My New Trade Thread

Standard trade rules apply. I’ve traded a lot on other sites, so I’m familiar with online trading. I always use Delivery Confirmation and ship in a sturdy box and expect the same. Since I am new to this site, I am willing to send first with established traders until I get some more trades here. Please bump the thread when you PM me or I will likely not respond to your offer.

TFU 1 Darth Revan(VR)1 - only for trade involving Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter
CotF 10 Darth Bane(VR)1

KotOR 23 Captain Tarpals(R)1
KotOR 41 Jarael(R)1
KotOR 53 Zaalbar(R)1
LotF 8 Lumiya, the Dark Lady(R)1
LotF 25 Marasiah Fel(R)1
TFU 2 Kazdan Paratus(R)1
AE 8 Han Solo in Stormtrooper Armor(R)1
BH 17 Bib Fortuna(R)1
RotS 1 Agen Kolar, Jedi Master(R)1

IE 7 Rebel Commando Pathfinder(UC)1
CW 30 Quarren Isolationist(UC)2
KotOR 59 Mandalorian Quartermaster(UC)1
LotF 28 Noghri Commando(UC)1
LotF 59 Yuuzhan Vong Shaper(UC)1
TFU 40 Star Destroyer Officer(UC)1
TFU 52 Knobby White Spider(UC)1
AE 39 Chadra-Fan Pickpocket(UC)1
AE 58 Advance Agent, Officer(UC)1
BH 46 Rodian Hunt Master(UC)1
UH 40 Noghri(UC)1

IE 1 Bothan Commando(C)1
CW 29 Neimoidian Warrior(C)1
CW 34 Aqualish Warrior(C)2
CW 36 Human Soldier of Fortune(C)1
KotOR 24 Gungan Artillerist(C)1
KotOR 26 Gungan Soldier(C)2
KotOR 38 Czerka Scientist(C)1
KotOR 39 Echani Handmaiden(C)2
LotF 31 Galactic Alliance Scout(C)1
LotF 32 Galactic Alliance Trooper(C)1
LotF 50 Kel Dor Bounty Hunter(C)1
TFU 36 Gotal Imperial Assassin(C)1
AE 53 Snivvian Fringer(C)1
BH 42 Mustafarian Soldier(C)1
CS 14 Gungan Infantry(C)2
RS 6 Elite Rebel Trooper(C)2
RS 18 Rebel Trooper(C)1
RS 53 Mon Calamari Mercenary(C)3


I’m most interested in figures from the Republic and Imperial factions, so figures from these factions are the highest priority. I am willing to trade Rares for bunches of Common/Uncommon Troopers or for any Imperial or Republic rares that I do not have.

CWB 1 Clone Trooper on Speeder 1
CW 25 Durge, Jedi Hunter(VR)1
CW 26 General Grievous, Droid Army Commander(VR)1
KotOR 55 Mandalore the Ultimate(VR)1
AE 36 Stormtrooper on Repulsor Sled(VR)1
AE 46 Jabba, Crime Lord(VR)1
BH 19 Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter(VR)1 High Want
BH 43 Nikto Gunner on Desert Skiff(VR)1
UH 26 Rancor(VR)1
RotS 4 AT-RT(VR) high want
RS 34 Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike(VR)1
RS 50 Jabba the Hutt(VR)1

KotOR 22 Captain Panaka(R)1
LotF 54 Canderous Ordo(R)1
TFU 29 Admiral Ozzel(R)1
AE 24 Admiral Piett(R)1
AE 33 Storm Commando(R)1
AE 57 Wicket(R)1
CotF 42 Octuptarra Droid(R)
RotS 21 Tarfful(R)1
RotS 30 Destroyer Droid(R)
CS 17 Kit Fisto(R)1
CS 22 Plo Koon(R)1
CS 32 Battle Droid on STAP(R)
CS 39 Dwarf Spider Droid(R)

IE 36 Mouse Droid(UC)1
CW 12 Galactic Marine(UC)3 Multiples
CW 28 IG-100 MagnaGuard(UC)1
LotF 51 Rodian Blaster-for-Hire(UC)1
TFU 34 Evo Trooper(UC)3
TFU 35 Felucian Stormtrooper Officer(UC)1
CS 8 Clone Trooper Commander(UC)1 high want

IE 19 Scout Trooper(C)1
KotOR 42 Jawa Scout(C)1
RotS 22 Wookiee Berserker(C)1
Any Bespin Guards
Any Ewoks
Any Jawas
Any Clones
Any Storm/Sand/Snowtroopers
Any Separatist Droids

All pre-CW maps and tiles
Added some Haves and Wants
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