Wampas have the following added Special Abilities-
Hidden Movement-Drifted snow acts as walls when enemies are determining line of sight to this character. Adjacent
enemies ignore this ability.
Snow Beast-This character does not suffer any movement penalty due to drifted snow.

Teams and Squads
Rebel Side
There are five Rebel teams lead by a Rebel Hero.
The Rebel Heroes are--
Princess Leia, Hoth Commander with C-3PO
Luke Skywalker, Rogue Leader with R2-D2
Wedge Antilles
Han Solo, Rebel Hero
Chewbacca, Rebel Hero

Each team has:
3 Reb. Officers
9 Elite Hoth Troopers
15 Hoth Troopers
1 Reb Scout on Tauntaun
3 Hoth Troopers with ATGAR Cannon
2 Hoth Turrets
2 Snowspeeders

Each team is separated into 3 squads of
1 Reb. Officer
3 Elite Hoth Troopers
5 Hoth Troopers
1 Hoth Trooper with ATGAR Cannon

The turrets are fixed, Reb. Scouts on Tauntaun are solo pieces as are the Snowspeeders.

Each teams has extra pieces:
Team 1-Leia and C-3PO team have 2 extra turrets, 2 extra Hoth Troopers and an extra Reb. Scout on Tauntaun.
Team 2-Luke and R2D2 team has an extra snowspeeder.
Team 3-Wedge's team has an extra snowspeeder as well as an extra Reb. Scout on Tauntaun.
Team 4-Han's team has an extra turret.
Team 5-Chewie's team has an extra turret.

Imperial Side
There are five Imperial teams that each have:

and inside being transported are:
5 Elite Snowtroopers
7 Snowtroopers
1 Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike
1 Snowtrooper with E-Web

and in addition each team has on the ground-
1 Probe Droid
1 Snowtrooper with E-Web
3 Snowtroopers

One team has Gen. Veers. In addition each team has some additional pieces-
-Gen. Veer's team has an extra Elite Snowtrooper and an extra 2 snowtroopers
-Three teams have an extra Probe Droid
-One team will have 2 extra Scout Troopers on Speeder Bikes

The Imperial side also has Vader and his personal assault squad that is controlled by the entire Imperial Side. It consist of:
Darth Varder, Dark Jedi
11 Elite Snowtroopers
2 Snowtroopers with E-Web

The Imperial side can keep secret from the Rebel side which AT-AT Gen. Veers is in but will need to inform the judge.

Victory will be determined by how many transports escape (1 transport escapes every 5 rounds of play) and how well each side achieved their objectives.

Those were the planned rules and it went pretty much according to them. Each Rebel player was paired off with an Imperial player and all teams played at once. Players could target anyone's pieces and were not limited to attacking just their opponet. It was chaotic but it was never confusing. Instead of Vader being controlled by the Imperial side that squad was controlled by a single player. The wampas were run my myself who judged the event and helped both sides during the game.

Some of the best moments of the game for me was seeing everyone's faces when they first say the layout. The first destroyed turret. Luke taking down an AT-AT with a grappling hook and charges. Han and Chewie trying to fix and start the Falcon the whole game. The Scout Trooper on Speeder flying into the Command Center and mowing down the Rebels.

Thanks for looking!!!!!!!


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Awesome. I'm coming down for the next one.
No destroyed AT-AT?
why god did i have to get sick!
Wow. I hope you had fun. That looks like it was a lot of work.
Revamp for the sake of revamp? That always works out well.
that is a lot of scenery!!!!
I thought I had alot!!!!
Looks awsome!!!!!
hey Iron maybe I can talk you into comming during our next Hoth Battle!!!!!
As the "commander" of Blizzard 5 (far right AT-AT), I can personally say the Hoth scenario ILS put together was awesome. The way it was set up really captured the frantic, chaotic nature of a battle. I know poor Scruff was feeling way TOO popular when the AT-AT's started unloading on the remnants of the Rebel forces he was commanding towards the end.

Very close to how the battle actually played out in the movie. I like to think Luke was only knocked unconscious and mistaken for dead and good ol' R2 brought the X-Wing around after the battle. As for Wedge, well...he was close to the hangar. Maybe someone got him on a transport and dumped him in a bacta tank afterwards. I forget who was rolling for Wedge and the Pilots, but they were annoyingly difficult to kill.

Thanks again to ILS for putting this together. You've done an awesome job. Let me know if I can ever help out with any future events you plan.

. I know poor Scruff was feeling way TOO popular when the AT-AT's started unloading on the remnants of the Rebel forces he was commanding towards the end.

Oh it was cool, Once Luke took out the AT_AT, the entire Imperial, Army Shot at Luke, Well with 60 HP, Luke fell quickly And Once the Speeders Lost the Delta Attack Pattern Bonus, It was Over.
The Speeders where going Down Pretty Fast. Retreat!!!!
But I gotta say, My Elite Hoth Troopers where Kicking ass, The took down an At-St, by Combining fire with the Hoth Grunts. It took them 3 rounds. You, Ryan, and Chris, against me. I could feel the snow splashing in my face every time you guys would shoot me with your 60 Damage attack, with Splash damage.
I failed all my saves, And all of Leias Saves as well..
There was only one guy left on that hill.

"16. The AT-AT's ground shaking approach has stirred up the entire nest of Wampas!!!! They pour out like angry mynocks!!!!"

My Wampa finally gets to see some action - I'm so proud of you !!!
This was, by far the single greatest/coolest/best mini event in my life (so far, until the next one..:D) and this will definitely be hard to top. I gotta say, having 14 or so people all shooting at any target at the same time was so chaotic, but, as Corey said, it was exactly like the movie, and truly captured the chaos of battle. It was so much fun, and totally worth particiapting in, if not seeing.
And speaking of seeing, did you guys catch all of the nuances that ILS put into the base? The mini-sized bacta tank, complete with droids, even the lights in the hallways were perfect. (The electrician in me is thinking of making lights that actually work for the next one...:D) The command center was absolutely amazing. And for the Battlefront fans, there were even med droids and gonks around the base. Very funny, and a nice touch.
Absolutely brilliant, and a fun day for all.
Here is a link to the Orphans list I maintain: Life-sized Tile Wars: Geoncon08:
All I want to know is...did my Wampa take anyone down?
All I want to know is...did my Wampa take anyone down?

the wampas attacked my hoth troopers, and they took out plenty
All wampas were reborn after they died, so it was a continual flow of wampas out of the wampa cave, so yes, all wampas involved were a thorn in both the rebels and empire's sides.
Here is a link to the Orphans list I maintain: Life-sized Tile Wars: Geoncon08:
I've gotten a couple of PMs asking me how I made the pieces for this. The Hoth base was made from scraps of Styrofoam I had been saving and the rest of the supplies were pretty cheap.

$25 for the foam board
$15 for the 3 cans of insulation foam for the outside mountain part
$20 for the Styrofoam circles for the power generator
and about $10 for spray paint.

I tried to keep it around $50 and under $100. I also had some building supplies like white glue, hot glue & gun, sculpty, floral wire and pieces left over from models that I didn't have to purchase for this project. I built the Falcon model years ago and had the Action Fleet stuff already.

I worked on it pretty diligently every night, for 3 to 4 hours a night after my wife and kid went to bed for about a month or so. Ran into a couple of mishaps that slowed some things down and took a couple of nights off in there as well.

I learned a couple of key things as well. NEVER use super glue on Styrofoam. It melts it like acid and the vapor is extremely toxic. Too heavy of spray paint or certain types of spray paint will melt the Styrofoam as well.

I played a lot of BattleFront and watched the Hoth scenes in ESB many, many times to try to get a solid grasp of the layout of Echo Base and the battlefield. Then I made several scketches of different layouts until I had one I liked.

The base was buit in two sections so it could fit out the door and could be transported. Scruffy helped me get the main walls in place. Did a lot of experiementing with the different pieces fo Styrofoam to see how they would best work before I glued any down.

When the main walls were up I used the insulation foam on the outside, let it dry, carved it to shape and then filled the large gaps created by air bubbles. If I were to do it again I would probaly make the mountain side from plaster or paper mache instead. It took six cans of spary paint to prime the yellow foam to a reasonable white color. I used a cheese grater to make the snow from chunks of Styrofoam that I then glued to the mountainside.

Pumpkin carving tools, kitchen knives and exacto knives were used to shape the Styrofoam for the snow drifts and Wampo Cave. The wampa cave was made from several different pieces of Styrofoam.

I used as much "found" stuff as possible. About a year ago I had built a several of the Death Star counsels that Magic Eli designed and ended up using them for the Command Center. The turrets were made from the little plastic bottles from my baby son's juice. I added a straw and some elements made from sculpty and then gave it a couple of coats of spray paint.

The Medical Bay was the bottom half of a tray that held baby wipes and the two beds are baby food containers (seeing a pattern here?). The Bacta Tank again is from Magic Eli's stuff.The battle field was three tables covered with plastic white table covers that I picked up for a dollar at a party supply store.

None of it is gridded. I made paper rulers to measure movement and none of the players had any trouble adjusting to that change. I printed out the rules for everyone and put all the stats on pages by faction so there were no stat cards used.


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Hopefully you'll get additional attention from the press on this very impressive work. You do deserve it.

Now who said the rebels would win against a B&B army .....:P
Thanks, I'm just glad the boards are here so I could share images of the event. I set out trying to recreate the battle from the movie as close as possible and I think that it was as accurate as possible.

From what I read we had the exact number of AT-ATs and snowspeeders, Han and Chewie spend most of the battle fixing the Falcon and not fighting, Leia was in the Command Center as long as possible and Luke took down an AT-AT.

The response has been incredible and I would love to run this event again.


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I say one of these days we play a game on that map...
So ... Who won?
Close your eyes, look deep in your soul, step outside yourself and let your mind go ...
The Imperial side did, but the Rebels put up a hell of a fight.


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That looks so cool. How long did it take to play? Great job!
It only took 3 hours....

Why did Kearney have to run thier game con the same weekend!? I really wish I'd made it up for this. I still have to catch a Nexus, hopefully it will be the next one.

I need to learn how you put the flying figs on taller bases. I'll be bugging you about it the next time I'm around.

Flying Speeders are easy to make....Come by CW sometime and I could show ya.
Flying Speeders are easy to make....Come by CW sometime and I could show ya.

I will do, I should have most of the later part of December off. I hope I'll make it to a Star Wars Minis event for a change.

And now we are even... :P
Here are my pics of Ironlightsaber's amazing 3D Echo base and playing...
1. Initial set-up. Love the hangar bay.
2. Ironlightsaber and Klecser setting up.
3. More set-up, Imperial POV. Reading the rules.
4. The wampa cave.
5. Shield generator
6. Tauntaun pen and inside of Echo Base. Notice the lights in the corridor!
7. My personal favorite: a bacta tank!! And look at the detail in the command center.
8. Playing, a destroyed AT-ST and a few turrets.
9. Darth Magus says,"Another one bites the snow!"
10. Scruffythenerfherder and Ilikeyoda playing. You can see 1 destroyed AT-AT (Darth Magus's), but look at all the damage to the shield generator that it did. Each section is 200 hit points of generator.
11. The Imperial Players. Look at all the destroyed turrets!
12. Y-wings have taken off, and Leia is trying to get out and push.
Here is a link to the Orphans list I maintain: Life-sized Tile Wars: Geoncon08:
Yay more pictures! I showed some friends of mine the pictures from the Hoth battle and they were floored!
Thanks for posting those up, Hothie.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So new people can see this.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Hey Iron you should try to make it to one of Bellevue's Hoth Battles!!!
Thay are not as detailed as yours but they are still fun
I would love to play a Bellevue's Hoth Battles, just let me know when the next one is and hopefully I can make it.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

A small 1000 battle is this Friday at Tennthpenny starting at 6pm
And the Big 2000 battle will be the last sunday in January starting at 3pm
Prizes and pizza will be given out at both events and both are free.
Great pics!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!! The Falcon really looks great. Is that the AMT/Ertl Falcon? Looks like it is with the smooth light blue engine exhaust. Thanks for sharing!!!!!! :D
It's not enough that you succeed, others must fail!!! Miniatures' collection Rebel Storm through Jedi Academy complete! Galaxy at War 0/40 Dark Times 0/40 Masters of the Force 0/40
Yes it is the AMT/Ertl Falcon with the panel that comes off to show the interior. Thanks for the feedback.

DM74-I can't make this Friday's game but I might be able to make the one at the end of January. What do players need to bring to play?


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Impressive! Most Impressive.

When will the next Nexus be? I might have to attend and see what you come up with next!
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